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A wife for the king – Episode 17


ONE GLANCE AT THE MIRROR almost make Pamilerin to tear up. Who is this beautiful woman , staring back at her. The ball wedding gown was designed just for her, she felt like a princess in a fairy tale story. Everything was happening so fast, one minute she was engaged, now she is getting married in five days time.

Today is the last day for her wedding dress fitting, and it simply perfect.

Ever since the day Alexander told her that they need to move the wedding date closer, and surprising her parents gave their consent, wedding plans have started in earnest . She did not lift a finger like Alexander promised, a team was placed in charge of handling their wedding preparation. Its a royal wedding, and all she needs to do is just be available for her wedding gown fitting like she is doing now. She hardly goes anywhere now without a security detail, neither does she drive herself again. Everything is now different. It’s a big change for her, and it is not easy adjusting to a new life.

“I hope we met your expectations, your majesty?” The woman asked.

“Yes I love it, thank you—but you don’t have to address me as your majesty, Pamilerin is just fine” embarrassed and a bit self-conscious. This is the part she did not fancy, but her father had made her to realise that accepting to marry a King is a big commitment, that she is capable of being great at, he told her this at a point when she was getting cold feet


. She is not marrying Alexander alone, but a King, which in turn means she will be the Queen.

She did not know the first thing about being a Queen, When she lamented to Alexander about not knowing anything, about the role of a queen. He got someone


that take her lessons on how a queen behaves, everything that is expected of her. Pamilerin finds the lessons interesting and an eye opener for her, she realized there is more to being queen than what she thought, she knows before the lesson started. Pamilerin determined within herself to be the best queen for her husband and his people—now going to be her people as well.

“You will be our queen soon and it is only right for me to address you as such” the woman in charge of her bridal wear, explained, helping her with the ball gown. “Alright then if you insist” pamilerin smiles weakly, as she helps her out of the gown, back into her cloth, she was about to help her with the back zip, when her mobile buzz inside her handbag, “excuse me” she said, rummaging inside it for phone. Her weak smile, changed to a full blown smile, when she saw Alexander’s name displayed on her phone screen.

“Hello dearie” grinning from ear to ear as his voice fills her ear. “Hello beautiful, how is your final dress fitting coming along?”

“Very well darling, I am done already. I will be going back home soon, once am done here.


. Hope your meeting went well?”

“Yes it did, I miss you around here though” he said with a chuckle. Since the wedding plans have being underway, pamilerin’s attention has being divided and they both decided it will be better if he gets a new secretary, giving her room to face the wedding plans. He finally got a qualified candidate, but they both miss seeing each other everyday at work, but she consoled herself, knowing they will be together permanently soon.

“I miss you more” she whispered.

“Good, I’m happy to know you miss me a little” teasing her.

“But you know I do miss you any time we are not together, I think I even miss you more” giggling like a girl.

“I guess we will have to find out now, won’t we?” He asked, sounding mysterious. “What do you mean? And why are you sounding so mysterious right now?” She turned, when she heard flurry of excitement chatter outside the changing room. “You will see”

Pamilerin heard voices saying “Your Highness” outside, “what? Alexander is here?” She mutters, forgetting she was still on the phone.

“Yes I’m here” entering the changing room, dropping his phone.

The woman helping her curtsied and left the room. Pamilerin forgot she was partially in a state of undress, with her gown still hanging open at the back,


dropping her phone on the couch in the room. She ran to him, “what are you doing here!”

“I thought it will be nice to surprise you. You said you miss me remember?” Drawing her close to him.

“Yes— I was just not expecting to see you. But I’m happy you did. Its been like forever since I last saw you” she mutters, eyes twinkling with excitement.

“Three days to be exact.” His hands framed her cheek, kissing her with all the pent up frustration he has start to feel lately. One hand frame her nape, while the other move to her back, touching her uncovered spine, sending a shiver down her spine, making goosebumps to raise on her skin.

She stepped back, suddenly remembering her state of undress. “Uhm—i think we should stop, we are in a public place”

“You are right, come let me help you with the zip” turning her around, he zip her up, but not before pressing his lips on her shoulder blade, causing a m*an to escape from her lips. Behind her Alexander smile with a knowing grin.



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