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Episode 30









Alex’s Pov:


I couldn’t hold it anymore. I really wanted to see Jeanne at all cost.




After much pleadings, mum finally spoke to the doctor to free me of the handcuffs and they did.




Even if I told her I could walk on my own, she still supported me to the room where Jeanne was.


I walked in and found her lying quietly on the bed, looking like someone who was in a deep slumber – so innocent.




Mum stood behind by the door, while I proceeded to the bed so I could be close to Jeanne.




I stared at her as she looked so beautiful even in her sleep. Who would ever believe she was that same girl? So ugly and naive?


How did she get to change this much?





I took her hand into mine and kissed it.


The doctor had said the baby was still intact.


But, for how long will it be safe if she remains in this condition?




Oh Jeanne!


What will her reaction be when she wakes up?


Will she hate me or still love me?




I know what I did to her was wrong, but I never wanted to. My hands were tied.




My mum’s life was at stake. I just wanted to save her.


But, that was why I kept looking for Pen after the incidence. I never gave up in looking for her cause I had a feeling she wouldn’t be dead.




I knew if they had wanted to kill her, they wouldn’t had gone through the stress and risk of making me abduct her before handing her to them. They would’ve simply spotted her and killed her instead having my involved. I knew they had different plans for her.




That was why I felt she wasn’t dead and kept looking for her.




But, why does she have to turn out to be Jeanne? My Jeanne?


I have so many plans for her.


why does it have to be my Jeanne? The same girl I’ve been wishing to find and give back to Theo.





I placed her palm on my cheek and stared into her face.



I love you, Jeanne and I don’t ever want to lose you. Please, don’t hate me when the truth finally gets known to you. Just remember everything I’ve said to you and what you mean to me.




Mum came and tapped me from behind and that was when I noticed the tears that were soaked on her palms. I had actually been crying.




I cleaned off the tears from her palm and looked at mum who signalled me to stand so we could return to my room. She had told me she wouldn’t want me to stay long over here.




I looked back at Jeanne and planted a kiss on her forehead and mum supported me to stand afterwards.




I stood up and we left the room together and right outside the room, we met Carl, Daniel and Malcolm, who seemed to be waiting for us.




“Alex” Malcolm called as mum and I stopped walking.




“How’re you feeling now?” Daniel asked and I touched my forehead.




“I’m better now.” I replied perfunctorily.


But really, I felt better. The only thing making me feel weak was Jeanne.




“Um…We got a call from the police. They’ve gotten hold of the woman – Pen” Carl said and it gave me a little relief.


Finally, we might get to the bottom of all these.


Why did she request for Olivia in exchange for my mum?


That bitch; she’s the reason all these is happening.


I can’t wait to lay my hands on her.




Immediately, I saw someone coming from behind and it made my heart leap. It was Theo.




He came in quietly with a brood look and the rest of the boys turned to have a look at him.




“Theo?” Malcolm called in surprise as he got to where we were.




I felt a slight pain in my heart as he stood in front of us. I never thought of seeing him anytime soon. I didn’t want to see him…I just wasn’t ready to.


Why’s he here?




“What re you doing here, Theo?” Carl asked with a huff, but Theo maintained a straight face.




He looked really pale and sick; I’ve never seen such look in his eyes before.




“I can’t believe you still have the guts to show up here after everything you’ve done, Theo” Malcolm also said angrily.


I just kept staring at him.




“Please…” he started with a crack in his voice.


“I just want to see Jeanne”


Carl scoffed and went ahead to hold him by his collars.




“Really? After pushing her off the bridge?!” He asked raucously but Theo didn’t react.


They had no idea Jeanne was Olivia yet.


I still haven’t told them about It.




“Let him go” I suddenly said and they all turned to look at me.


This time around, I was staring at the floor.




“He’s free to see her” I added and Carl let go of his collars to take a proper look at me.




“Are you serious, Alex? If I’m not mistaken, this guy actually…”




“Please Carl, just let him be” I interrupted him and he shook his head and walked out.




I looked at Theo who also stared back at me and slowly, he opened the door and went into the room.




Theo’s Pov:


I walked into the room and stood at a distance from the bed, staring at Jeanne on the bed.


hold on; that’s Olivia.


My Olivia.



I scoffed and took a step closer. Somehow, I actually felt scared being close to her.




I finally stood by the bed and stared into her face as she slept so soundly. Oh, God!


Is this for real?


She’s Olivia?


How…How did this happen?




I touched her face and wept. I had almost given up when Alex told me about it.


What happened to her scar?


Why did they erase it?


Why did they make it so difficult for me to recognise her?




No wonder I found it difficult killing her when I returned.


I couldn’t explain it, I just never wanted to kill her. But since I wanted to get back at Alex, I decided to make her suffer.




Oh, God!


I hurt her so baldy. I almost killed her.


I made her go through excruciating pains.


How could I be so stupid? How could I do that to my Olivia? The only girl I ever loved?




I bent my head and wept bitterly and the tears dripped from my eyes to her shirt.



So, she was alive the whole time? I searched for her, but couldn’t find her because she had a different look.




But, I shouldve searched deeper. Why did I get so carried away by revenge?


Love turned me into a monster, but I never shouldve poured out my anger on her. I had no idea.


What have I done?




I placed her palm on my cheeks and wept uncontrollably.


This feeling…it’s worst than what I felt when Alex took her away from me.


I feel like giving up.


I’ll never forgive myself if something happens to her.




“Please Jeanne…” I found myself whimpering.


“I’m sorry”.




I’ve always been a good boy – a simple guy who was scared to love.


But, everything changed when I met her.


She was ugly, but I still liked her. I wanted her.




How did things get to change so drastically?


I almost killed the same lady I’ve been crazy about.


How could I do?


Why was I so dumb?



I cried bitterly for a long time. I wouldn’t know what to do if I lost her. She’s the only girl that’s ever been able to capture my heart.




What will she think about me when she wakes up? Will she ever forgive me?


Will her memories return? And will she remember I was her first love?




But…she’s pregnant for Alex.




Oh, God!


How did this happen?


Why does such misfortune have to be fall me?




Oh, God!






Alex’s Pov:


I stood outside by the window and watch Theo as he kept crying in the room and I felt so weak.




What could possibly be running through his mind?




I know he must have a lot of regrets, but what else could he have in mind?




My greatest fear was there, but I didn’t want to think about it. I just didn’t want to. I couldn’t bare it.


I felt a hand touch me and I sniffed.




“Come on, Alex, we need to go back to the room” mum said, but I kept quiet and continued staring at the window.




I was so troubled and scared – scared of what might happen; cause one thing is for sure- I didn’t want to lose Jeanne.




Suddenly, I saw Kim and her mum coming in and her mum actually looked like someone who was being chased.




I turned away from the window to take a proper look at them as they walked in hurriedly and stopped in front of me.




“Good day, Mrs Per…” mum tried greeting, but she cut her off.




“Alex, we need to talk” she said in a deep breath and it got me curious.




I looked at Kim and she was staring back at me.


Does she have something to do with this?




“I’m looking for my daughter” Mrs Percival said and I flinched.


What daughter?




“Your daughter?” Mum asked, equally confused.




“It’s…It’s a long story, but, Alex, what do you know about a young girl with aa scar four years ago?” She asked, making me more bemused.




A scar???


Four years ago?




“What…What re you talking about?” I asked, wondering if it was just a coincidence.




“I had left her in the care of a friend of mine when I had given birth to her and for years now, I’ve been searching for her.




“But today, I finally got to meet this friend of mine and she told me she went missing four years ago. And she also told me you guys had something to do with it” she explained anxiously.




No; this is not possible.


Could it be…




“Her name is Olivia” Kim chipped in and my eyes beamed.








“Olivia?” I repeated with disbelieve and Mrs Percival nodded desperately.




I looked back at the window where she laid and looked back at them.


“But, that’s…that’s Jeanne” I said and Kim’s jaws dropped.


This is unbelievable.


“What?” She shrieked.






The Loverboys


(The traitor)




Grand finale #Season_2

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