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Episode 27




Jeanne’s Pov:


I was still holding onto the bars, but my hands had already become weak.




My eyes drooped as I stared at Alex who just said something shocking. I couldn’t understand it and…even Theo seemed perplexed by it.




What’s he talking about?


Who’s…Who’s Olivia?




Theo slowly turned and looked at him, his grip around the knife tightened.




“What did you just say?” He asked lowly, with a crack in his voice.



“She’s Olivia, Theo; the girl you’ve been looking for” Alex said and my heart skipped.


Oh, God! What’s he talking about?




Theo turned and looked at me and took his eyes back to Alex.




“Is this some sort of trick? You…You’re looking for a way to save her life, huh? Is that enough reason to involve Olivia?” He asked loudly, but at that moment, I couldn’t tell if he was angry or not.




“I’m not lying, Theo, please believe me.” Alex said and took a step closer, holding his tummy.


“I spoke with Pen today and she told me everything.




“When I handed Olivia to them, they didn’t kill her. Instead, they performed a facial surgery on her and made her lose her memories. Then, they dumped her somewhere far, but she was seen and adopted by someone.




“Please, Theo, I’m not lying to you. It’s the truth. You can make more research if you want to, but if you kill the lady in front of you, then you should know I never killed Olivia, but you did”.




The knife in Theo’s hand suddenly fell on the floor as he turned to look at me. I could see a red line beneath his eyes already.


At that moment, I felt a strong wind in my head. Everything Alex just said about me…what does it mean?




But the name…Olivia…lt sounded very familiar.


I suddenly started hearing voices in my head – familiar voices.




This feeling…Some memories…I couldn’t explain it, but I felt something different. what’s happening to me?



I looked into Theo’s eyes and saw a different look in them – something familiar. What’s this?



The whole place started going round in circles and at that moment, I couldn’t hold on anymore.


My hands fell freely from the bar and I felt myself going deep down.




“Jeanne!!!” I heard Alex call out, but it sounded very far.




“Olivia!!!” I heard someone else call, but this time around, it was coming from my own head.




I closed my eyes as I felt myself drowning in a sea of a new feeling.








Alex’s Pov:


“Jeanne!!!” I yelled as I saw her going down the bridge.


No, no, no!


This cannot happen.


It can’t happen!






I tried tottering to the bars, but ended up falling on my knees.


The pains couldn’t let me move.




“Jeanne” I cried weakly on the floor.


Theo just remained standing by the bars, staring into the water.




Oh, God! No.


Jeanne. My baby.


What’s happening?




Sirens filled the place immediately and numerous cars soon crowded the place.




“Alex!” I heard my name but couldn’t turn to have a look.




“Oh, my God! What happened?”








Carl, Daniel and Hetty came running to me immediately while policemen occupied the rest of the place.




I felt blood on . my skin but couldn’t check it’s source.





“Jeanne” I called weakly.


My strength was leaving me already.




“Jeanne…Help me” I cried into Daniel’s hands as they all came to me on the floor.




“Oh, my God!”


“Hurry up! Get him to the car”




“No…No…Jeanne…she’s in the water. She fell into it…Help her…Please….my baby”


I said tearfully under my breath with my lids beginning to close.




“What?” I heard someone say.






Please, don’t leave me, I beg of you. I won’t survive it.




I saw Carl stand up and run to the bridge and that was it.


I couldn’t see any more of it.




I closed my eyes as I felt them drag me up and move me into the car.






“Jeanne…” I mumbled her name as I tried opening my eyes.




I could see her shy face, shy smile, charming eyes; they were all . staring at me.


Her warm touch.


Where’s she?




I felt a hand touch mine and I slowly opened my eyes and found myself on the bed, surrounded by countless people.


But, Jeanne…she wasn’t among them.




Oh, God! Where’s she?




“Alex!” Mum called in tears and I realised she had been the one who touched me.


I thought it was Jeanne.




The room seemed very bright. Was it morning already?


Where’s Jeanne?




I can’t even think of any other thing.


I can barely remember my name.




Mum drew close and embraced me.




“What’s wrong with you, Alex? Why’re you doing this to me?” She asked and Carl drew her away.




I tried touching my head, but realised I couldn’t move my hand.




It was handcuffed.


“We don’t want you to run off again, Alex” Malcolm said and I groaned lightly.




“Jeanne” I mumbled in pains.


“Where’s she?”




“What the hell happened, Alex?” Carl asked.


“Did Jeanne really fall into the water?” He asked, but I couldn’t say a word to him.


I didn’t even know what to say.




“Please…Where’s she?” I asked weakly, with my eyes closed.




Oh, God! Where could she be?.


My Jeanne; where’s she?


She didn’t drown; she can’t.




“We have no idea, Alex; we couldn’t find her” Hetty said, sounding troubled.




I tried standing up from the bed, but couldn’t as Carl and Daniel held me down.


But, even if they didn’t, I still wouldn’t be able to leave because I was just too weak to.




“Stop being silly, Alex. Please” mum cried.




“What the hell happened? What’s going on?” Daniel asked, devastated.





God, no! I need to see Jeanne. I won’t survive it.



“Alex” Hetty called, but immediately, the door opened and I slowly turned to see it was a guard, having an alarmed look.




“Sir” he called, but I couldn’t tell if he was referring to me or someone else.




“What’s wrong?” I heard Hetty ask.




“A call just came in about ma’am Jeanne. Some sea farers called and reported they had seen and helped ma’am Jeanne last night when she had fallen into the sea. Right now, she’s in their custody” he said and I felt a heavy beat on my chest.




Oh, my God!


Jeanne…They found her?




The Loverboys


(Searching for her)




Grand finale #Season_2

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