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Jacqueline’s POV




Martha and I moved to the cafeteria and went to get our orders, after getting our orders we walked to two empty seats in the cafe.. I took a bite from my burger and chew on it.


“So how’s it going with Nicholas?”


“It’s great, at least we’re becoming close” I said, sucking on my straw.


“Close? How do you mean?”


“I mean we’re–


“Wait, are you guys dating?” Martha asked and unconsciously I spit out my drink and give her a wide eyed look.


“What! We’re not dating. How can you even say that?”


“Why? You’re sounding like it’s a bad thing.. Don’t you like him?”


“That’s a very absurd question Martha”


“Oh really? What do you expect? I very much noticed how carried away and worried you were when he wasn’t talking to you, I also noticed how you guys exchanged smiles in the lab.. You can’t say those things means nothing”


“It doesn’t! And when you say I was worried, you were wrong, I was only being concerned about him because Jason was being an asshole. You only think I was carried away because you already have those stupid assumptions in your head about Nicholas and I dating” I said.


“So you’re saying everything, the chemistry and every other thing I sensed were all normal.. No strings attached?”


“Yes. We’re just friends and besides he’s not even my type”


“Why?” Martha chewed on her pasta “because he’s not a bad boy like Jason?” She asked and I rolled my eyes.


“Really Martha, you won’t stop.. Will you?”


“Not until you become honest with me, I mean if you’re dating Nick why can’t you just tell me?”


“I’m not dating him and just so you know I don’t like him the way you think. Can we stop this now?”


“Yes but why are you getting so uncomfortable with this conversation since you don’t feel anything for him?”


“I don’t know, probably because I don’t just like this conversation and besides why


are we even talking about him?” I asked, feeling goosebumps rising on my skin.


“Is there anything wrong with me wanting to know about my best friend love life?”


“What? Love life? There’s nothing like that. Why are you still on with this?”


“With your reaction, I can tell you’re not telling me a complete truth, you of all


people should know that I don’t stop until my curiosity gets satisfied” she said.


“And you of all people should know that it’s wrong to talk with food in your






“Respect table manners Martha, you’re getting your soggy food out of your mouth” I said and she gestured surrender.


“Okay. But we’re not done with this conversation” she said and focused on her meal.


Geez! I almost felt like dying back there. I feel so uncomfortable.. It’s probably because the conversation wasn’t the one I could feel comfortable with..


My and Nick.. Dating? It’s like one of the last things that can happen because we’re clearly not each other’s type, he said it already and besides I’m not even in the mood to be in any love-life relationship.. Not after my experience with Jason and even when I get ready to be in one, I don’t think it’s happening with Nicholas. .


After lunch we head to class and I was glad Martha asked nothing else about Nick and I.. I know I wasn’t totally free because Martha can be a curious freak at times.. While we watched a concert video online, Martha kept telling me things about the artist, all the songs he have released.. The amount of views he gets mostly on YouTube.. A little uninterested, I paid half attention to her and concentrated more on the song which was pretty interesting.


After a short time, it was time for sport. Martha tucked her phone into her pant pocket and we walked to our lockers, I grabbed my sport clothes and walked to the ladies changing room, I entered a room and stripped, I looked at my scarred body, some fading and others still there like fresh wounds. Lately, Allan hadn’t abused me like always, sometimes he gets to busy and other times he just didn’t but mostly I’ve always been the one staying off his path and crossing all the reasons he have to abuse me by doing things right, it was a relief that I haven’t felt his pain for quite a long time but on a second hand, scary.. I could only think of the horrible things that will happen once he decides to pounce on me.. I pulled into my sportswear and threw my other clothes into my locker.. Martha and I walked to the field and I



looked around, checking if I’d find Nick but I couldn’t. We were to have an over all activity today.


“I need to go somewhere, will you save my seat?”


“You’re going to look for Nicholas?” She asked, ignoring my question and knowing she’s right, I didn’t answer because I don’t want her turning the whole thing over. “I get it. Just go” she said.


I walked down the field, scanning around for Nicholas.. I was about calling him but I realized myself, why am I even looking for him? I asked myself.. But what if he isn’t okay and that’s why he’s not here..


He already said his disease comes rarely and since it happened yesterday, it’ll take days before it pops up again.. My subconscious defended and I sighed. There’s actually no reason as to why I was searching for him. I turned to walk back to my seat when a figure blocked my path.. I looked up at the face. “Jason?” I called dryly and took a step back “Why are y–


I didn’t get to finish my sentence when he held my wrist and started pulling me..


“W-what are you doing?” I asked, trying to stop him but he was stronger than I am


so I let him pull me.


“We need to talk”


“About what? And where are you taking me to?”


“Somewhere where we can talk.. Alone”


“What? But I don’t want to talk to you and definitely not alone.. besides what’s so


important that you can’t say it here?”


“It’s too noisy here” he said.


“Let me go Jason, I don’t want to talk to you” I said but he kept pulling me, being


defenseless I didn’t try to drag with him. “Stop it Jason” he took me to the back of


the school..


“Jason st–


He pushed me to the wall and stood in front of me, looking at me.


“… Stop” I completed my words and breathed heavily.


“Why? Is it because of Nicholas?”


I slowly rubbed my aching wrist..


Does everything I say or do to this dude have to be because of Nicholas?


“No. It’s because I’m scared you might want to try raping me again” I said and he scoffed.


“That was Nicholas fault”


“It wasn’t. You were only doing it because you thought you’d make him angry”



“So you’re taking sides with him again? Tell me, what do you see in that monster? Why are you so close to him even after knowing he’s a monster” “He’s not a monster.. To me Nick Is more human than you”


“Why?” He drew his face closer to mine.. I felt his breath on my skin and I tried to


sink deeper into the wall. “Do you love him..,” he tilt his head and I felt his gaze on


my lip.. “More than me?” He completed.


“W-w-what are you doing?” I asked.


“I want to kiss you” he said and I tried to push him off but somehow he was too strong.


“Don’t do it” I said.


“Why? Cos I’m not Nick?”


“Jason.. Don’t do it–


I shifted away from him, passing his side but he pushed me back to the wall..


“Let me go!” I yelled and he smirked.


“I don’t know what you keep doing to me, I don’t why I can’t get you off my mind. Why are you so difficult?”


“Leave me alone Jason! Let go off me” I said. “I don’t want to. Why? Are you scared of me?” “Are you trying to force yourself on me again?” “What if I am?


I didn’t know when my hand moved to his cheek in a slap but I didn’t regret it. What does he take me for? Do I look that cheap and gullible to him. He tend to his cheek.


“I’m not as cheap as you think and just so you know I’ll never let you trample on me again!” I said and tried to walk away but he pulled me back in a greater force.. “You bitch–


“Let her go Jason” a voice said and I tilted my head to see Nicholas, staring at us with his palm tuck in his pant pocket..


“And who would make me?” Jason asked.. My gaze stayed on Nicholas.


“I can’t believe you pick on ladies now” he said.


“And who are you to believe or not believe anything I do?”


“I’m your worst nightmare” he said and Jason eyelids darken with anger, his palm curled to a fist. He gave Nick a smirk and moved away from me. “Want a duel?”


“We’re too old for this man, just let her go” Nick said.


“What if I don’t?” Jason pulled my wrist while Nick held the other..


“Stop this Jason” he said and pulled me to his side.


“I won’t” Jason pulled me to his.


I was dumbstruck..


“Just admit it Jason, I’m better than you in everything”


I could sense Nicholas was trying to get Jason angry and it worked because like a bolt, Jason moved to him and sent a punch to his gut.. I small cut appeared and I ran to Nicholas..


“Nick are you okay!?” I asked in alarm and Jason drew me back to himself and held my wrist tight, preventing me from running to Nick..


“Nicholas!” I called and immediately a punch went to Jason’s stomach..


My eyes widen.. This isn’t happening. Jason left me to tend to himself. “Jason, are you–


I didn’t complete my sentence when Nick pulled me to himself and held my wrist too tightly that I felt it hurting..


I looked at his face, A small part of his lips was bleeding.. He looked at me and our gaze met, he pulled his gaze away and clinged tighter to my wrist.. .












(Love in circles )







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