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We get to the kitchen and straight away get busy, there is a way that Connie carries herself that just distinguishes her from an ordinary person.


‘Please wash your hands and help me with cutting the vegetables.’ She asks politely



I do as told and get the vegetables from the refrigerator.


I watch her as she begins to debone the chicken, none of us talking.


‘Oh, as I was saying.’ She begins when she starts frying the cubed chicken steak


‘I never went for that dinner; my brother was mad. Said I was taking advantage of that fact that he loved me blah blah blah.’


She said that with laughter


‘Didn’t you feel bad?’ I ask handing her the vegetables ‘About what? Standing up your father?’



‘Not at all, I think I knew just how to treat him from the word go.’


‘Well to cut the long story short we met again when he was brought in at the centre, he was very sick and I happened to be counselling. We got talking, laughed about how I stood him up and from there we have never stopped talking.’


‘Sounds like a different person from the man I know as my father.’


‘I know, a year after meeting Richard he started showing signs of change. He began to open up. Really opening up.’


I look at her and I see flashes of sadness


‘He told me about you, about your mother, he was raw and open. And God knows I wanted to hate him, I really did. Because I couldn’t understand how a man could be socruel.’


I see her wipe a tear


‘But you couldn’t?’ I ask with a chuckle She shakes her head

‘I wanted to help him, to be a better man because I could see that somewhere within him there was still some good left. So, we began talking more, I didn’t even plan on falling in love with him. But we did and now here we are.’


‘After how long did you get married.’


‘Two years, we were both certain of what we wanted, except he wasn’t sure about my wanting to be with him but each day I approved to him that God wasn’t done with him. He found purpose and meaning in life again.’


I sigh


‘Hunny I am not asking you to forgive him, I would never even ask you to do it. But for your sake, for your happiness. For the generation that comes after you, let it go. Trust me you will even sleep better at night.’ She adds making me laugh


‘I guess you are right.’ I respond


We go back to the cooking and she continues to talk about the things I have missed, she tells me about how dad now goes to church and insists on everyone going with him. About how he has been building his prayer life. I must say it is weird hearing all this because the image I have about him is not pleasant.


We finish cooking and she insists that we have lunch together, after the talk we had I can’t turn her down. She is so adorable.


The food is served in the dinning area, my father says grace and we all start to eat. ‘Thelma are you married?’ Jericho asks

I almost choke on my food but dad quickly passes me some water ‘Thank you.’ I say not looking at him



‘Jericho do you want to kill your sister?’ ‘Mama I am just asking.’

‘No baby I am not, but I have a daughter.’ I say ‘You do?’ dad asks

‘Yes, I adopted one though it’s a long story.’ ‘Is it now?’ Connie asks

‘Mama.’ Joel says and she looks away shyly


‘What, you know mama doesn’t have too many friends. I love hearing stories.’ She says before dad laughs warmly


‘My ex fiancé’s daughter.’


‘Okay not biological daughter.’ I add feeling hot under my pits ‘How did you find yourself adopting her?’

‘Apparently her mother and father wanted to use that to get to my ex fiancé, so they put her up for adoption and I happened to know about it. It would have killed Mulife to lose her, so somehow, I had to act fast. That is how I adopted her but her mother has kidnapped her.’ I say putting the folk down


‘Oh, hunny that is sad.’ Connie says touching my hand ‘But isn’t that a crime daddy?’ Joel asks

‘Yes it is, the girl is now yours and you can sue her biological mother.’


‘I don’t want all this drama, I feel its best Olivia has a normal life. At least one I didn’t have.’



‘And you think by being with her mother she will have a normal life?’ I want to say yes but I know the kind of person Olipa is.’

‘You need to sue her.’ He says


‘My God I wish Chileshe was here to help.’ ‘Who is Chileshe?’

‘A good friend of mine, she is late now. Though I know someone who can help.’ ‘You would help me with all that?’

‘Thelma we are family, families look out for each other.’ She says squeezing my hand


‘Thank you.’ I say a tear almost falling




I get home feeling a lot better, Connie has given me a number to call from the law firm and I am hoping to get some legal counsel on how to go about the case.


‘Good afternoon.’ I say calling the person on the other end of the line ‘Nella Mphanda on the line, who am I talking to?’ the lady asks

‘My name is Thelma..’


‘Oh Thelma, Connie told me about you.’ ‘She did?’


‘Yes, she did, I will send you an address and you can come through Monday morning. I will attend to you and one of our lawyers can see how best we can help with your case.’


‘I will definitely come through tomorrow.’ ‘Thank you, Ms. Mphanda,

‘Call me Nella please.’

‘Sure, Nella.’ I say dropping the line Winnie

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