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Jacqueline’s POV




I steadied my bum bag on my waist and walked out of the house, passing through an alley I ran across the road and moved to a pavement. I jogwalked to Nick’s house.. I got to the gate and stood before it, it opened and I walked to the porch, I rang the doorbell and waited, I rang it again when I sensed a response wasn’t coming. Nicholas stood before me, a towel hung across his neck and he was a little sweaty.


“Um I’ll call you later, there’s something I have to attend to” he said into the phone, his gaze still on me. He took the phone from his ear, gave me an unexplainable look and stepped aside.. I walked into the living room. “Why are you here?”


“To work” I answered simply.


“I remembered I told you to take some days off”


“I don’t want to,” I said “I know you Nicholas McDowell, you don’t let things go off easily, I still owe you and I’m not skipping work until I’m done paying my debt because I know you’ll prolong my days here for each day I miss.. I’ll leave when I’ve worked my debts off but if you want me to stop working for you then I’ll leave and never work for you anymore” I was about walking to the door..


“Wait..” He grabbed my wrist and I turned to face him, he let go of my wrist.. “Um why are you leaving when you’re already here?” “So you want me to stay?”


“Yes.. I mean to stay and work. My kitchen is a mess” he said. “And why are you sweating like you were in a marathon race?”


“I was working out. I’ll go freshen up now” he said and walked away. I took my bag off and walked to his kitchen.. It was no mess at all save for a dirty dish resting on the sink, I walked to it and quickly washed it before leaving it on the drain board. I walked to the refrigerator and opened it, I scanned around the rows of fast food cans and junks; searching for a veggie to make him something. I closed it, finding nothing good enough to make a meal.


Nicholas walked in, dressed in a polo shirt and black pants. “Still storing up junks and fast food in your fridge?” I asked. “Yeah.. It doesn’t take time to make”


“But they’re are effective to your health too. Veggies and real food are more nutritious” I said.


“Then you think of when you’ll be doing the grocery shopping” he said and I sighed.


“Why don’t you just order the groceries online?”


“Why will I want to stress myself when you’re here?” He asked back and I gave him a ‘seriously?’ look before resting my butt on the counter. “I planned on making you a hot meal” I said.


“I’ll just have sandwich instead” he said, walking to the fridge.. He drank half a bottle of water and left the bottle on the counter.. He grabbed a sandwich and a can of coke before closing the fridge. He started turning it into a plate.. “So what do I do?”


“You’re watching me already so just go on with that” he said.


“Jerk” I muttered.


Nick had his meal while I arranged the bookshelves, putting the books that were trying to sneak out in their positions, I wiped the dirt stains and moved aside.. Satisfied with look of my work.


Nick was on a couch, staring at the TV when I reached the living room.


“Are you leaving?” He asked.


“I still have about an hour left.. Why?”


“Care to sit?”


“Sure” I sat beside him on the couch.


“About today? Why did you take those posters off and why are you still here with me, even though I said some bad words to you?” He asked “Aren’t you with Jason?”


I sighed “We all have our own problems Nick, I’m sorry if I made you think Jason


and I were a thing but the truth is, we aren’t dating. We’re not even friends.. And


about the posters, I understand how people react when they’re down, I’ve been on


that lane like a thousand times and trust me when I say I know how it feels.


Honestly, I once thought about backing out but I couldn’t. Even though we’re not


friends either I felt that you needed my help and I lent it.. You can take it as my


gratitude to you for keeping me away from Jason’s plans” I said and he gave me a


long look..




“Yes, I know you called that night because you knew about Jason plans.. He told me about it and honestly if you hadn’t called then Jason would’ve done something hurtful to me” I said and he gave me a long stare. “Can I rest?”


“Oh sure..


I was standing up when his head fell on my lap, sending me back to the couch.. I shifted unconsciously.


“What? Are you scared of me? If you are then I’ll just–


“No,” he put his head down “I just feel a little awkward” I said and he stretched out on the couch.


“I just really want to thank you for today…and for not leaving. If you had left then I


might probably not be here now. Thank you” he said and his breath contacted my


skin, sending goosebumps.


“Can I ask you something?”




“Does your.. I mean your disease, does it always come unaware?” I asked.


“I guess.. It started days ago but it comes rarely now. Before I would get a sign


when it’s about to come but now, once I get the sign, it appears and when it goes, it


doesn’t come easily”


“Is that a good thing?”



“I don’t know but I already have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow, I’ll find out about it” he said.


“Do you really plan on sleeping here?”


“Yes. I find it difficult to sleep once my illness goes.. No matter how sleepy I feel, I just won’t be able to sleep. I only sleep after taking my medication and that’s only when I’m sick” he said and I stared at his face..


He’s been suffering all this alone all this while yet trying to shield them.. Just like


me. I looked at him and his eyes was shut, his soft snores filled my ears.. I relaxed


on the chair and watched his face.




Jason’s POV




“Fucking dang it!” I cussed, increasing the speed of my car.. I was going smooth again, trying to gap the cars in front of me. I seem to be losing concentration easily and I don’t know why.. Okay maybe I do, that Jackie girl seem to always pop up on my mind. I’m sure it’s because I haven’t had her laid yet.. Her guts f**king seem to get me hyped.. She’s a lady and no lady, especially not in amity high have ever given me such words.. She seem to have this impact on me and seriously, I need to find a way to have her on me.


“What’s wrong with you man!?, you’re loosing! Are you dead?!” I heard the shrill voice in my ear, a mouth piece was connected to it.


“Shut the f**k up!” I yelled and took off the f**king connection from my ear and threw it.. I swerved and increased my speed again and somehow I swerved too much and hit a container and it fell. “Shit!” I cussed and quickly started my car again..


What the heck is happening to me?


I’m loosing the match, something that haven’t happened in a very long time.. I can’t believe I’m loosing concentration because of a bitch.. Goddammit!


I shook my head and tried concentrating but all I could see was her, smiling at Nick, defending him and making out with him in the hallway.. Even after knowing he’s a monster. I feel very pissed about it.


Nick was chosen over me, that crazy bastard. I just can’t help but hate him more, as if spilling his juice on me isn’t enough, he’s still being competitive with me.


He might’ve met her before me but damn, I want her too, there’s no way I’m letting a diseased freak get something that I want.. I’m meant to be the one taking stuffs from him.


He’s just an animal.



I looked ahead of me and I saw the finishing line, I checked the rare view and there was no car at my back.. I reached the line and got down. I was the last to arrive. I saw the questioning look they all gave me… They would’ve noticed something was wrong.


“Really man what the f**k is wrong with you!? You’re the last–


“Don’t f**king yell at me!” I walked past him to my car and I heard their footsteps following.


“You seem carried away. What’s wrong?” Archie asked running up to me. “Honestly I’m confused”


“Are you okay Jason?, everyone seem surprised at your attitude.. You even shouted at Harrison. Did something happen to you back home?”


“Nothing happened James, I was just carried away by something but don’t worry guys.. I’ll get it off in no time” I said and Archie patted me. “Should we go to a bar or something to blow some steams off?”


“I would have but dad’s coming home today.. Mom says I have to be at dinner before him and it looks like I’ve spent more than enough time.. I have to go home now” I said, gave them a small smile and walk ahead of them to my car.. I pulled it open and jumped into the driver’s.. I hit the steering wheel angrily and ignored the pain that followed at my knuckles. I felt the anger surfacing in me.. I lost!


Damn.. The words itself felt like a hot coal on my skin, I felt totally pained.. That’s how loosing feels like to me and it’s all because of Nicholas.. Because of him I’m loosing twice in a semester.. Why don’t I feel satisfied even after everything I’ve done to him, why do I feel like he’s winning?


Arrgh! My phone beeped and it was mom. “Jason where are you? Your dad’s almost here”


“I’m on my way mom, I’ll be home in five” I said and hung up.


I started my car and drove home.














(Love in circles )







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