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A wife for the king – Episode 25


Pamilerin sat primly on their bed and look at him expectantly. Alexander could not bring himself to sit, too tensed, not sure of what are reaction will be like.

“Darling you are starting to make me nervous with your pacing, what’s the matter, Is something bothering you?” She asked, a frown marring her face.

“I want to tell you something important about me, just listen. My marriage with my first wife was not based on love or any romantic stuff like that, it was a purely beneficial arrangement for both families, and we look good together . We may not have a perfect marriage but its based on mutual respect, though I suspected she wants more than I could give, and I was also neck deep with work. She started complaining, getting drawn in to herself, so one day I suggested we should go for a drive, just the two of us, I thought it will help us to bond more. She was reluctant, but decided to go on later, with me.

It was meant to be a short drive, but we got into an argument. A text came on her phone, apparently my wife has started to get close to a male friend of her’s, someone I don’t even know, the message was kind of suggestive and I got upset when I caught a glimpse of it after wrestling the phone from her. She screamed at me that its nothing like I was thinking and in the bid of her trying to take her phone from me with force, I lost control of the car.


It all happened so fast, I couldn’t even explained what happened.


She died on impact, while I was unconscious for four days. Leaving me with this scar ” his hand tracing it. “But much more than that, I got to know that she was even with child, though I’m not even sure if its mine. Later when I was discharged and things start going back to normal, I discovered something else” he mutters tersely.

Pamilerin kept quiet, allowing him to talk. She felt His pain the guilt he must have felt then, “what did you discover?” She whispered back calmly.

“I could not perform s£xually” he finished, sitting down on a chair in the room. “Meaning? I don’t follow”

“I mean I can’t get it up again—”

“What are you saying! But how is that possible? —”

“I guess it was a psychological effect from the accident, in a way I blame myself for everything.—”

“Sorry for cutting you short but that means you knew you couldn’t make love to me before you married me. That’s why you kept finding excuse for not consummating our marriage. Oh my God this is too much. You deceived me!” she declares, standing up from the bed, glaring at Alexander.

“Please try to understand me—I had to do what I did—”

“Because of your selfish reasons! And here I thought you care for me, even if you did not say it. I guess I was wrong”

“You are special pamilerin, I deeply care for you. You make me feel things I thought am incapable of feeling” crossing the room to join her.

“Yea right, please I need time to process all these.” Stepping back before he could touch her. Alexander winced at her action. All his fears seems to be coming true. But at least she is not saying she is leaving him, which is a good thing right? “Fine. I understand, I will give you space, will be in my office if you need anything” leaving her in the room.

Pamilerin waits for him to leave, closing the door after him, before collapsing on the bed. She was shaking so bad. Fury, confusion, sadness—all seems jumbled up within her. She can’t believe this was happening to her.

“But you love him. And promised better and worse with him” her inner voice taunts her, making her to groan in anguish further.

It’s true that she loves him, with every fiber of her being and that’s why his lie hurt this much. She haalrightdeceived by him. Tears pooled around her eyes, streaming down into her pillow. Her ringing phone distrupt the quietness of the room,


sniffing to control her emotions. Pamilerin reached for her phone, it was her mother.

“Hello mum” infusing happiness she is not feeling into her voice.

“Hey baby, how are you? And how is your husband. Hope you are settling in alright?” She asked.

“Yea I am fine, settling in alright” choking on the last word.

“My darling what’s wrong, you sounded low.” Quickly picking up on her emotion. “Oh mum I don’t think I am strong enough to be a queen. I think I am way in over my head, and Alexander —never mind mum” sh can’t bring herself to tell her mother. It will be wrong to do so, she loves him too much to give out his secret. “Oluwapamilerin listen to me. I don’t think have told you this before, but I will tell you now. Every marriage has it own issue that you need to face and overcome.

When I married your father, and we waited for years to conceive, but nothing happened. I was mentally disturbed,getting depressed, I will not do anything in the house.


Your father— David, stood by me, despite everything, when he suggested adoption I didn’t want to consider it, but later accepted and that was how we have you. We rename you Pamilerin, because you indeed, make us to laugh, as your name implies.

We still tries to get pregnant but nothing, series of IVFs yet nothing. Your father is not perfect neither am i, yet we choose to stay in this marriage. For better for worse, and it was the best decision have ever made. Trust me when I say everything will be fine, just take it easy. You are born for this, and I know Alexander truly cares for you” she told her.

Tears was gushing down from pamilerin’s eyes by the time, her mother finished. “Oh mother thank you, I feel so much better now. Now I know what to do. I love you mum” she whispered.

“I’m happy to hear that love. Take care” ending the call.

Pamilerin wipe her tears, feeling much better. She will do anything and everything to make it work in her marriage, and she will make her husband fall hopelessly in love with her, but first she needs to speak with him, with determination in place, she freshen up, and walk out of the room.



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