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Wearestandingherelookingateachother,thewayheislookingatme makesmeuncomfortablebutItrynottoremovemygazefromhis.



‘Thelma.’HecallsinalowvoiceandIswallowhard ‘Hmm?’

He says nothing but only looks at me intensely before moving close,he flutterskissesalongmyjawline.Movingincloseragainhefindshisway beneath my pajama top and starts to fondle mybr**sts.


My senses come alive at his touch, then as if sensing it he moves one hand

to roam over my body, igniting a fire in me. One I didn’t know existed.


Eventuallyhislipsfindtheirwayonmine,hekissesmeslowlybutintensely. I don’t know how I learnt to do it but I thrust my tongue inside his mouth, hecapturesitthensucksitrealgood.Thenagain,hefindshiswaytooneof mybr**stsandcapturesitfully,squeezingitalittleintheprocess.


‘Ahh!’ I scream


He grins in triumph.


‘Should I suck them?’ he asks as if he needs permission


I just nod afraid that my voice might betray me.


With his right hand, he touches one hard nipple and waits for my reaction, my toes curl and he smiles.




I look at her with pride, she is a virgin and no man will ever touch her but me. In a split second I remove her pajama top and begin to suck on one of


herbr**sts.Sheismakinglovelynoisesanditismusictomyears,Iwantto betheonlymanthatevermakesherfeelthisway.Iwillbeherfirstandher last and I am willing to make this moment last forher.


Ilookatherface,Iwishshecanseejusthowbeautifulshelooksrightnow, butshecan’tsayanythinginthismomentasIhaveherundermyspell,my right hand moves quickly to capture her lady parts. Her lacyunderwear

doesn’t even stop me.


FromthewayshewasmoaningIcantellthatsheisalreadywet,butIstill smile when my fingers slide smoothlyinside.


She is well kept and the man in me aches to get my tongue down there.


She fidgets as I dip my fingers again, the response is mind blowing butI control her by placing my lips on hers again.




ShecontinuestosaymynameasIrubonherladypartsgently,Ipinchher clit a little and then place two fingers inside heragain.


She is so tight, even my two fingers are struggling to penetrate and my hard manhood wants to replace my fingers but then I hold myself.


I want to taste her first.


So, I withdraw from her and make small soft kisses on her neck down her chest all the while she moans.


I hold her by the bottom and drew her closer to me completely removing her underwear. I can see she is scared but she doesn’t know what is coming.




I can’t bring myself to say a word because I have no idea what Mulife is about to do, I have never prepared myself for such and I want to mention protection but then again I am curious. He lifts one of my legs, hooks it overhisbroadshoulder,partsmysoakedunderwearthencapturesmywet lady parts with some sucking and licking whilst tasting his ownmouth.




I close my eyes to feel the fireworks, I don’t know whether to cry or scream

his name but I manage to reach for his head and run my fingersover.


He lifts me from the table and in no time, we are in the bedroom room and he has placed me on the bed. He grabs my buttocks, squeezing them like he had squeezed my br**sts, he starts to kiss me everywhere.


He is dedicated to worshiping my body and right now I feel like a queen. But as if me laying on my back is not enough; he lifts my leg again and he stares at me like he is looking at a buffet. I can’t believe I am able to stretch like this.


His mouth is glorious.


‘Spread your other leg.’ He says


I do as he says then he devours my lady parts again.


‘Mulife.’ I scream when his tongue slides inside me


He pulls it out and then slides it back in, the rhythm in sync you might think he was born to pleasure me. He does it over and over again and I am left indecisive on whether to moan or scream his name.


I think my clit is now swollen, he licks and sucks his way up to it and that is when I come. A multitude of sensations fill my head. It hits me with great force, hitting every nerve in my brain down to every cell in my body. I orgasm.


My toes curl as I pant. He uses this opportunity to put my leg down then straightens up to whisper in my ear.


‘I am done with you for now, but you are mine.’ He says before he slumps his weight on the other side of the bed and he holds me tightly as we both fall asleep.




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