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Episode 13

Babysitting The Bad


[Secrets and Romance]





(Who do you choose?)

v Kendra’s POV v

I didn’t spend much time with my family so I won’t

get too sad while leaving.

Mom was overjoyed to see me.

Fred even drove me back to the Salvador’s








“Um..ken, can I hug you?” Fred asked as I was

about to go out of his car and I paused and smiled.

“Of course” I chuckled and he hug me slightly then I got off.


“Bye” I waved at him as he speed off.

Aw I have a big brother, I chuckled again at the

thought and headed into the mansion.

I got in and greeted a few maids then saw Jason

coming down the stairs.

“Hi” I greeted smiling.

“Hmm you’re smiling, does it have to do with Rico?” He asked jokingly.


“Rico? Of course not.”


I wonder why he left so early. But he already told

me him could anyways.

“By the way, where is he?” I inquired.

“Isn’t he with you?” He asked.

“No, he left me at my parents house” I cooed.





“Oh, he might have gone somewhere” he said

walking pass me.


“I wonder where his gone to” I muttered and took

the stairs to my room.


Immediately I got in my new phone, the one Rico

just bought me started ringing.

Weird, its only Rico’s number that is here so how

come a different number is calling?

I hesitated for a while before picking up the call.



I’m speaking with kendra right? I heard Nick’s





I paused and brought down the phone from my ear.

How the heck did he know this line?

Yes, its Nick right?


Yes, its me. Are you with Cole right now?

Cole? Nope, anything?





I think we need to find him I’m suspecting

strange behaviours. I think his probably doing

something silly or about to.

huh. Why do you say that? What happened?

Where are you right now?


Um..I’m at Salvador’s mansion.

I’ll be there in a jiffy.

He cuts the call and I starred at the phone.

What’s happening?


Something silly?


I left the room and went downstairs to wait for Nick.

He sounded so serious and scared on the phone.

Oh gosh. I no longer have Cole’s line, I could have called him.

Hope nothing bad happens to him.

I continued waiting outside then few minutes later a yellow car pulled over beside me.

“Hop in” he yelled whinnying the window down.





“Um..okay” I replied and went to the other side and got in.


“So, what is happening Nick I don’t really

understand” I said to him immediately I’d gotten in.

“I fear something terrible is about to happen and its because of you kendra” he said making me flinch.

“Because of me? How the hell is it because of me?” I asked wide eyes.

“Well, we will soon find it” he replied increasing the speed of his car.

“Nick, you’ll get us killed at this rate slow down” I

yelled but he didn’t listen.

He got to Davies mansion before you no it and

packed roughly.

“Follow me” he commanded entering into the



I loosen my sit belt and came down from the car

running after him.


He got to what looks like his room and sat down

facing a computer.


“Nick, I really don’t understand what is going on” I

said getting more confused.







“I’m going to track Rico’s number since all of Cole’s phone are in here” he replied not looking at him.

“Give me his number” he added and I gave the

phone to him.


“Huh, this isn’t the phone cole gave you?” He said

in a questionable manner.

“Yea, I bought another one” I lied not wanting to tell him the truth.


I mean how could I?

He handed the phone back to me and started

operating the computer while I watched from



He is an expert.


His fingers are moving really fast.

Soon he hollered and turned to look at me.

I found it.

He connected his phone to the computer and did

something on it.


“Let’s go” he added walking out of his room while I

followed from behind.







Honestly I still don’t get Nick at all.

What is he doing?

We got outside to his car and we both got in to his

car and he speed off driving with the help of his




We got to the strange area after few minutes of


Its looks like an abandoned warehouse.

The area looks deserted and creepy but we sighted both Rico and Cole’s car.

“I said it” Nick shrieked and ran off while I ran after him.


Oh God! What is going on?

I hope nothing bad has happened.

What am I even thinking of ? Rico has changed


But, what will he be doing here alone with his



Please don’t tell me its what am thinking.






We got to the warehouse and got in.

I blinked my eyes repeatedly to be sure of what I’m seeing.


I needed to be sure if its real.


Rico and cole are seriously fighting?

And with a knife each.

They both stopped when they saw me.

Their faces and body were already bruised badly.

“Christ!!” I shrieked looking at them.

“What the f**k are you two doing??” I added

moving slowly towards them.

“F**k you Nick. Why did you bring her here?” Cole asked Nick who has been starring at them with guilt all over his face.


Its as if he was gonna cry anytime soon.


“You want to kill yourselves?” Nick asked instead.





“You hate each other that much?” He asked his

voice coming out weakly.


“Nick, get her away from here” Cole groaned at him and he turned back and left alone.

“What are you two doing?”

“Hand over the knives both of you” I said extending my hands to them but it was as if I was talking to a pillar.


“Cole. Rico.”


“What are you waiting for?” I asked drawing closer.

I made to take them knife from them but it was as if they got high again and attacked each other

making me flinch them.

“Stop!!!!” I screamed but nothing.


“Why are you fighting? Why are you two like this?”

“I thought you changed Rico.”

“I’m sorry” he breathed and look at me.

“But you’ll have to choose between us?” Rico

suddenly turned and said making me shocked and speechless.





I never expected that.

“Yea, his right ken. You’ll have to choose between

us both if you want us to stop fighting” cole added

and they both kept starring at me waiting for



“So, who do you choose??” Cole asked again.

I gulped down after much thinking and replied.


“I choose….



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