Wed. Jul 10th, 2024


Alison got to her office early,despite the fact like

she looked like a wreck and feeling terribly tired.she had insisted on being discharged the next day and also put off her family’s incessant questions

She would tell them later Much later

Her nerves were almost stretched to breaking point by the time it approached 4:00pm

The door opened and she jumped,looking

disappointed when Tonia appeared

She had actually been expecting Dennis overton What was wrong with her?

True she had come to accept the baby as hers and was loving the idea of having a baby to love and cherish



But could she dare hope of a family with Dennis overton?


She snapped out of her thoughts as a hand was waved in front of her and she looked up into Tonia’s face

“Now,what are you thinking about?”she asked “Nothing”Alison snapped and went to the window as Tonia began laughing

“You were thinking about him”shesaid”really alison,what’s going on between you two?” Noanswer

They were alerted by the sound of a car driving in and Tonia immediately went out leaving alison in a state of nerves

A few minutes later he appeared,dressed in an expensively cut suit and a beautiful hairstyle which highlighted his sharp looks

How could one man be this handsome

Alison was still wondering as she watched his tall,muscular frame move slowly into the room and settled himself on a chair

Dear God,she really had fallen for him Why else did her heartbeat increase?

So much for her resolution not to ever fall in love again

“I recall,Mr overton”she began,steadying her voice”asking us not to ever meet again.I’m refusing your contract”

“And I’m not here because of your contract, alison” Her heart stopped

He just called her name



And with just a few strides of those long legs, he was at her front,stealing the breath put of her “I’m here because I want you”he said after a few terrifying shorts seconds

Suddenly he grabbed her hand and led her out of

the office before she could utter a word TBC

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