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-Episode Twenty Two


I am sitting on the couch watching television, I got back from work an hour ago, Melanie has gone out with her boyfriend and Yedda is not yet back home.


My life is messy and boring, I don’t feel like going out much these days, it’s either I am at work or sleeping at home.


I feel weak empty and lost, I don’t feel like facing the world. I am even off social media till further notice, I am trying to heal and move on from this phase of my life.


Zach has been trying get too close to me but I have told him I need space, he is Wesley’s friend me and him can’t get too cozy. He says he just wants to be friends but I have seen how he looks at me I think Melanie is right he likes me more than he claims to.


Several minutes later the door creaks open and Yedda walks in.


‘Baby girl,’ I smilingly say




‘How was your day at work?’


‘Hectic, yours?’


‘It was okay.’


‘Why are you lying there looking all miserable?’


‘Just watching a movie.’


Sets her bag on the floor and kicks her shoes off before she sits on the other couch.


‘I know you are still thinking about Wes.’




‘I know you Zaria, I know what that baboon dud is wrong but life must go on. He seems to be happy with her, don’t put your life on hold just because of him.’


I sigh, ‘It’s just so hard for me to believe he did that to me, there are times I feel like this whole thing is just a bad dream that I will wake up from.’


‘Its reality, you need to pick yourself up, you need to get out there and meet people. You might get lucky and find your Mr. Right.’


‘Oh please, Mr. right.’ I shrug my shoulders, ‘Does he even exist?’


‘Well I don’t know whether he exists or not but you can pick one idiot and drug him to the right.


I burst out laughing, ‘You are a fool.’


‘A fool for you.’


I roll my eyes, ‘how is the new relationship going?’


Her face brightens up, ‘Exciting, Alex is awesome.’


‘And Trish?’


‘She has been quiet.’


‘Auntie Trish should stay in her lane otherwise we will deal with her mercilessly.’ ‘Anyway that aside, a colleague brought a book at work that I liked.’ ‘What book?’ Melanie screams as she walks into the living room.


‘Umulomo,’ we laugh


‘I heard you talking about a book.’


‘You are back early,’ I ask


‘Yes, bae received an emergency so he dropped me off and rushed to his sister’s house.’ ‘Ok.’


‘So back to the book, what is it about?’ I ask


‘Love in ninety days by Diana Kirschner.’


‘What is it about?’ Melanie asks


‘Well it’s the essential guide to finding the potential man of your dreams in just ninety days.’ ‘How?’ Melanie and I ask in unison


‘She talks about dating three men at once so you don’t become obsessed with one man before he shows signs of commitment, plus it just talks about a whole lot of things, it’s something I would have done if I were single.’


‘I love the idea,’ I say, ‘that means I wouldn’t be tied down to one man.’ ‘And you would have the chance to explore,’ Melanie says ‘And how do you find the men?’ I ask


‘Mostly online.’


‘I need to read this book it could be what I need to be happy again.’


‘Let me just buy it right now on Amazon.’


‘Good idea.’


‘I am thinking if I have a couple of men, I don’t have to be emotionally invested in them as I did with Wes.’


‘Yes, I like the idea too,’ Melanie smiles


‘You have a good man with you, don’t start entertaining this idea.’


‘Leave me alone, let’s just read and see if we can go for it.’






I stare at her photo in my phone and my heart flutters with joy, she said she doesn’t want us to be too close, maybe she thinks I will hurt her like my friend did.


I love Zaria from the bottom of my heart. I have been in love with her for years now but I have never summoned the courage to tell her how I feel. kindly hi Topster on +2348089122029 to be added to his story room to enjoy better stories from there.


I know I shouldn’t be feeling like this because she is my best friend’s ex but I can’t help it. I fell in love with Zaria before she even started dating Wes, I would watch her from a distance when we were in University because I didn’t think a girl like that could fall for a guy like me but Wes beat me to it and asked her out.


I had to learn to live with the fact that she would never be mine because I saw how much she loved Wes, he was her everything.


But now that they aren’t together anymore, I can’t help but feel I should get a little closer to her. I know Wes would kill me for even thinking about this, I would be breaking the brother code but this is something I would risk for her.


‘What do I do? How do I tell her how I feel without scaring her off?’


I have been avoiding Wes and the guys for the past few weeks now because of this same issue. I hate Wes for hurting her.






“What did you say lulu did?’ Victor asks taking a long sip from his beer. We are at the club trying to relax our minds.


‘She called Zaria.’




‘To boast about the ring.’


Victor laughs.


‘It’s not even funny my guy, you know how connected Zaria’s father is. I don’t want to mess with him or his daughter again.’


‘He can’t do shit,’ he laughs


‘You don’t know that man like I do.’


‘He had a chance to destroy you when you broke Zaria’s heart but he didn’t. He just talks but less action.’


‘I am all that I am because of Zaria and I fear he could take it all away if he chooses too.’ ‘Stop being scared and just forget about this whole issue.’ ‘If you say so.’




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