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Episode 19


Author: Pamela.



“I still don’t get you,doc”Marco breathed, highly confused.


“These are your tests results”Harry said stretching out a file to him.


Marco hurriedly brought out some papers from the file,they were different from doctor Carlos’ diagnosis.


“But my doctor… he’s…. he’s one of the best in Mexico,he has been my


doctor for years now,he doesn’t have any reason to make a false medical report for me”


Aurora just stared at him,she was equally confused too by what was unfolding before them.


“Mr Gutierrez, this is something you must resolve with your doctor but I can assure you that I’m not wrong about your health status,if you have any doubts,try out another hospital then…not your doctor’s hospital…. I can still assure you that you will get the same result as mine”Harry said, seriously.


Marco didn’t need to visit another hospital to know that this doctor was damn serious.


They had never met before,so he possibly couldn’t just change his health status….There was only one way to find out what was really the truth.


They had to leave for Mexico.


He didn’t waste any time, just few hours later found them on his private jet heading for Mexico.


When the landed,he called his men and Diego.


“Hello, Marco”Diego said at the other end of the call.


“I’m in Mexico,I want you to head over to doctor Carlos’ hospital right now”


“Why? What’s going on?”


“I got tested in a another hospital in London and the results shows that I don’t have brain tumor, I’m confused as hell right now,Doctor Carlos has some explaining to do”


There was silence at the the other end of the call.




“Oh…I… I’m confused too but I’ll head over there now”


“Alright”With that,he hung up.


“I’m going to call the police and head off to the hospital, you should go home”He said to Aurora.


“No, I’m coming with you”She argued.


“Aurora”He groaned, impatiently.


“I said I’m coming with you”She slammed back.


Knowing fully well that he could never win against her,he allowed her to come with him.


By the time they got to the hospital,his men were already there but they told him that Diego was definitely on his way.




Carlos flinched when his door was flung open to reveal Marco and the




No one needed to tell him why they were here,he could feel his whole world crumbling already.


“Doctor Carlos Antonio, you’re under arrest for false medical report” He stood up shakily as two cops came over his side,he was placed on



“You have the right to remain silent because anything you do or say would be use against you in the court of law”


Few minutes later found Carlos in the interrogating room.


Marco was seated with two other cops,they wouldn’t dare tell him to go out but his wife was sitting outside the room.


“Almost two months ago,you ran tests on Mr Gutierrez and the results showed that he has brain tumor.Is that correct?”


Carlos swallowed hard then nodded.”Yes” Marco brought out the new medical reports.


“Now how can you explain this?Did my brain tumor magically disappeared?”He asked, sarcastically.


Carlos bit his bottom lip hard.


“Answer the damn question!He yelled, impatiently.


“Calm down,Mr Gutierrez”A cop said.


“Don’t tell me to calm down”Marco snapped, breathing heavily.


“Which medical report is correct, doctor Carlos.You have to say the truth because we might invite an entirely different doctor to consult another test in your presence, I’m sure you know that would add to the consequences of your actions”

Carlos shut his eyes,it was over for him so Diego shouldn’t be spared too.


“He doesn’t have brain tumor”He confessed.


Marco stared at him, speechlessly.



“Mr Gutierrez said you had been his doctor for years, what’s your motive of doing this?”


“He threatened me,I had no plans of doing this,I was just going to tell Marco that he was too stressed,that was why he was having headaches, nosebleed and fainted but he told me to forge a result,I had no choice,he was going to put me behind bars and kill my son”Carlos narrated, tearfully.


“Who’s the ‘he’?




“Di…. which Diego?”Marco asked, faintly.


“Your Diego,Diego Morales…the man who’s like a brother to you”


“You must be very stupid”Marco thundered.”Why are you dragging Diego into your crime?He has no….”


“Diego wants you dead.Diego wants your wealth! I was equally shocked when he asked me to do that,he was going to get rid of you when the time comes and everyone would think you actually died after suffering from brain tumor”


Marco just sat there feeling unaccountably bleak….frozen inside.


“Wait… I still don’t…Diego…..Diego”He stuttered, shocked beyond words.


“You have to believe me,Marco. I know what I did is wrong and I’m going to get punished for it but I had no reason to do this if he hadn’t threatened me and it broke me apart to lie to you”


“Broke you apart?”Marco asked, slowly.”What about me? I was frustrated,I was saddened and hopeless thinking I was going to die soon….I was angered at


nature that I wouldn’t be there for my wife whereas I was perfectly okay….how


dare you!”Marco barked and stormed towards Carlos slamming his face with two blows before the cops held him back.


“We know this is shocking to you,Mr Gutierrez but you have to calm down,we need to find the mastermind behind this!”


Marco ran a hand through his hair frantically.


He had f**king called Diego!He had f**king told him what he had found out!No wonder the idiot had stuttered on the phone.


He brought out his cellphone and called Diego…as expected,he didn’t pick up. “You’d rot in jail for this”He told Carlos.”Diego must be found, ASAP!”He

said to the police.


“You don’t have to worry sir,his face would be pasted on every tabloids,he definitely won’t get away from this”The cop assured.



In Marco’s bedroom that evening,they both sat in silence still very shaken by what had transpired that day.


No wonder he had been against Aurora from the start,he had been insisting on Camila, perhaps was Camila a part of his plan?He definitely had been the one messing with the CCTV, he had kept that money in Aurora’s closet so that he would send her away and when he didn’t,he went after her life,he locked her up in the basement to die of smoke inhalation.


And that night,his mind wasn’t settled about the trip,he had to go home just to meet Diego by her side,he had been relieved thinking that even if her guards wasn’t with her, Diego would protect her whereas he had probably tried to kill her.


“I gave him everything,I kept no secrets from him,I believed he was someone rare to find.Where did it go wrong?What did I do to deserve this?”He asked, standing up.


Aurora sighed, deeply.When she had met Diego in the dining room for the first time,she had thought he had soft and warm eyes,he was a devil disguised as a saint.To think that all along she had been comfortable with him sent shrills running down her spine.


She stood up and held Marco’s hands.


“You did nothing wrong,Marco.It’s just his greed,he’ll definitely be caught and he’ll pay for his crimes. I’m just happy that the truth is out now”


He stared at her, intensely.


“And it’s all thanks to you,nena,if I had not met you,if you had not forced me to take the risk and get treated,I wouldn’t have found out about anything,I wouldn’t have known that Diego wanted me dead and I would have probably died without that knowing that too.Eres un regalo del Cielo(You are a gift from heaven)”He told her, appreciatively.


Tears rolled down her cheeks.


“Why are you crying?”He asked, alarmed.


“I’m just so happy that you are never going to leave my side, you’re going to be there for me and our baby, there’s no threat to your life now, I’m so happy,Marco”She said,still crying…. tears of joy.


Marco joined in and hugged her tightly.They allowed the tears of joy to flow freely.


“I’m going to see my baby, I’m never going to get separated from you,Te amare por siempre (I will love you forever)”


After a while of cuddling and crying and making deep promises of the future to each other,they were finally able to tame their tears.



Marco sat down and pulled her to sit on his laps,she wrapped around her arms around him and rested her head on his shoulder.


“It must be really heartbreaking for you…. finding out about the real Diego”


He released the breath he didn’t even know he was holding.


“I won’t lie to you,novio(sweetheart). I’m highly devastated right now and I really have to see him face to face,he needs to tell me what I did to deserve all that”


Aurora placed her hand on his cheeks, lovingly. “Chiquito(babe), don’t worry,we’ll get through this together”

Marco smiled.”Chiquito?”


She chuckled.”Should I add to that?”


He nodded.


“Mi sol(my sunshine)”


He looked away from her and she noticed his mood had suddenly gone sour. “What is it?”


“I don’t deserve to be called that,I’ve never done anything for you, Aurora.You almost lost your life because of me.You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me but I’m the opposite of that to you”He said, sadly.


“It’s not as if you wanted any of that to happen to me.Marco,I love you, I’m the happiest person on Earth when I’m with you,the fact that you love me too makes you the best person in my life, don’t ever say or think you’re the worse, please”


He stared at her, touched by her words.


“I still don’t know what I did to deserve you,I won’t trade for anything, you’re my miracle”


Their faces drew nearer and locked in a passionate kiss.


“Make love to me,mi amor”She requested, breathlessly.


“With pleasure”He replied.


The next morning,she woke up when Marco pressed a kiss to her forehead. Blinking twice,she opened her eyes and found him fully dressed in a suit but

he wasn’t on a tie.Story from Topster Stories


“Can’t you just stay home with me?”She asked, yawning and still feeling




“As much as I would love to,carino.I just have to make a quick stop at the police station then I’ll be back home,I won’t be able to be at ease knowing Diego is still out there, Camila needs to be arrested for questioning,my guts tells me that she has something to do with this,I need to mount more pressure on the cops”



“Don’t be too hard on them, I’m sure they’re doing their job pretty well.Just stay at home with me”


He bent down and feathered a kiss to her lips.


“I’ll back before you know it, amor”


She smiled.”I love you,Marco”


“I love you more,princesa”


“Right now I’m so happy, mother”Aurora said, joyfully.She was on the phone with her mother and she had just finished telling her everything.


“And I’m happy for you,my dear.But that Diego was a green snake under a green grass,no one ever suspected he wanted to hurt Marco”


“He’s going to pay for his crimes once he’s caught”


“Hopefully,he will be.I’m going to lit up candles and pray that he gets caught…the wicked must never go unpunished”


“Thank you, mother”


“Tomorrow, I’m going to visit you, and remember,you ain’t supposed to think too much for the sake of the baby.Don’t worry, everything would be okay.”


“I’m one hundred percent sure of that and you don’t have to worry about me at all,I’m so glad that Marco would always be with me”


Maria smiled sincerely happy for her daughter.Soon the discussion diverted to another topic with both daughter and mother talking excitedly.




Aurora didn’t know when she had slept off after she had gotten off the phone with her mother but a sound woke her up.


She sat up and the sound became more audible.She froze….it seem like an


exchange of bullets as gunshots vibrated in her ears.


Frantically,she reached for her cellphone.At that moment,the door was flung open.


Her heart jumped into her throat at who she saw…dressed in black and glaring at her.


“Hello,mi querida (my dear)”Diego said between gritted teeth.









(Mi Corazon)

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