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A wife for the king – Introduction Prologue


“Your highness it being five years since your wife died, please won’t you reconsider taking another wife?” Adebayo ask his friend and king, King Alexander Adegbade values the opinion of his childhood friend but on this matter its a sore subject for him. But he knows deep down that he cannot continue to move it aside, ” you know my friend that there is no respect for a king without a queen, and it not like you are short of women around you , just find time to study one and settle down with her” he advise .

King Alexander paced around in his office ,considering what adebayo was telling him, he fiddled with the pen he was holding deep in thought, after awhile he stroll back to his seat opposite his friend, He studied the king as he moves around deep in thought, for someone that is meeting the king for the first time or not close to him , he will look and sound intimidating, he is a direct opposite of his friend and king in looks and nature while he is on the short side, dark in skin tone, with a receding hair line, he may not be handsome as his friend, but he make up for this with his intelligence , and Alexander recognized that in him since the tender ageof nine when they first met in boarding school and becomefriends.

Alexander on the other hand, is tall and blessed with looks that make women to fall over themselves for him, but in their thirty years of friendship he has neverfelt like his looks make him different or the fact that he will become king someday, and it has even make their bond to be stronger . But now, the handsome face is now scared with a long deep scar mark on his right eye reaching to his jawline,


making him to look more formidable, evidence of the accident that claimed the life of his wife and unborn child.

“Am worried about you, it time for you to move on, you deserve it”

“I hear you and understand your worries , but as you know, i have being pretty much preoccupied with the state affairs and all, but I understand you and agreed with what you said, and I will look into it, I promise


That aside how is the waterprojectgoing…”. He replied calmly has he shift to another subject. Adebayo gave him the feed back , pretending not to notice thathe has moved the subject. He decide within himself to take the matter up. It time for his king to get a newwife.


To Be Continued……


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