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“I want to know everything about her!”Dennis instructed his secretary as he walked into his office followed by his best friend and assistant director,Matt Lyon

Matt was smiling

He had gone with Dennis to the real estate agency and had seen the little drama played out

He had also seen the shock that crossed Dennis’s face and knew without a doubt that this was his mystery woman

Two month ago,Dennis suddenly changed. He withdrew and refused to tell his best friend anything no matter how heasked

To his surprise, Dennis took a trip everynight to God knows where.He looked desperate

Matt later followed him and got everything out of him.



Dennis had no choice but to forget the lady inthe wedding dress but lo and behold,they were inthe sametown

Matt laughed softly and dennis glared at him

“Do not laugh”he said”she was here all along, can u believe it?”

“Yea,and I thought you would be glad”

Dennis sighed “Is she okay?”

“I called an hour ago and she was doing just

fine”Matt supplied”she’s not awake though” They both turned and looked at the secretary as she came into the office

“Here’s the information on Alison Kent”she said dropping the fils on the table

“Read it to me”he ordered for the sake of matt “Alison Kent is 28 and she’s the head agent of Kent and co.real estate agency.She is one of the most reliable agents in town and it is widely known she helped in suggesting the site for the town park which has been really profitable”

“Is she married?”dennis asked and matt rolled his eyes

“She’s not sir”the secretary replied”rumour has it that she was jilted on her wedding day by her fiance and she had sworn never to love again” “Wow”matt said as dennis kept quiet

So that was it.

She was a jilted bride and he was just someone to restore her self-esteem

Why else would she leave the next day?



“Oh and the doctor called”the secretary continued”miss Kent is awake”

Dennis stood up immediately,grabbed his jacket

and headed straight for his car TBC

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