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November 11th, 2019. 9:10PM


24 (unedited)


IknowIamtreadingontoomanyforbiddengroundsbutIloveMulifeand forhimIamwillingtogoanextramile.


I called Olipa earlier to inform her that we should meet and she has accepted so here I am by times café waiting for her.


Ispothertheminuteshestepsintotheplace,sheiscladinanarmygreen bodycon dress with gold slippers. She is almost looking beautiful if not for the heavy make up she iswearing.


Iliftmyhandsothatshecanseeme,Iseeherexpressionlesslywalk towardsme.


After slumping her weight on the chair opposite mine, she calls for a waiter.


‘CanIhaveawhisky.’Shesaysrudelytothepoorman ‘And you ma’am?’ the gentlemanasks

‘Aglassofwaterwilldo.’IsayandIhearOlipaclickhertongue ‘So you think you are classy?’ sheasks

‘Excuse me?’


‘You think you are better than me because you are drinking water and Iam drinkingwhisky?’


That catches me by surprise, since when did it become okay to judge a sister by what she is taking? Since when did it become okay to tear down another sister just because of our own insecurities?


‘No Olipa, I am not better than you.’ I say trying to keep myself together


Sheclickshertongue,Iamsorrytosaythisbutthisladyhasbadmanners. Those kind of manners that just show that her up bringing was an awful experience.


Our drinks come, I gladly take my water and I see her flinch a bit when she dawns the whiskey but she is trying to pretend that all is well.


‘Youcalledmehere.’Shesaysaftertakingathirdsip ‘I wanted to talk to you about Olivia.’ Isay

She laughs, so loud that people from other tables begin looking at us


‘Why would you want to talk about my daughter? Isn’t it enough thatyou

took my man away?’


I sense the hint of anger in her voice but this woman right here has mastered the art of pretense and I can only guess that she is going through so much.


‘Olipa for starters I never stole Mulife from you, he was yours andus being together right now is because things didn’t work out between you two for reasons that you both know.’


I see I have her attention so I continue speaking


‘I am not the enemy here and I will never be. In the short while that I have met Olivia I know that she means a great deal to Mulife which is why I want to be part of that life, I want to be a part of her life.’


‘Now listen here Thelma or whatever your name is, Olivia is my daughter and whatever I decide to do with her is entirely up to me. Neither you nor Mulife can say or do anything.’ She says


I sigh.


‘What is Lackson up to?’ ‘Excuse me?’ she asks

‘I have never given birth but I know if I loved someone, I would never trade them for the world, I have seen you with Olivia. You might not be the best person in the world but I can tell that you can be a very good mummy to Olivia, you love your child and those tears that day.’


I pause


‘Those were not croc tears.’


IseehershiftinherseatuncomfortablyandIknowIhaveherwhereIwant her tobe


‘So tell me, what exactly is going on.’


I see the blood drain on her face, she looks scared.


Agfter a minute she picks up my glass of water and drinks from it.


‘Lacksonisabadperson.’Shesaystearsforminginhereyes ‘Iknow.’Isayofferingherahandkeichefthatshegladlytakes

I watch her cry a bit, she is almost opening up but looks across from where I am seated nad I see the same attitude she had walked in with return.


IlookbackandIseeLacksonwithsomegirls,whateverishappeninghereis serious and I can tell that Olipa is going through some mentalabuse.


‘I need to go.’ She says getting up


I smile at her, I have done my best. At least I tried reaching out but now there is nothing much that I can do.


I watch her leave hurridly, Lackson is coming in my direction and I stand up to leave.


‘Not to fast rich girl.’ He says wrappi ng his arms around me


ThestenchonhisbreathissuffocatingbutIstandthereandallowhimto speak.


‘I underestimated you, look at you now being all bossy and being better

thanOlipa.Thesameladywhohadyouwashinghermessedupclothes.’ ‘What do you want?’ I ask my voicecold

‘I want you Thelma, I want all those years I couldn’t have you. Imagine with

your father’s powers and my power, we could make a grenade.’


‘Lackson you will never be half the man that Mulife is.’ I hiss and I feel his

grip on me tighten


‘How about I tell your father where you are, I know you have done a great

job running away from him.’ He says and I feel my mind get crowded


IhavedonewellcuttingalltieswithmyfatherbecauseIdon’tthinkIwill everforgivehimforwhathedidtomymotherandnowhereisthisanimal trying to bring back oldwounds.


‘Iseeweareonthesamepage,sonowIwouldadviseyoustopallthis nonsense and get back with me. Tell your boyfriend to bring back my daughter so that we can raise her together, I could stop the adoption process for you.’ He says letting mego


He kisses me forehead then walks away


I feel my blood boil, I wasn’t so sure about what I am about to do but now

more than ever I have a thousand more reasons to do.


‘Please proceed with the adoption, I want Olivia in my house tomorrow.’ I

say dropping the line




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