Fri. Feb 9th, 2024



Alison walked down her driveway to her car,feeling extremely happy and gorgeous inside

She stopped to glance at her wristwatch then


She had a meeting with the girls,tonoa and Julie,to shop for a wedding dress, not just anyone one,a magnificent one

“I don’t care about the dress,love”Dennis had said”o know you’d look good in a paper bag” But she really cared about the dress just as she cared about the wedding



She wanted it to be the most perfect happening in her life….

Alison stopped and looked back

She felt her hair at the back of her neck stand up in fear


It felt like someone was watching her

“No,I must be going crazy”she muttered as she climbed into her car”just wedding jitters”

She took a quick look round her surroundings and

nodded satisfactorily at the quiet,empty neighborhood

She drove down the street,making a mental note of

her daily activities

She wondered what she would get for her bridesmaids and immediately began thinking about it when suddenly the car made a grinding sound Allison was busy thinking about the color theme she was going to use and paid no attention to it She wondered if they would like pink,or blue or pur….

The car made a grinding sound and jerked

This time she Paid attention and reached for the brake

It didn’t work Uh-oh

“Something’s definitely wrong”she thought in fear as she frantically tried to stop the car to no avail Alison gripped the steering with both hands till her knuckles turned white as she sped down the road Her purse was on the seat next to her



if she could just get her phone and reach for help,it would be OK but by this time she was on an highway and she was scared to let go of the steering for even a minute

“Arrrgh!”she screamed as she bumped into a truck

and her vehicle was thrown off the road into some kind of side road

It was empty and Alison was almost relieved

because she wouldn’t be hindered by other cars Until she saw the “NO TRESPASSING”sign which signaled that the road was cut off

‘Oh God, oh God, oh God”Alison muttered feverishly as sweats glistened on her forehead and trickled down her face to mix with the tears running down her face

She was going to die

She desperately tried the brakes again all toknow avail as the car neared where the road cut off in a deep hole and veered intooblivion

There was only one thing to do

Her hands still on the steering she reached over and opened the door,taking care to remove her seatbelt

The hole was getting closer

She let go of the steering and slowly placed one leg outside

Immediately her entire body followed and Alison found herself thrown several kilometers before rolling to a stop

A minute later,she heard a tremendous crash as her car landed in the bottom of the huge ditch She tried to stand up but couldn’t



She had landed badly with one leg thrown out in an awkward angle

She tried to move her body again but pain moved in

her instead and she gasped loudly and fainted TBC


something’s happened guys

looks like someone is trying to kill our dearAlison well,let’s find out together,what happens next staytuned


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