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Nicholas POV




“I’ll be looking forward to it dad and you stop worrying about me too much, I’m following all instructions” I said..


“Alright son,.. Is Jacqueline there? Can I talk to her?”


“She’s not here dad and hope you remember I’m in school.. It’s against the rule to take calls” I said.


“Yeah right.. So have you told her about–


“I’ve told you there’s no such thing like that.. I’m hanging up now, bye dad” I hung up and sighed, I walked to the stairs and ran down.. I was getting to Jacqueline’s class when I sight her close to rail, a woman was beside her.. Her gaze went to me and the woman, backing me also turned. Her face met mine and I felt anger surfacing within me.. I breathed out and turn to head back but I heard heavy footsteps and there was an pull on my wrist. I turned and saw Selena, looking at me with so much emotions. I gently slipped my wrist off.


“Nicholas,” she called and I breathed hardly.. “I’m not here to cause trouble or make you angry.. I just want to give you this, it’s not food or anything like that, it’s something that’s more than food.. I know you’ll need it”


I kept mute as she took my palm and placed a small parcel on it.. She looked at my face and I contend my anger, squeezing the parcel in my palm.. I released it to the floor and it made a woody sound.


“I already told you that I don’t need anything from you..


“What do you want Nicholas, I’m ready to do anything just so you can forgive me.. Just name anything”


“Stay away from my life. Stop visiting me and showing your trickish face in front of me. That’s all I want” I said, turned and walk away.. Soft sobs escorting me until I got to the stairs.


I walked away from the stairs and cling tightly to the rail, letting my anger on


them.. My breathing was hard and disturbing and I shut my eyes, trying to contend


my anger.. My grip tightened on the rail and opened my eyes and sighed out






Jacqueline’s POV




Nicholas walked away, anger very visible in his eyes and facial structure.. Selena stood there, sobbing quietly on her palm. Earlier she was telling me everything that had happened in her past life, even though nothing she did could justify her inhuman action toward Nick but in a way it kind of wasn’t her fault.. It’s normal to be unthinkable and stupid at a growing age, especially when it happens to be a tough situation where you have to choose between a good life and raising a child that’s suffering from a disease.. Everyone wants an easy life but Selena didn’t



consider her child, she didn’t see the pain her absence would cause, she was only a young parent, looking for a flawless life even though there’s none.. If she deserves forgiveness or not is something that I can’t decide.. It was Nick who passed through everything, I can only imagine how painful it could have be but Nicholas experienced it.


I walked to the parcel on the floor and picked it up, I moved to her and placed a palm on her shoulder, comforting her.. She looked at me, her eyes filled with so much tears.


“Do you think I did wrong by coming here constantly?”


“I don’t know Selena…


“All I want is for him to forgive me, for my heart to stop being this heavy.. Is it a wrong thing to do?” She sniffed, her voice came out like moans and I shook my head. She sniffed and I patted her shoulder again.


“Can you give this to him for me?” She asked “please Jacqueline.. I really want him to have it” her eyes was soft and pleading.. I couldn’t resist it. I gave her a small smile and took the parcel from her, she gave me a smile.


“I’ll try but you know how he is so I’m not making any promises” I said and she nodded.


“Thank you” she said.. “I’ll head home now. I guess that’s what will be best at this moment” she said, wiped her teary face, flashed me a smile and walk away.


I looked at the parcel and ran my index finger through the smooth surface, I walked to the stairs and got to the up floor, I scanned my eyes around and sight Nick at a corner, staring up at the sky.. I walk to him and stayed beside him, his gaze came down to me.


“Selena left” I told him and he looked away.. I made the parcel touch his hand and he looked down at it then at me.. “I couldn’t resist when she asked, her look was so pathetic and pleading. I’m sorry if you think I’m being unfair but why don’t you just look what it holds before refusing” I said and he looked at me, his eyes didn’t hold anger, it was a calm look.. He looked at the parcel and took it from me.


He slowly loosened the bow and unwrapped the gift wrapper before opening the small box. I looked and there were pictures in the box.. Nicholas took them out, about five of them. He looked at it and I looked over his shoulder, the first one, had a baby wrapped in a blanket inside a cot, only his face was visible and beside him was man and woman;smiling happily .. His body was still for a while and his gaze, unshaken stayed on the picture. The faces of the people matched with Selena and Marcus’s so the baby.. Is Nick?



Nicholas checked the second photo, the expression on his face still there.. In the second photo there was the same woman, Selena and the baby, who was grown up now and was on his feet.. Selena was smiling and signalling to him to come.


He flipped to the third and there was Selena on a couch, heavily pregnant and a little slim, she looked tired and weak even though she had smiles on her face, her neck had etched with stress. He went to the next and there was Selena and Nick, wearing matching outfits and posing.. Nick went to the last picture, he and Selena; she had him on her lap and her lip was on his forehead, in a kiss.. The pictures suddenly fell from his hand and he started shaking.. His breath were like grunts and his shoulder rose and slumped.


“Nicholas.. Are you okay?” I questioned but instead he reached into his pocket, took out a syringe and injected himself before throwing it down, in a moment, he calmed down and when I stared at his face, it had an expression that I couldn’t read.


“Nicholas are you–


“Selena?” He cut me off in a huff “Do you think I should forgive her?” He asked, looking at me. I sighed softly and placed my palm on his, his eyelid lowered then came back at me.


“It’s a decision that only you can make cos you were the victim, but I can only tell you that sometimes it’s best to let some things go no matter how hard they keep clinging to your heart.. It’ll only make you weak and burden your soul if you keep holding onto hatred. I don’t know what decision you’ll be making but think about yourself too.. I’m sure you’ll do well” I said and he placed his other palm on mine, our gaze met and he gave me a lopsided smile.. I pull away and picked up the pictures, I put them back in the box and took the syringe..


“I’ll just dispose this. And before I forget, you look really cute in those pictures” I said.


“So you’re saying I’m not cute in reality?” He asked.


“Um maybe a little but I think you’re better off when you were still a baby”


“I find that offensive.. I never stopped being cute.. isn’t that why you fell for me in


the first place?” He asked


“I never fell for you” I said..


“How about now? Will you still deny that I’m the cutest guy you’ve ever seen?” He asked.


“Quit whining Nick, I’ve seen guys that are way more cuter than you” I said. “Who? Noel?”


“Not just Noel, I think Lancelot is cute too”


“Lancelot? Is that your pet or something?”


I chuckled “It’s my friend, he’s a new student in our class and his mom’s a pretty good hamburger maker.. He’s cute too, so stop bragging about things that are everywhere” I said and Nick was mute..


“How’s he cuter than me? In what way?” He asked.


“Um..” I placed a palm on my chin faking a ‘thinking’ posture. “Every way”


“What? So you’re saying you like him better than me?”


“Are you being jealous already?.. Lancelot is my friend just like you” “And you like him better than me?” He asked, his face serious.


“Don’t worry Nick, I like you more..You’re one of my really great friend” I said and he smiled, knowing I saw him he suddenly changed it to a frown and look away.. “See you later” I said and walk away, the syringe in my hand.


I walked close to the stairs and threw it into it before walking down it, I got to the second floor and was passing by the rows of blue lockers when Jason suddenly appear at my front.. I pushed my gaze away from him and turned to pass another side but he blocked it..


“What do you want Jason?” I asked.


“A little ‘hi’ would’ve been more polite” he said.


“Please leave my way” I said and took another part when he suddenly pull me back and before I could talk, I was in his arms and his hand encircled my back, my eyes widen when I realized I was hugging him and immediately, I pushed him off, he smirked while I gave him a glare before walking away.. Mood spoiler. .


Jason’s POV




“This is a perfect shot man” I gave James a light squeeze on his shoulder and smirked evily.. I glanced once more at the picture where Jackie and I had ourselves engulfed in a hug or the hug that I unexpectedly forced out of her.. And the outcome came out pretty well. My first plan was wiped and if it eventually get Nick which I’m positive that it will, I’ll go for the next plan and it’s totally going to make them hate each other and Nicholas, once again will become a nobody, a loner and a weakling, just like before.. My smirk deepened and full my lips.


“Seriously man, I have never seen you work this hard to get a girl.. Do you need her so badly?” Archie asked.


“Jacqueline?” I asked, raising my brows up “I’m not doing this cos of her, I’ve realized she’s not my type of girl.. I’m only doing this to pull her and Nicholas


away from each other so I can have my chance on being Nicholas terror again” I


said and climbed down from the table.


“And what do you plan on doing with that?”


“I’ll show it to Nicholas and you’ll hear the rest of the story soon” I said, smiled at


my friends and walk out of the class.


I got to the hallway lane..


“Hi Jason”


“Oh hey Tamara, what’s up?” I asked and she waved her hair, giving me a flirty look..


“I’m fine.. So I was wondering if you’re free tonight. You know me and you alone in a dark room” she said, biting her lower lip seductively. “I’ll think about it, call me later” I said and walk past her..


I was getting to the class when Nick walked out of the class and I walked to his front, stopping him with my presence. He gave me an irritated look.. “What–


I shoved the picture to his chest and he look at me before taking it.. “What’s this j–


His words hitched as he stared at the picture and I smirked.. It’s going well already.. He raised his head up to look at me. “Why are you showing me this?”


“I just wanted to show you that I’m not actually a loser as you think.. Look I got your girl now” I said and he gave me a long stare before grinning lopsided-ly. “You think I’ll actually believe this even after knowing how tricky you can be?” He asked and the smirk left my face.. “Listen Jason, I already said this before and I’ll say it again, your tricks no longer work on me, I outgrew it. And if eventually this happens to be real, I’m sure you might’ve used one of your stupid tricks to get her to hug you cos Jacqueline have you at the top of her hate list” he said and shoved the photo back against my chest before leaning into my ear “Just give up already” he whispered and my palm curled into a tight ball.. He brushed past me, my teeth clenched, getting the picture completely squeezed.. It failed…


Gosh I feel like a complete failure this first time, I feel defeated..


I won’t let this repeat itself, afterall Nick isn’t even human after all so no matter


what happens, he’s still the loser and he’ll keep being it for a while.. I’ll just take a


pass this time. I threw the rumpled paper on the floor and kicked it with my shoe


before walk away.














(Love in circles )





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