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A wife for the king – Episode 3


“I’m telling you that I have an appointment with the king today” pamilerin glared furiously at the security guard stopping her from going any further into the palace.

“I’m sorry, but I was not notified, so am going to ask you to leave young lady.” Dismissing her.

She was not intimidated with the way the guard was trying to stare her down, ” look am sure it must have been an oversight why don’t you talk to who ever put you here or even the King to verify, i am sure you will get your answers.” She declares, shifting from one feet to another, her patience running thin.

“Fine hold on while I verify your claim.”

Pamilerin paced around in the garden, waiting for the security to verify her information, furious with herself for agreeing to come to the palace in the first place.

She survey the area, basking in the beauty of the palace, it’s a far cry from the notion she had for how palace looks like, not that she has been inside any before, but she just assume it will look traditional, but this place is anything but traditional. It’s designed more like a Spanish-style dwelling, situated on a 47-acre estate, 20 miles south of Lagos, State, Nigeria. The property is a mix of natural landscape and formal gardens, with a pool, separate apartments for the guests and staffs of the Palace. She tries to imagine the number of rooms inside. “wow this place looks like all those fairy tale castle” she mutters to herself inamazement.

She suddenly felt as if she was being watched, she looked around to know where the vibe is coming from, her gaze landed on the glass window overlooking the garden area, and from the distance noticed that indeed someone was staring at her


Pamilerin felt the intensity of his gaze and she couldn’t look away. It was like being burned when you are close to the fire, she quickly avert her eyes.

She could not really see the person face clearly, but Pamilerin was sure it was a man staring at her. She wondered who it could be , as she slowly lift her eyes up again to see if she could get a closer look, but nobody was there.


She was so focused on trying to check if the man was still there when the guard called her.

“Madam I am sorry for keeping you waiting, his royal highness is waiting for you” She followed him into the Palace as he leads her towards the east wing. Pamilerin tries not to drool at the beauty of her surrounding, but she couldn’t help herself, as she was ushered into an office area.


“This is amazing” she whispers, eyes roving around to take it all in. Stepping into a spacious room that she imagines must be the waiting room. Her feet sinks into the plush Persian rug, custom made sofas, upholstered in a great plains fabric, graced the cream coloured room, a pivoting glass panel functions as the front door. “Well am glad you think so…” She heard a voice drawled right behind her, she turned abruptly to know who the voice belong to, but in the process bumped her knee on one of the chairs causing her to whimper in pain. “Your highness ” the guard quickly bowed. Alexander dismissed him has he rushed to Pamilerin’s aid to check her leg, “pardon me for startling you” his voice was laced with concern, as he stirred her towards one of the sofas, But her eyes seems to have developed a mind of its own, as she just kept staring at him, her vocal cord refusing to work, she noticed he looked so different from the pictures she had seen on internet , this man is more intense, and intimidating. Pamilerin also noticed the scar on his left cheek , as if it was carved by a knife on his face, right from under his eyes straight down to his jaw, but it did not succeed in taking away his raw maleness, butrather add raw s£xuality to his look, giving him this bad boyvibe.

Pamilerin knew she was staring, but couldn’t seems to help herself. “Yeess you did…I mean no you didn’t ..your Majesty”. It like the saliva in her mouth has thicken up, causing her difficulty in swallowing well. It’s like a burning sensation is coursing through her body from where he had touched her, causing her to flinch from him unconsciously.

“Your highness..” He corrected her with a hint of arrogance.

“No am not a royalty” she replied not understanding why he is saying your highness to her.

“You know what? never mind” he snaps, suddenly irritated with the way she was staring at him, and he did not miss the way she flinched from him. I’m sure the scar is what caused this much staring , he thought with bitterness. “I believe you are the Temp? Right ,follow me ” he literally bark the order as he led her all the way into his office, not even waiting for her response.

She was taken back with his obvious dislike and arrogance towards her, and wonder why he is behaving as such, when she has not done anything to deserve that. She poked her tongue out, at his back , while he led the way to his office, she quickly looked around to be sure she was not caught making face at the back of the king.

“What was he even doing at the waiting room anyway?” She mumbles silently. Tbc

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