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Episode 35




By: Faith Lucky.




Jeanne’s Pov:


Every one was kind of surprised at my request, but they had to succumb.




“Um…are you sure you’ll be fine?” Hetty asked and I just nodded.




I could tell Mrs Percival – mum – was staring at me, but I didn’t want to look at him.


She stood up and left the room with the rest, while Theo and Alex stayed behind.



Okay; now this is more difficult than I thought. How do I face them? What I have to say is important, but how do I say it?




Both of them are really important to me, and I can’t imagine what could possibly be running through their minds.




“Um…hi” I said in a feeble voice, staring at the floor.


“Jeanne” Alex called.


“How’re you feeling?”




“I’m…I’m fine” I replied.


I looked at Theo who was staring silently at me.


It was obvious he was dying of regrets.




This was the same guy I played around with; yet the same guy that almost killed me.




“I asked to speak with both of you because…I wanted you to know I have my memories back and I recall everything that’s happened between us.




“Theo…you were kind to me from the very start; loved me when no one cares for me. But, you later turned out to be my nightmare and almost killed me.




“Alex…you put my life at risk, handed me over to the criminals. But, I met and fell in love with you and you took great care of me; risked your life for mine” I paused and sighed.



“in everything, I just want you guys to know I hold no grudges against you. I’ve decided to bury the past and forgive you both for the pains you made me go through in your own way.




“And I’d want you, Theo, to please, forgive Alex for what he did. At least…I’m alive. So, there’s no more reason for vengeance.




“And Alex…Please, I’d want you to forgive him as well, for whatever pains he’s made you go through over the last four years. I’d so much want that old friendship of yours to resume” I said conclusively, but they didn’t say a word.




“Jeanne” Theo finally broke the brooding silence.




“I um..I’m glad you’re okay. And…Thank you for forgiving me.




“And I just want you to know I regret every single pain I made you go through. If there was something I could do to revise the hands of time and treat you better, I’d have done it.




“But since you’ve forgotten me, thanks.”




I stared at him and released a light smile, then look back at Alex.




I couldn’t deny it; the thought came flashing through my mind; that dreadful thought. But, I didn’t want to think about it. No; I couldn’t.




“Are you fine…and the baby?” Alex asked after a little silence and it sent shivers down my spine.




“Y…Yes” I bent my head and replied.




“Uh…don’t you think you need more . rest?” Theo asked and I shook my head.




Immediately, we heard a knock on the door and it made me wonder who it was since I had told them I needed a moment with Theo and Alex.




“Y…Yes” I replied, since Theo and Alex remained silent.


Then, the door opened and Kim came In.








What’s she doing here?




Wow! I never thought she’d ever show up here to see me.


Or, could it be possible she’s here to bully me as always?




“Um…” she stuttered when she came in and looked at Theo and Alex.




“Sorry, I…I had no idea you’d be busy. I just wanted to have a word with…”




“It’s alright.” Theo cut in.


“You can go ahead”.


He turned and gave Alex a stare which I didn’t understand and they left the room together.




I took my eyes to the floor as I felt Kim coming closer.




“Um..Jeanne” she called but I still couldn’t look at her. I just kept staring at the floor. What does she want to say?



Geez! I can’t believe she’s my sister. I mean, all these while, I never felt a thing and neither did she.


She stood in front of me and interlocked her fingers.




“How’re you feeling?” She asked and it sounded so strange hearing it from her.




“I’m…I’m fine” I replied and cleared my throat.




I heard her heave a huge sigh.




“I was surprised as well when I heard the news” she said.


“i mean…it’s really strange isn’t it? Who would’ve ever thought we were sisters?”


She paused and sighed again.


I could imagine how heavy it must be for her.




“Jeanne…I don’t know how this might be sound to you, but I want you to know I’m really sorry for everything that’s happened between us. I’m sorry for all the ill treatments I made you go through. And all the time I mocked you about your family. I just want you to know I’m sorry and I deeply ask for your forgiveness”.



I was forced to look at her when she was done cause it was too shocking. Was that really coming from Kim? The rude model?



Wow! Was this a dream or what?




She stared into my eyes with a pathetic look and I slowly stood on my feet.




“Well…I guess, you’re right. Who would’ve ever thought we were sisters?” I asked and chuckled.




“you know, I’ve always liked you, Kim. I mean, you were my role model. But, I became heartbroken when you started acting strange towards me – always picking on me for no reason.




“But you know what? It’s okay. I mean, I can’t stay mad at my only sister. So, yeah; I forgive you”.




Her eyes beamed immediately as she smiled.




“You…You do?” She asked and I smiled and embraced her.




Alex’s Pov:


Theo had signalled me to follow him out and when I did, he took me to a quiet room.




“Is there something wrong?” I asked when we got to the room and he went ahead to stand by the windows, backing me.




“I guess we have a lot to talk about” he said after taking a deep breath.




“But first and most importantly, I want to apologise for everything I did. Although, I’m not the only one at fault, but I just want you to know I’m deeply sorry” he said, calmly, staring out the window.




“Yeah. And I guess I owe you an apology as well. I’m sorry for betraying you in the past. My hands were tied and you know it. But, I’m sorry” I replied.




He didn’t say a word and we both kept silent for a while.




“I spoke to Pen” he broke the silence.


“I went to see her at the cell today and she gave me a hint on who had paid her to do what she did.”




I arched my brows as it gripped my attention.




“Well…who’s it?” I asked curiously and he dallied for a moment.




“She said it’s a loverboy” he replied and I almost fell due to the shock I received. What?



A…A what?




What the hell’s that?


“I…I don’t understand. What loverboy?” I asked confounded.


It just wasn’t possible.




“Well, she wouldn’t say. and the police didn’t give me enough time with her and insisted on handling it themselves. So, I had no idea” he replied and I felt my heart beating rapidly.




No; she’s probably lying.


I mean, I know she was definitely sent by someone, but not a loverboy.




I mean, no; it can’t be.


Who would ever do such a thing?




“Alex” Theo called, but I couldn’t answer at that moment as my lips were too heavy to say a thing.


Who among the rest of the boys could be a traitor?




“Alex, we need to talk” he said, but I still couldn’t say anything.


But, I felt my heart skip when I heard him call her name.




“We need to talk about Jeanne”.










The Loverboys


(The traitor)




Grand finale Season_2

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