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International students can receive financial aid through the Turkish Government Scholarship for International Students program if they wish to study for their undergraduate, master’s, or doctorate degrees in Turkey. Tuition, housing, and health insurance expenses are all entirely covered by the grant.

Students from many nations are welcome to participate in the program, which seeks to provide them with the abilities and information they need to excel in their chosen disciplines. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs administers the scholarship program, and everyone who wishes to apply can do so easily.


Benefits of the Scholarship


The students admitted into the program receive numerous privileges from the Turkish Government Scholarship for International Students. Among the perks are full tuition reimbursement, lodging reimbursement, health insurance, and a monthly stipend for living expenses.

  • Free Turkish language lessons
  • Cultural activities and excursions
  • Access to an active and encouraging academic community

These advantages allow students to concentrate on their studies and fully acclimate to Turkish culture and way of life.

Eligibility requirements

The following requirements must be met to qualify for the Turkish Government Scholarship for International Students:

The following requirements must be met:

  • Must be a citizen of a nation other than Turkey
  • Must not be a dual citizen of Turkey
  • Must have a minimum GPA of 70%.
  • They must be in excellent health
  • They must meet the language criteria of the program they are applying for


Application Method


The Turkish Government Scholarship for International Students application procedure is simple and open to all students. The following are the steps for applying:

  1. Start by going to the scholarship program’s official website.
  2. Select “Apply Now” to start the application process.
  3. Complete the application form and upload the necessary files.
  4. Send your application in.

The Turkish Government Scholarship for International Students is a fantastic chance for students worldwide to follow their goals of attending a higher education institution in Turkey. The program’s various advantages and total funding allow students to concentrate on their studies while fully immersing themselves in Turkish culture.

All qualified students are encouraged to submit an application for this scholarship program and take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime chance. Take advantage of this opportunity to pursue your goals and excel in your career. Start your path to a better future by applying right away!

Why Choose the Turkish Government Scholarship for International Students?


Students should select the Turkish Government Scholarship for International Students for various reasons. Here are a few examples:

  1. A top-notch education

Numerous highly regarded colleges in Turkey provide an excellent education in various subjects. Thanks to the scholarship program, students can study at these institutions and gain knowledge from eminent academics and professors.

  1. Cultural Involvement

Turkey has a strong cultural tradition and a distinctive fusion of Eastern and Western influences. Students may fully experience this culture and develop fresh perspectives on the world by studying in Turkey.

  1. Possibilities for Networking

Students participating in the scholarship program get access to a lively and encouraging academic environment. Along with Turkish students and educators, our network comprises students from all over the world. Students can broaden their perspectives and create valuable contacts by networking with these people.

  1. Career Prospects

Employers from all across the world are vying for scholarship program graduates. Students who complete the program will have the abilities and knowledge needed to lead in their areas and positively influence society.

  1. Program with full funding

The scholarship program pays for all tuition, housing, and health insurance costs. This enables students to concentrate on their studies while also fully integrating into Turkish culture and way of life.

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How to Prepare for the Scholarship Program


Students should do the following to get ready for the Turkish Government Scholarship for International Students:

  1. Find out

Students should learn more about the Turkish culture and way of life and study on the universities and programs that interest them. This will help them prepare for school and use their time in Turkey to its fullest.

  1. Language Skills


Students should also work on their language skills to ensure they meet the language requirements of the school they are applying to. The grant program helps students improve their Turkish language skills by giving them free classes in the language.

  1. Doing well in school

Students should work hard to get good grades to improve their chances of getting into the program. They should also work on improving at being a leader and getting along with others if they want to stand out from other applicants.


How to apply for the Turkish Government Scholarship for Foreign Students


If you want to apply for the Turkish Government Scholarship for International Students, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Criteria for being eligible

Before applying for the grant, you should ensure you meet the requirements. The requirements depend on the school you want to join, but here are some common ones:

Being a member of a country other than Turkey, having a minimum grade point average, being under a specific age limit, and being in good health are all requirements.

  1. Choosing a Program

Once you’ve decided you’re eligible for the scholarship, you must choose a school to apply for. Different kinds of schools exist, such as undergraduate, graduate, and PhD. Ensure that the school you choose fits your academic and career goals.

  1. Putting in a request

To apply for the scholarship, you’ll need to use the official application method to complete an online application. The application must include information about yourself, your school transcripts, your language skills, and a statement of purpose.

  1. How people are chosen

A selection group will look over your application after you send it in. The group will look at your grades, how well you speak other languages, your statement, and anything else important.

  1. Being accepted and signing up

If you get into the grant program, the university will send you a letter of acceptance. Then, you’ll need to finish the application process, which may involve getting a student visa and submitting more paperwork.

The Benefits of Studying in Turkey


If you’re considering applying for the Turkish Government Scholarship for International Students, you might be curious about the perks associated with obtaining an education in Turkey. Listed below are just a handful of the many benefits that come along with furthering your education in this breathtaking nation:

  1. An Education of the Highest Quality

Turkey is home to several universities that are among the best in the world, and several of its individual programs are listed among the very best in the globe. Studying in Turkey can give you access to high-quality academic resources, faculty members who are experts in their fields, and the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research.

  1. The Diversity of Cultures

The cultures of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East have all left their mark on Turkey, making it a veritable melting pot. Studying in Turkey will allow you to completely submerge yourself in the dynamic and varied culture of the country, allowing you to forge connections that will last a lifetime and develop a more profound awareness of the wider world.

  1. Beautiful Environment

Turkey provides a learning atmosphere that is truly one of a kind thanks to its breathtaking natural landscapes, extensive historical past, and fascinating architectural traditions. You will discover great motivation for your academic endeavors all around the place, from the crowded cities to the quiet countryside.

  1. Costs of Living That Are Reasonable

Turkey’s cost of living is significantly lower than many other countries popular for study abroad programs. This indicates that you can maintain a good quality of life while yet successfully controlling your costs on a budget appropriate for a student.

  1. Possibilities for Professional Relations

If you choose to study in Turkey, you can take advantage of crucial opportunities to network with other students and professionals working in your industry. You may be able to participate in professional events like seminars, conferences, and other gatherings where you can grow your network of valuable connections.




It doesn’t matter if you want to get a degree in engineering, medicine, the humanities, or any other subject; if you choose to do your schooling in Turkey, you will have an experience that is both one-of-a-kind and highly beneficial. Turkey has a lot to offer students from other countries, from its universities that are among the best in the world to its extensive cultural history. To begin your academic journey in such a great nation as Turkey, why don’t you give some thought to applying for a scholarship offered by the Turkish government to international students? Because we at Great Youth Opportunities feel that going to school in another country can be a transformative experience, we are encouraging all eligible students to give some thought to submitting an application for this scholarship and taking advantage of everything that Turkey offers.


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