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Episode 9


Author: Pamela.


She tried to speak but her throat


hurt like hell and she ended up coughing


terribly.Her chest ached.


She moved back from Marco’s arms.


“How are you feeling?”He asked,




“I…”she choked out and coughed.


Marco frozed.”You can’t speak?”


Aurora sniffed and shook her head,




He quickly put a call to the doctor.


“The smoke really affected her


alot, each time she coughs,her chest


would ache, and it affected her voice box


too” The doctor explained.


Marco stared at her, sadly.She was now


sitting up on the bed.


“She’ll be okay again, right?”


“Definitely.As long as she takes the


pills accurately and rest for a few


days,she’ll be fine”Carlos assured.


“Thank you,doc”Marco said,




Carlos nodded and walked away.


Aurora stared at the different


drugs on the table.God!She hated taking


drugs more than anything but now she


had to…if she wanted to speak again.


“I’m so sorry”Marco apologized,


sitting beside her.


Aurora stared at him,he had been


apologizing to her since she woke up.She



wished he would stop staring at her with guilt written all over his eyes.She knew he definitely didn’t want that to happen to her and she wanted him to stop apologizing. “The doctor said you’ll be okay again,so please don’t cry anymore, I’m sorry that had to happen to you. I promise you, I’ll do everything I can to find the person who locked you up”He said. She nodded.


Marco sighed seeing her face


gradually returning to it’s normal state.


A knock sounded on the door.”Come in”


Diego walked in.


“How are you feeling, Aurora?”He




“She can’t speak but she’ll okay very


soon”Marco replied.


“I’m sorry you had to go through


that. I can assure you that it won’t happen


again,a new security team has been


employed so you shouldn’t feel scared at


all”Diego assured.


Aurora nodded but she still wasn’t




“Thank you, Diego.I’ll address them




“Alright”With that, Diego walked




Marco stood up from the bed,


Aurora quickly reached for him and held


his hand.


He turned to face her and could see


fear in her eyes,she was scared of being




“I just wanted to tell Ximena to bring


breakfast up to you”


She shook her head…not wanting him


to leave her side.


Marco sat down again and called


Ximena on the phone instead.


She moved closer to him and held him tightly… resting her head on his chest.


Marco rubbed his hand on her back,he


wished she would be comfortable in his


house like before.


“If only she wasn’t with her cellphone,she’d have stayed longer in the basement and passed on, how could you be so careless?”Camila asked. Diego gulped down a measure of


whiskey.They were in a restaurant.


“I was in a hurry to get her in


there.Do you think it was f**king easy


when his men are always parading his


house?”He asked, angrily.


“I know it isn’t but we don’t have time on our side anymore.Once she takes in,there would be nothing more we can do” Diego’s fist clenched tightly around the glass.


“Failure isn’t in my


dictionary.Marco’s going on a business


trip soon and by the time he gets back,


he’s gonna look for someone else to give


him a child but before then,you have to


come to the house and make her feel


miserable”Diego suggested.


Camila smiled.”Got it”


“You’re a big baby”Marco teased


after he had finally managed to get her to


take her drugs.


She rolled her eyes and lay flat on the


bed.She had enjoyed the chicken soup


Ximena had made for her but each time


she swallowed,her throat hurts.


Her cellphone rang, Aurora’s eyes


widened seeing who was calling.


“Who is it?”Marco asked.


She showed him the screen, it was


her mother.


“Should I talk to her?”


Aurora quickly shook her head and placed the phone on the bedside table,she would return the calls when she gets better.

“Do you know of anyone who has any


motive of hurting you?Does any of the


workers behave badly towards you?”He


asked, curiously.


She shook her head.They all act


formal towards her and Ximena was the


nicest of all.


“Did you see the face of your




She shook her head again.


Marco looked away from


her.Nothing has ever happened to his past


women while they came visiting.Did someone know of her purpose of being in his house?Was someone perhaps trying to ruin his chances of having a child to bear


his name?But no one knew about his


illness…not even Aurora.


Well Diego and the doctor knew but


they would never do anything to hurt her.


God! Just who the hell was this




“I would make sure something like


this doesn’t happen again, I’m so sorry”He apologized for the umpteenth time. She moved closer to him and held


his hand, trying to tell him to stop feeling




Marco turned to face her and rubbed


her hair tenderly.


“I know, I’m a bad person, I’ve done alot of mean things to people and to you too,but I really can’t let you go and very soon, you’ll get to know why I’m doing this and I hope then you won’t judge me too harshly.Te necessito(I need you)” The seriousness in his eyes tore at




“For now, you need a good bath to


help you relax properly”He announced.


A frown shaped into her full lips.He


had fed her ignoring her protest because


she wanted to eat by herself… perhaps did he want to bath her himself too?


She moved to the other end of the


bed but he came around helping her


out.She shoved him backwards.


“Even without your voice, you’re still


so stubborn”He exclaimed.


She eyed him.


“Ojos de angel(Angel eyes)”He said,




She made to walk pass him but he


carried her as if she weigh nothing.


Aurora sighed, knowing she couldn’t


fight him….he had warned her not to fall in


love with him but now,he’s starting to


move the goalpost.


After running the bath… making


sure it was warm and foamy,he undressed her and lowered her into it.


Aurora gulped as she watch him take


off his clothes.This was not the time to


get horny but she was horny as f**k just


staring at his manhood.


He got into the bathtub and grabbed


the washcloth.


Gently,he washed her body including


her hair.


After a few minutes,when the


bubbles started disappearing,he turned


her around and made her lay sprawl over


his chest.He recalled how it had felt when he


had no idea where she was.He wasn’t just


agitated because she was someone who


would give him a child,he was agitated


because she had come to mean so much to him…much more than he was willing to admit.


Her breath feather against his neck


and desire shot through him.His member


growing in length but sleeping with her


was the last thing on his mind today.


Right there….in Marco’s arms….she


felt happy and safe…. and loved.










(Mi Corazon)

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