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I was thinking that maybe it was the pillows giving me sleepless nights, but last night has proved me wrong.


I smile when I feel Mulife’s tight grip on my waist, I wouldn’t mind waking

up like this every morning because this feels perfect.


‘Good morning beautiful.’ He says in his morning voice



I feel a knot tie in my stomach as his manhood pricks my behind.


‘What have you done to me?’ he asks biting my ear lobe


I laugh.


‘You are a healthy man Mulife, it’s not what I have or haven’t done.’ ‘Uhm.’ He responds as if not believing me

I just smile.


Oneofhishandsmovesupmybarebr**sts,Icanfeelthehairsontheback of my neck standing at his touch. My nipples are already erect and waiting to bepleasured.


Softmoansescapemymouthashegentlyrubsthem,Icanalreadyfeelmy lady parts gettingwet.


Hismouthiskissingmyneck,Iamtotallyawareofalltheemotionsthathe is building inme.


He continues to fondle my br**st with one hand whilst the other finds its wayonmyladyparts.IfeelhimsmileonmyneckashediscoversthatIam wet. He gently rubs my clit before dipping his finger inside me, I gasp for air.Hecontinuestousehishandsinpleasuringme,Iwantmore.


‘What do you want?’ he asks


‘I am done talking Mulife, I want you to kiss me. I want you now.’ Isay


My plea is clear as Mulife gets on top of me, but he doesn’t kiss me just yet. He teases my cheeks with his lips, and then bites the tip of my ear. That is supposed to cause me pain but I moan a little.




He smiles obviously proud ofhimself


And then he captures my moist mouth and begins to kiss me senselessly. He grips me by my hair and presses me harder on his face, but not too hard as I don’t feel any pain.


We continue to kiss for a while until I feel his tip.


I push him off and my hands begin to touch his chest, feeling it and making trails as I do that. I go a bit further and touch his abdomen, my fingers involuntarily touching the tip of his shaft.


‘Ahh.’ I moan


He bites on my lower lip and suck on it.


Senses come rushing back and I want to tell him that we should use protection.




He looks at me


‘First drawer on your right.’ I say


I don’t need to say more because he swiftly goes there and comes back

with a packet of condoms.


He cups my bum, lifting me up to him and I respond by hooking my legs around his waist.


‘I want you.’ I whisper and he smiles before separating my lady lips with his fingers


Hestartstorubagainstmyclitagainthistimearoundcapturingmymouth withfullforce,Istartexploringhisbacklostinalltheseemotions.


I am too wet to wait any longer, too aroused. But instead he finds his way to get between my legs and starts to eat me raw.


‘Mulife.’ I moan


But he doesn’t stop pleasuring me, he dips his tongue in and out of me. Making me touch his head, baptize him in my waters,hold his hands and scream all sorts of cuss words that I know I will later regret.


Using his hands again he dips a finger in me then finds his way to my mouth, I can taste myself on his lips and I love it. He lets go of my lady parts and starts to fondle with my br**sts, I can feel a cloud forming in my head. The same heights he had taken me the previous night are coming back, I tighten my grip on the beddings as I feel the vibration in my legs and I press my eyes shut as I orgasm.


Thinking he will stop but he starts to caress my br**sts all over again.


‘Mulife.’ I beg


He smiles, a naughty smile


Without seeing it coming, he guides his shaft at my entrance.


‘Thelma.’Thistimeit’shimcallingout ‘This might hurt alittle.’

‘Or more.’ He adds


I almost show fear on my face but quickly hide it with a smile.


With a deep inhale, he thrusts his shaft inside me, burying an inch a second at a time.


I gasp, out of pain.


Then he drives an inch further. And further. Stretching me. And further. Filling me. Until I feel my walls coming down and my virginity being taken.


I feel him struggling as I am tight, but after a minute I begin to move my waist. Where I learnt this I have no idea but it makes everything betterand the pain more bearable.


‘Faster.’ I say


He eyes me


‘I just took your virginity.’ ‘Don’t stop.’ I beg


‘I want you fast and hard.’ I add


I can see his eyes darken with desire and hunger.


‘Asyouwish.’Hesaysandthendrivesbackdeeperinsideme.Trespassing my walls. I don’t hold back screams and whimpers, I don’t hold praises whilst he continues to thrust inside me. He does that again and again until hestops.


‘Change of positions.’ He says obviouslyseeing my blank look.


He pulls me up and turns me over so that my back is meeting his chest. He makes me lean forward and tells me to grab the headboard for my stability. And then he pushes his shaft on my core and I scream out, both from pain and pleasure.


He continues to thrust whilst I hold on to the headboard, I wriggle my waist.Screamfrompleasure,shoutandcusshisname.AndthenIfeelmy body heat up, I am going to explode in this moment. And like expected, white heat floods through me. Cuming at once withhim


‘What have you done to me?’ Mulife asks when we throw our bodies back

to the bed


‘What have you done to me?’ I ask with a smile


He kisses my forehead and makes me lay on his chest, I don’t regret waiting

this long and it was worth it.






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