Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

Episode 20

Babysitting The Bad


[Secrets and Romance]



(You are mine)


Cole’s POV

I turned and walked back to her.

“Yea, true, but not any longer. You’re still really

pretty I must admit but don’t use that fact to confuse any one here.”


“You have a very good heart, I want you to remain

that way” I said smiling at her.

“Now, please leave” I cooed and patted her hair.

I turned back and started going.

“Yea, I will. I will leave you guys I promise” I heard

her yell from the back.

β€” Kendra’s POV β€”

“Rico, let go alright. I want to be alone for now” I

said feebly freeing myself from him.







“Ken. Ken” he kept calling as I left and decided to

go up at the root top.


No one stays there right? So its a good place for

me to be at.

I took the stairs up and soon I was standing there

looking down at the students and everything.

Breeze blew my hair and uniform backward making me feel refreshed.

“This is the place I do come to whenever I’m feeling down too” I heard a female voice speak behind me and I turned back to see her – pearl she was

coming closer to me.


I stood without a word watching her as she smiled

and take elegant steps towards me.

She got to my front and stopped facing me.

“I see the boys loves you a lot. I can see it in their

eyes especially Rico.”


“I’m sorry I kissed him. I received a wrong message that he needed me but now I’ve seen it. He is

perfectly okay.”


“Take care of him – of them both.”





“Try not to break their hearts although I don’t no

how you’ll do it.”

“Nice meeting you, I’m pearl” she said calmly and

extended her hand to me which I took afterwards.

“Nice meeting you too” I replied.

“Thanks, I’ll get going now” she cooed then turned

to leave.


“The letter” I started making her come to a pause.

“Do you believe that cole wrote it?” I inquired.

She turned and smiled.

“I honestly don’t believe it but what to do? All my

effort on trying to make them friends again went to

waste but I hope you succeed” she replied and

started off again.

I sighed and turned to look down at the students

and everything.


The view from here feels so great.


Well, she doesn’t seems like a bad person and I’m

relieved to know she actually kissed him and not

the other way round.





I smiled to myself and looked down again and

sighted someone familiar.

“What? Kora?” I exclaimed and I started running

down the stairs.

Oh my! Kora is back? I giggled along the way as I

continue running brushing past students on the


I got outside and saw her still walking slowly.

“Kora?” I beamed and she saw me.

“Ken” she laughed and we ran into each other



“Oh my goodness kora, I’ve missed you a whole

bunch” I said still holding her tight.

“Yea me too, I’ve missed you a whole lot. Sorry for coming late, my mom’s surgery got shifted” she

cooed as we disengaged from the hug.

“Are you just arriving then? How come you’re in

school? you should have waited at home” I said to


“I couldn’t wait to see you that’s why I’m here now” she smiled and we hugged each other again.






“So, how is your mom now? Is everything okay

now?” I asked.

“Yea, everything is good” she replied as we held

each other going down the hall way.

“I want to know every damn thing that happened

while I was gone” she giggled.

“Kora a lot of shocking things happened. Can you believe I’ve met my parents?” I asked and her eyes widened.


She let out a light scream.


“Really? Oh my gosh, I’m so happy for you” she

exclaimed and I laughed.

All the students kept starring at us but we didn’t

mind them at all and continued our discussion.

I told her everything I could recall that happened

and the only place she frowned was when I told her about Cole.


“Gosh ken, you choose Rico over Cole?” She


“No, I choose cole over Rico but i love Rico, kora.

Please don’t blame me” I pouted.

She sighed bitterly with her hands on her jaws.







“So, what happened to cole then? You said you

haven’t seen him for days right? Is he okay? Didn’t go call him?” She asked in one breathe.

“I honestly don’t know kora…I..I..lost Cole’s number so I couldn’t call him” I stuttered a bit.

She folded her arms sadness, worry ness clearly

written on her face.


“Kora? Kora am sorry but I didn’t mean to hurt cole too yea” I apologized.

“Um..its okay but I was really hoping you could

make him happy since he likes you” she mumbled.

“I’m sorry but I really can’t change my heart even if I wanted to” I continued.

“Alright, hope his not that hurt” she mouthed as we continued walking down the hallway then suddenly saw cole.


My eyes dilated as he also stopped walking.

His eyes was fixed on me.

“Co…cole” I called and looked at kora.



Cole and I stood side by side in the school garden.







“Where have you been? How have you been?” I

asked him but he kept mute.

“Do you remember that we are still dating Ken?” He asked after a long silence and I raised my eyes up to look at him.


I took my eyes back to the floor unable to reply him.

“Do you?” He asked now turning to look at me.

“Ye..yes, but I’m sorry I already told you how I feel

alright? Aren’t you supposed to um..end this

relationship because…”

“I aren’t ending anything kendra” he cut me off

sounding so annoyed and pissed.

“You…you are mine and no one else has the right

to have you.”


“You are mine ken, I want you to have that in mind” he concluded and moved further into the garden.



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