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I have just gotten home, and the first thing I see is Mulife’s car. For the life in me I am trying to process why he is here but my mind is too crowded to think straight.


With a heavy sigh I get out of the vehicle and drag my feet to the house.


I am expecting him to open his car but he doesn’t and so I unlock the house and go in, my feet hurt like crazy. In fact, every part of my bodyhurts and my heart is not anexception.


I hit the shower and take a long relaxing bath, for a moment I almost forget that Mulife is outside. When done I get to the kitchen to prepare dinner, I am starving and even though I just want to sleep I know I have got to eat if I must take mymedication.


There is nothing interesting in the fridge, plus with all this load shedding I rarely store relish. The easiest I know I can prepare right now is rice with mince and so that is what I go for.


An hour later I am done and I dish out for two, I can’t bring myself to eating

on my own well aware that there is someone with me.


I brace myself and go to the car, I knock on the driver’s window and wait

for him to roll it down but instead he opens the door.


‘Good evening.’ I say ignoring the fact that he looksdistressed ‘Hey.’ He says opening his arms

Imoveclosehesitantlyandstayinhisembrace,heholdsmesotightasif his life depends on that onehug.


‘Sorry.’ He apologies letting me go


I smile at him, I know something is up but I don’t bother to ask. If he wants

to open up, he will.



‘Dinner isready.’ ‘You cooked?’

‘I bought take away packs.’ I say sarcastically and he laughs


‘You want me to bring it to you here?’


‘Give me a minute I will be with you.’ He says


I walk back into the house and set the table before he joins me minutes later, I was right. Something is definitely up because his shoulders are slumped – its like he is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.


Weeatinsilence,Icanseeheishavingahardtimeswallowingandhadit not been for me cooking; he would have gone to bed on an empty stomach.


Whendoneheofferstodothedishes,Icanseeheistryingasmuchas possible to keep himself busy so as not to think alot.


‘Thank you for the food.’ He says when we are done in the kitchen ‘You are welcome.’ I say that whilst sorting out my medicine

‘I am sorry Olipa treated you the way she did.’ I shrug, I don’t know if I am mad anymore.

‘You hurt me by telling people what I told you in confidence.’


‘I didn’t mean to.’


‘It doesn’t matter now does it?’ I ask swallowing hard


‘It does.’ He responds making sure not to break eye contact


I don’t respond but drop my gaze.


‘IwasdisturbedwhenIgothomeafteryourmother’spassing,Ididn’tknow whattothink.IwasafraidthatyoumightdieandyetIhadfallenforyou.’


I look up to meet his gaze


‘Yes Thelma I have loved you for the longest of time and I couldn’t bring myself to telling you because I knew the kind of family I came from.Social status means so much to my people and Olipa was already in the picture.’


‘So you told her about my disease.’


‘I told Lackson, he is my brother and I trusted him.’ ‘Your brother is a moron.’

‘You know?’


I click my tongue


‘He found out about my father and wanted to use that against me.’ ‘You lost me there.’


‘He almost forced me into marrying him or he would tell the entire world

who I was.’ ‘Son of a.’

I eye him


‘That bastard.’


‘Each family has one, in mine it is the man that fathered me.’ I say lifting my

weight to sit on the kitchen counter.


‘How is your father by the way?’


‘His breathing.’ I respond feeling a lump on my throat


‘The last time I checked he had married a woman young enough to be his

daughter – my sister.’ Iadd He holds my hand lovingly ‘How is Olivia?’ Iask

Hesighs,thesamedistressback. ‘She was discharged today.’ ‘Isn’t that a goodthing?’

He sighs


He spends the next twenty minutes explaining everything and I just can’t believe how messed up his family is and to think that I thought mine was the worst.


‘Wow.’ I manage to say when he is done ‘I know.’

‘SoOlipaisgoingtobeLackson’swife?’Iask ‘Yep.’ Hesays

‘Don’t be too sad, I am sure it won’t be that bad.’


He shakes his is head


‘It is Olivia I am worried about, he has never loved her. I mean what will they even tell her now? That her real daddy is back?’ he asks worriedly


I can see the hurt on his face but I ignore it.


‘Come here.’ I say opening my legs


He moves closer like a teenage boy and buries his head on my shoulder


‘Yousmelllikelavender.’Hesayssniffingmeplayfully ‘Really?’ I ask rolling myeyes

‘Yes you do.’ He responds this time placing small kisses on my shoulder

that sends a sensation through me


He moves his lips to my jawline and continues to plant small playful kisses as his hands have found a way around my waist.


‘Let’s have a baby.’


‘Babies are not cheap.’ I manage to say


‘Not to brag but I am doing very well for myself.’ ‘Of course you are bragging.’

‘But it’s the truth.’


I smile as his words sink in


‘I don’t want to infect a child.’


‘We will visit the best specialist, we will talk to different doctors. We will do

this together and our baby will be healthy.’


‘And you? Will you be healthy?’ I ask a lump on my throat


‘I know couples who are married and yet one is not infected.’ ‘Your family will never accept me.’

‘My family doesn’t even accept me.’ He challenges


I sigh


‘I don’t know if I can dothis.’


‘How about I tend to your needs first.’


‘Mulife.’ I whisper knowing exactly what he is talking about ‘Shii.’

‘I have never been with anyone.’ I say swallowing hard


He moves away from me and stares at me like I am an alien.


‘You are joking right?’


I shake my head


‘Oh my God Thelma, the things I am going to do to you.’ He says hungrily

taking in my lips.




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