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Jacqueline’s POV




I grabbed my English note and locked my locker. We walked to our first class together.


“So how did your date go yesterday, did your mom permit you?” I asked. “I told you she wouldn’t”


“Oops, so I guess you ditched him?”


“I didn’t,” she said and I gave her a questioning look.. “Well I got some sleeping pills from a pharmacy and added it to her water– “You didn’t!” I gasped.


“I did, it’s not like it’s the first time but unfortunately it was all a waste”




“Because firstly I had my crazy woman yesterday and I had this really awful stomach cramp”



“Aww that’s too bad.. I finished mine last week. So you did go even though you were in pains?”


“I did and guess what I Met.. A big fat bellied moustache freak!” Martha said with disgust.


“What.. But I thought you had seen his pictures and talked with him on facetime?” “Well yes but yesterday I figured out it wasn’t him all this while.. He said he’s a single father and he wants me to be his wife” “Oh my goodness!”


“It took so much strength to fight the urge to punch his stupid oversized tummy” Martha said and I bit on my inner cheek to hold my laughter.


“It must’ve been so awkward. So what did you do cos I know you couldn’t have just walked out on him”


“I could only spill his drink on him and well I gave him a bag of insults and that was only because my stomach cramps wouldn’t let me say more” Martha said and I crossed an arm over her.


“It’s okay girl, see why your mom doesn’t like online dating”


“Yeah and this one is the worst of them all.. I can’t believe I threw ten bucks away


to see a clown” she said.


“Just get a real boyfriend”


“Yeah tell that to yourself” she said.


“And your mom, what did she do when you got home?”


“What could she have done.. She was totally asleep and helpless” she said. “She didn’t notice anything when she woke up?”


“She didn’t.. I told you it’s not my first time doing it. She would only know she fell asleep” Martha said and suddenly stopped and held to her stomach.. “Your cramp’s pretty serious”


“I feel like dying” she gritted and I rubbed her back.. “I really hate this” “All ladies do.. Did you use some drugs?” I asked and she nodded. “Then it’ll be fine.. Let’s go”


We walked to the class and entered.




Nicholas POV




“So for your semester project, you’ll all prepare the experiment on the board and write your observations. You can start coming to the laboratory from tomorrow and you’ll only be allowed in four’s. Your observations are to be submitted next week Tuesday” Mr Huston announced.



“Any questions?” He asked and a boy sitting in front of me raised his hand up. “Yes. What’s your question Jerry?”


“The bell has been up five minutes ago. I just wanted to know if you’re releasing us anytime soon” he said.


“That wasn’t a very reasonable question Mr Greene but all the same, good day class and don’t forget about your semester project” he said, grabbed his notes and walked out.


Once he walked out of the door students started walking out.. I stood up and


walked to the door..


“Out of my way freak!”


In a flash Jason pushed me aside and raced past me.. I knew he did it to annoy me so instead of getting my anger on him, I ignored him and steadied myself before continuing my journey to my locker. I reached my locker and pulled it open and a small note dropped. I picked it up from the floor.. The person that left this must’ve slipped it in skillfully in the openings on the lower part of my locker.. I unfolded the note like a billion time before finally seeing the content..


I don’t know what Jason have in mind but I know it’s completely inhuman and he’ll fulfill it when he asks her out today.. I’m not supposed to be doing this but I have a sis at home and I wouldn’t– just forget it and do something*


My brows furrowed as I finished reading the almost senseless letter.. Who could’ve sent it? One of Jason’s dog.. But why?


Wait does he also think she’s my girlfriend?? I sighed and shook my head.


At first I wanted to ignore this but maybe I should warn her a little.. She might not know Jason’s plan about her. It’s not like I’m helping her or something, I could just do it as gratitude for helping with my meatballs and sauce yesterday.. It feels less horrific now. I grabbed my backpack and stocked it with my assignment notes, I slung it across my shoulder and pinned my locker.. I walked down the hallway to the school stairs, I climbed down and got to the second floor.. I came down from the stairs and saw her moving toward the stairs with her friend, they stopped and said something to each other then her friend walked toward the stairs and passed me, going down.


I took two steps towards her when someone else suddenly moved to was Jason, I stopped and watched. They talked and smiled and he put his arm over her shoulder and they walked back. I shook my head in disgust..


Looks like they’re close after all.. She obviously likes this guy and that means there’s literally nothing I can do.. I don’t care about anything anymore. I turned,



head to the stairs, ran down it to the ground floor and walked to my car.. I hopped into it and gulped as I held the steering wheel..


So he’s really planning on dating her.. Jason’s one big animal.. He’s using her to get at me.. Such a jerk!


They look sorta good together and it looks like they’re going on the date already..


She really is gullible.


I strained my head, started the accelerator and drove.




Jacqueline’s POV




I handed Martha her bag when we got out of class.. “Thanks” she said.


“So I guess you’ll be using a taxi home today cos your woman’s way crazier than I thought” I said.


“Actually my dad’s picking me up”


“Oh that’s better”


“Yeah.. He dropped me off at school this morning too” she said and I nodded.


“Right.. About the drug you talked about earlier today, I need to get it” I said and


she gave me a suspicious look.


“Planning to drug someone?”


“No, I need it for myself”


“Why?” She asked.


*Because you said it helps one forget near past event and I need it to take all Allan’s trouble off my head and only remember myself falling asleep* my mind said.


“I’ve been having sleeping difficulties lately.. I could use some of it” she nodded in understanding and told me the name of the drug and almost immediately her phone beeped and she fished it out from her back pocket and stared into it.. “It’s my dad, he’s here. I have to go”


“Okay bye” I said and she waved at me and hurried to the stairs.


I sighed.. It’s time to teach my crush.. So awkward.


I was about walking to search for him when he suddenly bumped to my front.. I nearly jerked cos I almost ran into him.


“Hi..” He said and I gulped, feeling nervous “ready?” “Y-yeah” I stuttered, realizing my cheeks were getting heat up by my blush. “Let’s go then.. Teacher” he said and my blush deepened, he stretched her arm across my shoulder and led me to the class we we’re giving for our tutorial. I felt



really timid and jelly-like when we got to the class, he pulled out a chair for me and sat on the one opposite..


I tried not to return his stares so he won’t notice how nervous and bashful his presence was making me feel.. I frantically searched my bag and took out a text book and my pen pack.


“What are we starting with?” He asked, dropping a book on the table. “Uh.. Uhm.. Math?” I said, praying he didn’t notice my deep blushes. “Okay.. What topic?”


“W-which do you want?” I asked and glance at him but immediately looked down


when his gaze met mine..




“Uh.. Okay l-let’s start with that” I said, slipping fastly through the pages.. I was too quick, the book feel off, I bent to pick it and I think Jason wanted to pick it too and our hand met.. I raised my head and our gaze met.. I couldn’t explain the feeling but I know it was too good.. I mean I’m here with my crush and he smiled at me after our hands touched .. Who wouldn’t feel good. I quickly looked away, realizing my cheeks were hurting with my limitless blushing.


“I’ll get it” he said and took the book up, he left it on the table and I mumbled a thanks that I was positive only me heard.


I finally slipped the page after many frantic effort..


“Okay, I know you already know the shapes and their areas so I’ll start with the sphere and the hemisphere.. Is that alright?” I asked not looking up but I didn’t hear a response..


“Jason?” I looked at him slightly and his gaze was on me with an expression I couldn’t decipher.


“Uh.. Jason? Are you listening?” I asked and suddenly a song rang out.. I looked around before realizing it was Jason’s phone ringing because he took it out, he excused himself and stood up to take it.. I took time to check my face out on my phone screen, I repacked my hair and drew my jacket closer before wetting my lips.. I dropped my phone down when Jason walked back to the seat..


“So.. I was wondering if we could hangout sometime?” He said, sitting and


packing his note into his backpack.


“W-what?” I stuttered, realizing he was talking to me.


I was gob smacked for a moment.


“Uh… Yeah.. Sure we can” I rushed my words, giving him a quick glance, I heard him chuckle.


“How about today?”



Huh.. Today!?..I have to go to work today, Tuesdays turn out to be hectic and I’m hundred percent sure I’ll be fired and replaced, especially since Mr Sherlock is back.


“I’m sorry but I have to work today after school and I don’t close until it get late” “You work?” He asked and I nodded “part time?” He asked. “Yes and we always have a full store on Tuesdays” I said.


“Where do you work?”


“Food and fries.. Downtown, I work as a waitress” I said and he nodded “Look i’m really sorry, I’ll love to hangout with you. So so much but today just isn’t a great day for it” I said.


“Then how about tomorrow?” He asked.


“Sure.. I could ask my coworker to fill in for me while I do his shift on Wednesday”


“Alright then.. See you tomorrow” he said, stood up and grabbed his backpack.. “I have a race to catch so I won’t be dropping you..


“Oh it’s fine.. My house’s not that far” I said and he gave me a slow smile and rushed out of class..


I watched him go and I let out a toothy smile as my blush burnt my cheeks…


I’m so never forgetting this day.
















(Love in circles )





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