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Episode 17


Author: Pamela.


Marco stared at her as she slept so beautifully in his arms.Her stubbornness was at it’s peak and there was nothing more that he could do to push her away.


He couldn’t agree to what she wanted either,it was a wasted effort.He was still going to die during surgery.


So right now,he owed it to her to make her happy for the remaining time he has left.


“What? Marriage?”Diego asked in disbelief.


“Yeah,I don’t really want a huge social gathering,I know Aurora wants to be my bride,she doesn’t really like the relationship we have,so I want us to get married on paper”Marco explained.


“I thought she left?”


“She came back yesterday,she loves me and doesn’t want to leave me alone to deal with this,I still don’t know what I did to deserve that woman”


Diego’s fist clenched.


‘What the hell is wrong with that woman’He thought.


“Okay,I think getting married to her is a good idea”


“And Diego,I know you also have your life to live when I die,but please, could you still check up on her from time to time,to make sure she’s alright physically and mentally?”


Diego patted his back in a comforting gesture.


“Of course,Marco. I would make sure she’s always okay for you”


“Thank you”Marco muttered, gratefully.


Ximena walked into Aurora’s room with a parcel containing a dress. “Sir Marco wants you to wear this and meet him at the rooftop.”


Aurora frowned,it was late and she had started to wonder when he would get home already but he was on the rooftop.


She brought out the gown from the parcel…it was so beautiful.She wondered what he had planned for the evening.


Minutes later, Aurora pushed open the door leading to the rooftop and gasped at the sight in front of her.


Roses was spread on the floor… neatly arranged to where two chairs and a table was,there were beautifully lit candles everywhere…it was a candle lit dinner.


And at her left was a music band, playing a love song with slow beat.


Marco stood up from the chair and walked up to her.


“Do you like it?”He asked taking her hand in his.


“I love it”She replied, smiling broadly.


“Who set this up?”


“Diego and I,I couldn’t let just anyone set this up for you”


And with that,he led her to the table and held her chair backwards,she stood in front of it,he slightly moved it forward then she sat down.


He walked around and sat down on the seat opposite to her.


Just staring at the meals on the table made her feel very hungry.


“This looks sumptuous!”She exclaimed.


“And if it doesn’t taste good,the kitchen staff….”


“Taste great”She said already eating before he could even complete his statement.


“When we first met,were you expecting me to take your number then ask you on a date,get to know more about you before anything else?”He asked,as if he didn’t know her answer.



“Yes. I certainly wasn’t expecting that you wanted to f**k my brains out already”She laughed.


“And I did get to f**k your brains out, didn’t I?”He asked, smiling mischieviously.


She slammed her legs against his from under the table and he laughed.


“Sorry,we made love”He corrected himself.


She grinned.”Now that’s more like it.” When she was through with her meal.


He stood up and walked up to her.


“May I have this dance,my lady?”He requested.


“Of course,my gentleman”She took his hand and he pulled her closer to him…both moving to the beat of the music,they were so close that she didn’t know which was her heartbeat and which was his but she must admit that she loved this dinner.


He turned her around in circles and back into his arms.He wished the smile on her face would be there forever.


He disengaged from her and went down on one knee.


“Mi princesa. I know this isn’t the time to do this. I know you want more from me but let me do what I think you deserve.Let’s pretend I’m alright, let’s pretend that we can be would be together for many years to come.You’re my weakness, nena.You’re my joy and treasure and I always want you to think of the good moments we had together so please…will you marry me?”


Her eyes watered,not because of his proposal though but because she knew it would be pretty hard to make him agree to get treated.


She didn’t want to turn him down and make him feel bad about himself, instead she should accept this and perhaps if he sees how much she loves him,he might give the treatment a go.


“Yes”She choked out.


He slid the ring into her finger, stood up and kissed her deeply.


The Blockbusters he had arranged exploded in the air.


Aurora hugged him tightly,this would’ve felt romantic to her if only he wasn’t dying.


“You have to meet my parents”She announced.


Marco swallowed.Her parents?



“Have you lost your mind?”Rico asked staring at his daughter and Marco who had just announced that they were getting married the following week.They were all seated in Rico’s house.


And of course,he doesn’t know of Marco’s condition,if he did,he would’ve been more furious.


“You shouldn’t be scared of what people might think of you,dear, you probably think they would laugh at you for having a child out of wedlock, right? That’s why you want to marry him, right?”Rico asked.


“No,I want to marry him because I love him”Aurora replied.


“What have you done to my daughter? Wasn’t using her enough?You want to make her your wife so she would always be running home everyday when one of those women show up?”


Marco winced wishing he hadn’t been a playboy and that he had be nice to his employees.


“Papi”Aurora called, warningly.


Rico scoffed.


“Calm down,amor”Maria chipped in.


“Don’t tell me to calm down.You have to support me on this”He said but one look at his wife showed him that she was in support of Aurora and Marco.

His teeth clenched.


“You two women should excuse us”Rico announced.


“Papi, don’t….”


“Can’t I at least have a little talk with your so called husband to be?”Rico drawled.


She sighed staring at Marco who in turn smiled uneasily.


Maria strode up to her and coaxed her to excuse the men.


After they had left, Rico stared at him, sardonically.


Marco gulped,he had to be humble now.


“Sir Rico,I know you don’t like me…”


“Yes,I don’t like you”Rico began.”But you’ve made my daughter to lose her common sense and I know if I go against you two,she might get mad and wanna cut ties with me,you know people do stupid things for love but that doesn’t mean I’ve accepted this madness fully”




“I didn’t permit you to talk”


“I apologise,sir”Marco replied, quickly.


“If you hurt my daughter,what should I do to you?”




“I still didn’t permit you to talk, and don’t worry I know what to do to you” Marco gasped.This man wasn’t going to go easy on him.


“From now on,I’ll treat you as I like, remember you’re not my boss but a future son-in-law that I don’t want.”


Marco nodded.


“You can speak now”


“Thank you,sir”


“You’re not welcome.How sure am I that my daughter won’t be in an everyday competition with your women?”


“They are other women, they’re not my women,I only have one woman”Marco corrected.”You don’t have to worry about my fidelity, sir. I would never want anyone else,I swear it”


Rico pursed out his lips.


“What if you’re horny but she doesn’t want you at that moment?” Marco frowned,what a question to get from a potential father-in-law!

“Will you take her by force?”


“Mierda!Of course not!I would wait till she’s ready”


“And what would you be doing while waiting?”


Marco’s jaw dropped, should he really be discussing this with this man? “Just kidding”Rico laughed and Marco joined in too but when the old man’s


face turned serious again,he swallowed his laughter.


“The fact that I just laughed doesn’t mean I like you”


“I know”


“On a more serious note,do you really love her?”


“I know what I did was wrong,I’m truly sorry for that,I was pretty much hard on my employees but with your daughter,I feel like I’m a different person,I feel in paradise everytime I’m with her and the fact that she loves me for who I am…for everything I am makes me feel special.Things might get rough at some point,but I want you to always know that I love her unconditionally”


‘Wow, deep words’Rico thought.


“Well, since I can’t change my daughter’s mind about you, I’ll like to really see what she sees in you soon,then you would be permitted to be comfortable with me,you have my support but not fully”Rico said, tartly.


“Thank you,sir”Marco said,still finding it hard to believe that he was the one now scared of this man.


“Are you sure about this,my dear”Maria asked Aurora.


“Well,he wanted this and he wants a small wedding which I want too,I know he’s just doing this to make our relationship proper but I want him to know how much I love him,he might agree to get treated”


“You should also keep in mind that this is a serious illness,you shouldn’t just be optimistic,there are pros and cons, and you very much know which is higher”


Aurora sighed, gravelly.


“I’m scared of what might happen to Marco, I’m not trying to discourage you though, there’s nothing wrong with having hope and believing in a miracle”Maria said patting her shoulder gently.


And a week later,they got wedded in a church with Diego,Maria and Rico as witnesses.


When she had walked down the aisle to him,he had felt so blessed,she was like an angel and tears had dropped from his eyes at how beautiful she looked.


When they had taken their wedding vows, Aurora had to refrain herself from crying because he might not live to fulfill his.


After the simple wedding,they travelled off to London for their honeymoon.




Diego paced up and down his bedroom,he had not seen this coming. Now they were f**king married!


He didn’t even know what to do next,he was confused and enraged.


He could only picture red.


“Damn you, Aurora!”








(Mi Corazon)


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