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Episode 40









Jeanne’s Pov:


I fell on my knees and wept. Who’s behind you? How can they ask me to do such a thing? How can they ask me to chose between Theo and Alex in such manner?


Oh, God!




Uncontrollable tears rushed down my cheeks as I thought about it.


The sniper was still there at the top of the building with his gun aimed at Theo and Alex.




The call came up on my phone again and I felt so scared picking up.




My hands shivered as I received the call and put it out on speaker.




“You have 60 seconds to make a choice, else, I’ll kill both of them” he said in that cold voice of his and I wept even more.


60 seconds?




I weakly stood on my feet and looked at Alex and Theo as they remained stranded to the stand where they were tied.


Who do I chose? How can I chose?


why’s this happening?



My mind reflected back to the fact I had just 60 seconds to chose. I can’t lose them both.




I started walking slowly towards them; more tears streaming down my cheeks.




Theo- he’s the first guy whoever loved me; whoever made me feel human, when everybody else hated me.


He was rich and popular, yet he loved me when I was nothing. He overlooked my ugliness and went for me.




Because I went missing, he turned into a monster and did crazy things because of me.




Alex – he’s the first guy I really got to experience love with. He risked his own life to save mine; done a lot for me.


He’s the father of my unborn child and with him, I’ve always been so happy and wished to spend the rest of my moments with him.


No doubt, I’m in love with him.


But Theo…




I finally got to where they were and stood in between them.


What do I do?


I guess the countdown should be less than 20 seconds now.




I Couldn’t even look at any of them.


Alex was right by my right and Theo by my left and I could tell they were both staring at me.


My heart was melting. I can’t do this; I don’t want to. They’re both important to me.




My phone started ringing again and it made me really nervous.




Slowly and fearfully, I turned to my right and my eyes ran into Alex’s which were glistening .


He stared at me as I started walking towards him. His lips shook.




I went to him and placed my hand on his cheek and a tear escaped his eye.




Oh, God!


I couldn’t help it.


Did I really chose him?




I held his cheek and placed my forehead on his. I really did this. I chose Alex over Theo. It really happened!




“J…Jeanne” he whimpered my name but all I could do was shed more tears.


Oh, God!


But Theo…




I turned to his direction and caught him staring at me, his eyes red and sore.


I felt a deep cut in my heart as those eyes of his bored into mine.


Oh, God! He’s really hurt.




I looked up to the sniper in fear, only to see him walking away.


What? He…He didn’t…


I thought he was going to kill Theo?




I looked back at Theo and he was now staring at the floor.


But Alex…He was still staring at me.




I untied his hands – Alex’s hands. But before I could get to Theo to untie his, he already fred himself and I was stunned. Wasn’t he tied properly?




I looked at him as he stood mute and stared at the floor. His lids were already wet.




“Theo” I called in a frail tone and he lifted his eyes to look at me.


I saw anger in them; sadness, pains.




I shouldn’t have done this to him. But I had no choice.




I tried touching him, but he withdrew himself. I suddenly felt so scared.




He stared at me for a long time and walked away.




I tried calling after him, but my tears wouldn’t let me.




I covered my mouth with my palm and wept and I felt Alex touching me.




I turned and looked at him and he hugged me immediately.


I buried my face in his chest and cried like a baby. I felt so bad for Theo.


But I had no choice. I was stuck in a difficult decision. What would I have done?




“Jeanne” he called and I suddenly pulled away from the hug.


The whole thing was hurting a lot.




I moved backwards and he tried following me but I stopped him.




“I’m sorry” I whimpered and ran off in tears.




Theo’s Pov:


I turned the last drink in the bottle into my mouth and sent it crashing to the floor.


One of the waiters ran upto me immediately.




“Sir?” He called, frightened, probably at the way I had broken the bottle on the floor.




I didn’t even look at him but just took a full bottle from the table and started gulping it down immediately. My head was muzzy already and all I felt were pains.




I kept rushing the whole thing down until the bottle became empty and that was when I realised there was no more left on the table.




I sank my fingers into my hair and tried standing up on my feet but only ended up staggering.


I almost fell but was able to hold onto the table for support.



One of the waiters tried holding me, but I signalled him not to touch me and he stood back.




Then gradually, I started tottering out of the empty bar – completely bombed.


The memories of everything that’s happened came flashing back to me and they blinded my eyes with tears.




Jeanne chose Alex over me – my Olivia.


She preferred saving his life and watching me die.


But why? Does she really love me that much? Far more than me?




I’ve always been scared of this. I’ve always felt she was going to chose Alex over me. I just never wanted to give a thought to it.




Oh, Jeanne; but I really love her. Why can’t I have a chance with her? she was mine before – before everything got ruined. I really did love her. Why does everything have to change this way?



Oh, God!




I got to my car and tried opening the door, but couldn’t. Instead, I fell, leaning on it.


I felt so pained and heartbroken. This was more than an heartbreak to me.




“Theo?” I heard someone call behind me – someone familiar.


I tried turning to take a look, but couldn’t. My hands couldn’t even move.


I felt a hand touch me and that was when I passed out.




Alex’s Pov:


I returned home weak and frazzled.


Jeanne…why did she run away from me again?




The thought of her choosing me clouded my mind and gave me so much joy.


But why did she run away from me again? I really wanted to be with her.




I entered dazily into the sitting room and found the boys – Carl, Daniel and Malcolm all seated like they were waiting for me.


Gosh! I’m not in the mood for this.




“Please Alex, come over” Daniel called me back when I was about taking the stairs.




“Please, I just need to be alone” I replied and tried walking away again.




“it’s important, please. I need to speak to you all” he said and I sighed and touched my forehead.




Then reluctantly, I went closer and took a seat separate from theirs. What does he want to say anyway?




“So…now he’s here, Daniel. We’re all listening” Carl said and Daniel stood up and rubbed his palms together.



“Too bad I can’t reach Theo. I really wanted the five of us to be together while I say this” he paused and took in a deep breath and it kind of made me curious of what he wanted to say.




“I have a confession to make” he started.






The Loverboys


(His confession)




Grand finale #Season_2


Episode 40b









Alex’s Pov:


“I have a confession to make, guys” he started


“Something terrible and foolish I did in the past. I know you must all think I’m a monster after hearing this, but I want you to know I regret every bit of it and was just blinded by greed”.




He paused and bent his head and we all stared keenly at him. What’s going on?




“I’m the person behind the conflict behind Theo and Alex” he said and I felt a loud bang in my head.





“I ordered the woman – Pen – to adopt Alex’s mum and make Alex kidnap Olivia in exchange for her. Since Theo was in love with Olivia, I knew Alex kidnapping her would make Theo mad and definitely cause a rift between them.




“All I wanted was just to split them up. I never wanted any body’s life to be taken. That was why I requested for a facial surgery to be carried out on Olivia and after that, she’d be made to lose her memories so she wouldn’t be able to return here. I didn’t see her face after the surgery, but Pen took care of everything. Little did I know she was Jeanne.




“All i wanted was just to spilt Theo and Alex because I knew by making Alex take Olivia away from Theo, it’d definitely make them enemies. But I had no idea Theo would take it to the extent of killing Alex’s girlfriends. I never wanted murder to be involved. And that was why when it happened, I began looking for pen immediately; not until the whole truth got exposed and I couldn’t hide anymore.




“I know you must all be wandering what my reasons were. Well, like I earlier said, it was foolishness and greed.




“I was jealous – jealous of the close relationship between. Theo and Alex and I wanted to take over as the band leader. So, I thought by splitting them up, it’d cause an imbalance in the band and make the position vulnerable and I’ll be able to take over as the leader.




“Indeed, it almost worked for me. I mean, Theo left the band and position, but Unfortunately, Alex was forced to take over and that was how my plan failed.




“I know I’m crazy for what I did. I turned Theo Into a monster; put Olivia In a difficult twist. It was so foolish of me and I’m ready to pay for my crimes. I’ve put a call to the corps already and they’ll be here any minute.



“I was ungrateful and blinded by greed any I just wish you guys, no matter how difficult it may be, will forgive me. I’m so sorry”.




I felt my lids becoming sore and red. My lips shook as I listened to him. My heart tore apart.




Daniel? He was the traitor? He betrayed us? All for greed?




I scoffed and noticed a tear drop from my eye.eye . This is the worst pain I’ve ever had to feel – someone I called a brother?




“Daniel?” I heard Malcolm call faintly.




Immediately, I sprang on my feet and bounced oon him, punching him hard to the floor




“You monster!” I snarled as I stayed on top of him on the floor and released angry punches at him.








“No!” Carl and Malcolm called and rushed to me, trying to stop me.




I felt so much pains, so much bitterness.




“Alex, please stop it” Carl said and tried pulling me up, but couldn’t. How dare he?




I saw blood coming out of his nose and immediately, I heard the sounds of sirens outside.




Jeanne’s Pov:


“You mean, you chose Alex’s life over Theo’s?” Hetty asked as I sat in the room, facing her.




I just sniffed and didn’t say a word and she left the window where she was standing and came close to me.




“So, why’re you feeling bad about it? It’s obvious you love Alex” she said.




“Yeah, I know. I…I just” I paused and sniffed again.


“Theo has been through a lot already. I just feel…He doesn’t deserve such treatment.”




“Jeanne” Hetty called and held my hand.


“Don’t you see? You don’t love Theo; you only pity him”.




I paused and stared at her as it niggled at me.




“You only pity him because of the past you share with him. You don’t want him to get hurt or feel betrayed. But in the right sense, Alex is the one you truly love. So, stop trying to compromise. Go for what you really want, Jeanne, so you don’t end up in regrets.” She concluded and I stared at her for a while and took my eyes to the floor.



Undoubtedly, I love Alex, much more than can be imagined. But, I just feel for Theo.




Kim’s Pov:


I entered the room with the bowl of cold water and napkin and went to the bed where he laid. I sat and stared into his face as he slept so soundly.




I really pitied him. What would’ve happened if I hadn’t passed along that way and saw him coming out of the bar? Struggling to walk?


Why did he end up so drunk In the first place?




I dipped the napkin into the cold water and brought It out, squeezing and placing it on his forehead.


He was so handsome.




Oh, Theo!


I’ve always had a crush on him; he’s just never paid any attention to me.




I dipped the napkin again and placed it on his head. I hope he wakes up soon. He probably got drunk because of Jeanne. The issue has really been a mess.




I stared into his face and suddenly had so many desires. I wish to be with him. Too bad he’s too obsessed with jeanne.




I brushed his hair with my palm and sighed. How perfect it’d have been. I don’t know why I’m so unlucky when it comes to love. All the guys I truly love don’t ever love me back.



I looked at his lips and suddenly felt like kissing them. Perhaps, this was my only chance to kiss a guy I truly love.




I leaned forward and closing my eyes, I kissed him. I kissed him tempestuously and wished it could last forever.




Somehow, I felt him kiss me back.






I quickly opened my eyes and found his open, staring at me.




I gasped and pulled away from the kiss, my heart beating rapidly.


Oh, my God! I…I thought he was asleep?




“Kim?” He called in a low tune and I sprang on my feet.




“Theo, I’m…I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean to. I had no idea you were…I’m…” I ran out of words and he sighed and sat up.



He looked around and touched his head.




“Did you bring me here?” He asked and I nodded nervously.




“I um…saw you around the bar and you were really drunk. So, I decided to be of help” I replied and he breathed out heavily.


“Thanks” he muttered and I stared at the floor.




We both went silent and getting puzzled, I decided to look at him and there I found him staring at me.




Alex’s Pov:


The following morning, I stayed indoors the whole time, wanting to be alone. Daniel’s betrayal and everything that’s happened kept niggling at me. How could he ever think of doing such a thing to us?


We were like brothers. Why did he have to go that far over a temporary position?




I was so bittered and hurt. Because of him, we’re all in this mess. So many things happened; yet; he stood by me every single moment. What got into him?




I heard a knock on my door which snapped me out of my thoughts.




“Sir, there’s someone here to see you” a voice said from outside.


It was Evans.




“I want to be alone” I replied cheerlessly; still sitting on the chair in front of the window.




“It’s Jeanne, sir” he said and my eyeeyes beamed.






I sprang on my feet immediately and ran to open the door.


“Wh…Where’s she?” I asked him.




“She’s downstairs, sir” he replied, bowed and left and I followed suit immediately.




I rushed downstairs and found her there in the sitting room with Molly, playing. Oh, God!



I stopped and watched her as she laughed and carried Molly on her shoulders who was also giggling.




I stopped and stared at how happy she was, but unfortunately, she saw my and stopped playing.




“Shuu! Alex, go away. Come on nanny, let’s continue” Molly said and tried getting on her shoulders again, but wasn’t allowed.




“Um…baby, we’ll play later, okay? Nanny needs to do something first.” Jeanne said and she faked a frown, but brushed it off with a smile.


Then she ran away .




Jeanne’s Pov:


I stood, staring at Alex as he remained on the stairs, staring at me as well




“Um…hi” I said warmly and that was when he climbed down the stairs.


But we still stood apart from each other.





He didn’t Say a word, but just kept staring at me and it got me cringing.




“I um…I came to see you” I said, but he still didn’t make a move.


Could he be mad at me or something?




I walked closer to him and stood in front of him. I stared into his sparkling eyes as they stared into mine. Then, I kissed him.




I placed my hands on his cheeks and kissed him so tenderly, but he didn’t reciprocate.




“Alex”:I called after unlocking from the kiss.




“I’m sorry for trying to run away. I was only being scared. The truth is, I love you. I love you so much and I’m ready to spend the rest of my life with you. And not just me;” I paused and took his hand, placing it on my tummy.


“But your baby too” I added and that was the first time he smiled.




I chuckled when he smiled and he took his hand from my tummy and placed them on my cheeks.




“You really do love me, huh?” He asked and I nodded with a smile.


Then, he hugged me.




“I was scared I was going to lose you, Jeanne” he spoke softly while holding me.




“I thought you’d never want to be with me again, but you chose me. Thank you”



I smiled as he spoke to me and next, he disengaged from the hug and went for my lips instead.




I smiled as he kissed me so perfectly, holding my hair.




“I love you” he said when we broke the kiss.




“I love you too” I replied, brimful with happiness.




We were about kissing again when the door suddenly opened and we turned to see two figures standing at the entrance.










The Loverboys


(Happily ever after)




Grand finale #Season_2

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