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“You are late”

The woman with the gun said and Dennisnearly collapsed when he sawAlison



It took all sheer will power not to rush towards her and hurl her out of there but if he does that,he would pit the life of both him and everyone involved in rescuing Alison in danger

And Matt would also be disappointed in him

because he would ruin their plans

He forced his attention to the woman with thegun which was still pointed at Alison’shead

He had never seen her before and it wasobvious she was a bitcrazed

Something was jammed into his back and he was on his knees before the effect of the stunnercould even wearoff

He heard Alison’s muffled scream and looked up into the face of josh Brandon

Brandon also had a gun and it was pointed athim “Nice to see you too,bastard”he said smiling “Shut up,josh”Mitchell ordered”One more minute and you would have lost your preciousAlison,Mr

overton”Mitchell continued saying”did you bring the


One more thing Dennis was required to come with was a bag filled with cash,approximately $500,000 “Yes”Dennis replied”and I brought something else” “What?”she retorted”certainly not help becauseyou would be dead in minutes.where’s the 500 thou?” “In the car”Dennis smirked”why don’t you go get it?”

Mitchell cocked her head and smirked

“That was very stupid and careless of you”Mitchell said”but I want this to last so i won’t kill you right away”



She reached below and Yanked Alison’s rope loose and dragged her up

The latter staggered and Mitchell had a hard time

keeping her up

“Why dont alison and I take a little trip to the car?”she said”you can walk behind us if you care but mind if you had prepared any surprises, I have a few of my own”


This wasn’t what he had planned at all

He should have known better than to expect Mitchell to get the money herself

They walked in unison to the car and Dennis was

ordered to retrieve the money

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On sighting the bag Filled with cash,,Mitchell pushed Alison to the. Ground and grabbed the bag She turned the gun on her and pulled the trigger “So long,bitch”

“No!”Dennis yelled

Alison knew she would scream if the bullet pierced her skin and loses her eyes tightly

It all happened In a matter of seconds and when the shot sounded, she waited to feel the pain She heard a soft gasp and blood spurted on her body

Shee heard a soft thud and her eyes opened to see Mitchell, standing in shock,a bright red hole in her heart where a red stain was quickly spreading



They all turned to look at josh who was laughing maniacally,with his smoking gun that had just placed a bullet in Mitchell’s heart

Alison had had enough and she started screaming as Mitchell’s body fell on hers

Swift as lightning,Dennis rammed his body into josh and two of them fell down in a fierce struggle forthe gun

Grunts, punches and sound of fists crunching hard bones echoed in the air and the gun laid out of reach

They both rolled around,each preventing the other from reaching the gun and at last, josh jabbed both forefingers into Dennis’s eyes and grabbed for the gun,swiftly pulling thetrigger

A shot cracked through the air and josh screamed pain as he held his destroyed hand,which was shattered by a bullet fired by matt

The gun fell on the ground and Matt kicked it aside as he stepped forward and pointed the gundirectly atjosh

“You OK, man?”he asked when he had fully gotten control over josh who was still writhing in pain Dennis crawled over to where Alison was and crushed her to his body in relief and happiness

“Its OK,its OK”he whispered

continuously and Alison was too weak to even feel relieved

“I knew you would come”she whispered too

“Of course”Dennis replied”I would never forgive myself If anything happens,to you”



Suddenly the whole place was filled with sirens and police cars and ambulances

They watched as josh was thrown into a police

vehicle, despite of his shattered hand

Alison couldn’t help suppress a Tear as Mitchell’s body was bundled into an ambulance,bound for the mortuary

She suddenly staggered against Dennis and a stretcher was offered to her but she shook her head in refusal and hugged Dennis instead

“Let’s go home” “Yes,let’s go home” TBC

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