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Episode 29









Kim’s Pov:


I exchanged a confused glance with mum as what Anna said seemed to confuse us. Why’s she talking about the loverboys?


“The…The Loverboys?” Mum asked, perplexed.




“Yeah. Those popular musicians. I noticed she had some dealings with them. Although, I didn’t really care, but…she went missing after some time and I figured they probably took her away to help her or something” she replied and my anxiety increased.




What’s she trying to say? That my supposed sister had something to do with the lover boys? That’s not possible.




“Are…Are you sure? I mean, this lady, she had a scar, right?” I asked.




“Oh! Seems you know about that already. Well, yeah. She had a scar and it kind of made her ugly.” She replied and shot mum a stare.




Then, it’s not possible she’s with the loverboys because I haven’t seen anyone with a scar around them.




“Which of the loverboys are you talking about, Anna?” Mum asked.




“I don’t really remember. Please, Grace, I’m sorry for what happened to your daughter; you never should’ve dumped her with me in the first place. I couldn’t even take care of myself, not to mention taking care of someone else. Please, just let me. I don’t want any more trouble.




“I don’t have a single idea of Olivia’s whereabouts, but you can go on and ask some the loverboys some questions. So please, stay away from me” Anna said and entered into the house, shutting the door immediately.


I turned and looked at mum who also stared at me with perplexity.


What’s going on?


Why’s Anna referring us to the loverboys?


How can she say my supposed sister had something with the loverboys?




“Come on, Kim” Mum said and hurriedly turned around, headed back to the car.




Jeanne’s Pov:


(In coma)




I was just a poor ugly girl who was always mocked and ridiculed by my peer mates because of the scar on my face.




I grew up in the hands of an abusive woman – Anna – who always told me I was dumped by my mother who was a murderer.


Not for once, did she ever show a single affection towards me, or something similar to






If not for the fact I had been smart enough to pass the scholarship exams, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity of going to school at all.




I was treated like a slave – I barley ate, moved around in tattered clothes and barefooted.


I was a laughing stock and everybody derived pleasure in bullying me.



To me, love was a strange thing as I had no idea what it felt like. I had no idea what it meant to be loved.




The only thing that gave me a reason to be happy back then was music.


I sang whenever I was alone and one day, I had met with the popular leader of the loverboys – Theo.




I always saw him on TV and enjoyed all his songs together with the rest of the boys. And I felt they were all gods.




But that day, I had been alone, singing in the garden where I had gone to pick up trash. Theo showed up and to my greatest surprise, he told me he liked my voice.


I got scared and ran away.




But few weeks later, we met again.


He had knocked me down with his car and had taken me to the hospital.




He was so friendly and I couldn’t comprehend it because that was the first time someone was being that way to me.




Why was he different? I was poor, ugly and dirty. So, why was his attitude towards me different?




He asked me to be his friend, but I refused. I had no idea what that meant and I was so scared.


I was always scared.



He made me come visiting most of the time and at a point, I preferred spending the whole of my time with him because he was the only one who made me felt human. The only one who made me know what affection was all about.




I was still surprised to why he acted that way towards me, but I also became so fond of him.




I don’t know if I’d say I fell in love with him because back then, I had no idea what love was all about.


But one thing was for sure, I liked him and always wanted to be around him.




He had wanted to take me away from Anna, but I declined because I wanted to wait for my mum. I always had a feeling she’d return someday for me. And even Anna said she dumped me, I still wanted to see her because I wanted to know what it felt like calling someone “mum”.




One day, Theo confessed his feelings to me.


He told me he loved me and that was the biggest shock of my life.


At that moment, I got a little feeling of what being in love meant.


At that moment, I felt I was in love because he was the only one I liked. He was so good to me and it struck me to the guts because I was just too ugly for someone like him.




Despite my appearance and background, he still cared for me and told me he loved me.




I had wanted to accept him, but was.was scared to. It was the first time someone was saying such thing to me and I had no idea how it should be done.



I told him to give me sometime because I didn’t want to make a wrong decision; or let me just say I was scared.


Yes, I really was.




It got to a point that I felt I was also in love with him, but I was just scared and naive.




Things were going on fine, but not until something happened.




It was Alex;


Yes, it was him.


My Alex.




He kidnapped me; uncannily, he did.




I still have no idea what his reasons were because I was sure I didn’t do anything to him.




I pleaded with him that night as he struggled to sedate me.


He turned deaf ears to my pleas and ended up abducting me and handing me over to some strange people.




The last thing I remembered was a woman – Megan’s mum – injecting me with something and making me go into a deep sleep.


That was all and the next time my eyes went open, I found myself in an hospital with Mr Raymond beside me.


I couldn’t remember a thing from my past and I had no idea who I was.




But after that night at the bridge, when I heard alex say I was Olivia, the memories came flashing back. Everything.




Theo was my first crush; the only person that ever cared for me when everybody else saw me as dirt. The only person that overlooked my ugly nature and made me feel human.




I’m the reason he became monster, because Alex took me away from him. I’m the reason he went too deep into revenge and did lots of crazy things which also affected me.


He turned that way because of me.




Oh, God!




He’s In love with me; I’m his Olivia.


But Alex…I’m his Jeanne.


I’m in love with him.


I care about him – the same way I had cared for Theo.




The baby – my baby with Alex – it means a lot to me.


I’ve always wanted to train him with Alex by my side.




But, why does it seem so complicated now?


I can’t deny the fact that I liked Theo – and he also loved me.


Nor, Alex…I also love him as well and don’t want to lose him.


Theo was my first love – the guy I loved as Olivia.


But, Alex is my present love – the guy I love as Jeanne.




Why does this have to happen to me?.


What’s going on?




And this deep slumber that I’m in, I feel so scared coming out of it.


I’m scared of what the circumstance would be.




But, my baby…I don’t want to lose it. I just need to be strong for it.




But, the whole thing’s so complicated.


I’m Theo’s Olivia.


And Alex’s Jeanne.




How do I explain it?


How do I get out of this?




Pen’s Pov:


I was so twitchy as I hurriedly folded the rest of the clothes into the bag.


I really hope Megan’s done packing up already.


We need to get out of here.




I can’t believe the whole thing’s busted.


I tried so much to prevent this from happening. That was why I had taken her to a far away city and dumped her by the roadside.



But, that man – Mr Raymond – had picked her and adopted her, which would’ve been a good thing, but he brought her back here instead and that was when I started feeling insecured.




Although, she had lost her memories, I was scared they might return if she got in contact with the lover boys. And now, it’s all happening.




I need to go far away from here before something else happens.


I’m pretty sure the client must’ve known the truth has been spilled and he might be looking for me by now.




Although, I no longer work with the agency, I was the one who has handled the case and I’m sure he must be angrily searching for me.




He wanted a clean job.


He didn’t want Olivia dead. No; he just wanted me to take her away, erase the scar on her face and make her lose her memories so there wouldn’t be any link between her and the loverboys.




He wanted everything done neatly and warned me never to expose his identify.


But, now I’m scared that’s under probability, because if I get caught, I might have to reveal his identify.




Gosh! The whole thing’s a complete mess already.




I locked up the luggage and started rolling it down the stairs to the sitting room.


I found Megan there already, but she wasn’t with her bags.


“Are you done parking?” I asked and she folded her hands and sighed.




“Mum, we really need to talk about this. What’s going on? Why’re we moving out?” She asked and I dipped my hand into my hair, trying to control my anger.


Is this kid serious?




“Megan, for God’s sake! I’ve got no time to spend on aimless questions. I’ve told you I’d explain everything to you, but for now, we just need to move” I snapped.




“But mum…”




“Megan, quit talking and go get your things!” I cut her off angrily and she huffed.




She slowly turned around and was about taking the stairs when we heard a knock on the door and she stopped and looked at me.




“Are you expecting someone?” I asked and she shook her head. I wasn’t expecting anyone as well. Who could it be?





She left the stairs and went to the door to check it out and when she opened it, surprisingly, it were policemen.








They were three in number and two had guns with them.


Megan flinched and moved back as they came into the house.




“Good day, ma’am. I’m inspector Clark and we have an arrest warrant for you. Please ma’am, we’d like you to follow us to the station” one of them brought out his ID and said and my feet wobbled.




Oh, my God!




“I…You…You can’t do that. I…I haven’t done anything wrong” I stuttered nervously.




“Please ma’am, we’d want you to remain silent” another said as he brought out a handcuff and came towards me.




“M…Mum?” Megan called in shock, staring at me.




My heart was beating so fast.


Who did this to me?




Alex…He promised he wouldn’t involve me with the police.


How can this happen?




Oh, God!


This cannot be.


What do I do?








The Loverboys


(She’s my sister?)




Grand finale #Season_2

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