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Episode 14






Jeanne’s Pov:


He kissed my neck again and left me really speechless.




Then, without asking for any other permission, he loosened the towel from my body.




Oh, my God!




I shivered as he moved his hands over my bare tummy, up to my chest and pressed my bo*bs.


Then, he turned my face slightly and kissed me from the side.




Oh, God! I can’t believe I’m standing stark na*ed in front of Alex.




I could feel his hard d*ck press against my bare buttocks and it made my whole systems vibrate.




Then, he took his hands from my bre*st and moved them down…


I gasped and held his hands and he chuckled and kissed my neck again.




Next, he carried me up in a bridal style and took me to the bed and my nervousity increased. Are we really going to do this again?




He laid me on the bed and the fact that he could see my entire body really got me cringing.




He came in between my legs and kissed me so passionately that I had to reciprocate, forgetting the fact I was feeling ashamed.




I wrapped my hands around his shoulders and enjoyed the kiss and in the meanwhile, he used his hands to carass my bo*bs and it made me moan.




Suddenly, a call came into his phone and it made him break the kiss.


What the heck?




He sighed as he took the phone from the bed and answered it, but he was still on top of me.




“Hello, Franco?” He called blearily and kissed me softly.




“Yeah…I know”




He brought his face close and su*ked from the nipple of my left bre*st.


Oh, God!




I closed my eyes and moaned in ecstasy as he kept pressing and su*king from it.




“He did…” he lifted his lips and said into the phone and took them to the bre*st again.




Then, he stopped and sighed, dipping his hands into his hair.




“Come on, Franco. Can I just call you back, please?” He said frustrated, and shook his head, bringing them to . my lips and kissing me again.




“I’ve told you; Makie’s a frustrated being. He’s just trying to gain attention. Whatever he said was a lie” he said as he lifted my hands and placed them on his shirt.


At first, I was confused, but then, I got to know he wanted me to unbutton his shirt.


Oh, Alex! This guy’s corrupting me.




Feeling really really shy, I started unbuttoning the shirt from the top downwards as he continued with the call he was making.




“What? He did?” He said, bemused on the phone and I finally unbuttoned the shirt and his bare tattoo chest was now exposed.


Wow! I wonder how he was able to draw so many tattoos on his body.




He made me pull off the shirt completely from his body and then he made me rub his bare chest with my hands.


Gosh! This guy’s really turning me into something else.




Next, he moved my hands to his belt, expecting me to unhook it.


Holy Mary!!!




I gasped and withdrew my hands immediately and he laughed with his head on my shoulders.


He laughed dryly, forgetting he was still on a call.




“Oh, sorry; yeah, yeah; I can hear you” he said on the phone when he got to realise.




Then, he lifted his face again and kissed me, giving my lips little bites.




With the phone in his left hand; he moved the right hand down to my legs and touched my…Oh, God!




I gripped him tight as I felt him pushing in two fingers at a time.




“Alex…” I moaned and he widened his eyes and quickly brought out the hand, using it to cover it my mouth.


Oh! The caller must’ve overheard me.




“Please, Franco; it’s…its no one. I’m just watching a movie” he said with a deep breath and removed his hand from my mouth.


“Yeah. It’s um…A female program. I mean, a female’s the one presenting the program” he said and smiled, bringing his head to my bo*bs and su*king them again.




“No, no. I’m not the one, Franco. She’s just calling someone who’s my namesake.




“Yeah…In the program”.




He chuckled and sent his hand to my vag*na again.


He inserted two fingers and started kissing me immediately.


Oh, God!




I felt like moaning out loud, but couldn’t, since he was kissing me. So, I just moaned into his lips.


Indeed, this guy was really a flirt.




He kept moving the fingers in and out while kissing me and it hurt a lot, but the kiss was there to comfort me and stop me from screaming.




Then, I overheard the caller calling his name on the phone; probably because he’s been quiet for a while.


Then, Alex unlocked from the kiss and brought out his fingers.




“Please Franco, I’ll call you back; I swear” he said and ended the call immediately.




I guess now he’s ready to devour me.




His both hands were now free and he used them to press my both bre*sts and su*k from them.


“You can’t even take off my belt, huh?” He asked in a sweet smile and kissed my lips.




He kissed me for a long time and brought his head downwards, kissing my tummy.




Immediately, his phone began ringing again and to my surprise, he grabbed the phone from the bed and threw it away, making it hit hard against the wall and crashing to the floor.


Oh, my God!




He came came close and kissed me again, this time around, a little roughly.


Then, he unhooked his belt and that was when my heart started playing party drums.




He took off his trousers and I tried not to look.


Then; he came in between my legs again and kissed me while pressing my bo*bs like he wanted it to produce something.




After kissing me enough, he went on his knees and lifted my legs upwards, almost making them touch my face.






Oh, God! I wish I could disappear.




He inserted his d*ck into my pu*sy which was now facing heaven and I shrieked as he started thrusting in and out.




Oh, God!


It still hurt like hell, but not like the first time.




I closed my eyes and moaned as his sizeable d*ck kept going in and out of me and it sent shivers down my spine.


At a point, he rolled the tip of my clit with his thumb and I didn’t realise when I shouted: “Dad!”




Oh, God! This is heaven.


I couldn’t even look into his face as he kept thrusting faster and deeper and he left me in all moans. The sweetness was driving me crazy.


Where did Alex learn this from?




After a while, he came out from me and I actually thought it was over; but he stood me up from the bed and made me to kneel, backing him.




I placed my both hands on the bed for support and that was when I realised it was what they called ‘dog style’.




Oh, Jesus!




He entered into me from behind and started moving harder than he’s ever moved and my moans increased.




He grabbed my bre*sts as he rode me to heaven and the sweetness couldn’t even let me open my eyes.


I kept moaning his names and they almost turned into screams.




He rode me from behind for a long time and released inside me and that was when he pulled out, falling on the bed.




I also fell immediately and he pulled me close to himself and he covered our bodies with the duvet.


Oh, God! My legs – in between – they were hurting like crazy.


Oh, God! Alex.




I was kind of panting, but it subsided after a short time and Alex, also regaining his strength, made me place my head on his chest while he wrapped his hands around my shoulders.




Then, he brought his lips close to mine and kissed me.




He took in a deep breath and we remained quiet for some time, my head still on his shoulders.


Gosh! I guess I’m gonna have to start getting used to his s*x lifestyle.


I can’t believe he almost damaged my p…sy.




“The baby….what s£x do you want it to be? Is it a male or female?” He broke the silence and I swallowed






“Um…a girl” I replied.




“Huh? Why?”


I smiled lightly.




“Well, I just love little girls” I replied and he chuckled.




“Well, I’d prefer a boy, but even if it becomes a girl, I’ll be okay with it” He said and I smiled.




“You know, when the baby comes, I’d want him to have your eyes.” He said and I couldn’t help but blush.




“Really?” I asked.




“Yeah. You have the best eyes, Jeanne and I love it. You know, that look you give when you’re nervous about something; the look in your eyes – it makes me wanna laugh.




“And when you’re sad, it can make anyone do anything just to make you happy” he said and I was forced to laugh.






“So, tell me;” he continued.


“What would you want our baby to take from me?”




I chuckled and licked my lips.




“Well…first of all, I wouldn’t want him to take over your grumpy attitude” I said and he laughed.




“What? I’m not grumpy” he exclaimed.




“You are, Alex; rude; grumpy and annoying.




“The first day I arrived at the mansion as Molly’s nanny, and you had returned with the rest of the lover boys and asked me why I was there, seriously, I felt like entering into the ground. You were so scary and I had been scared you were going to hurt me. At that time, I couldn’t even breathe when I was around you.


Although, I was crushing on you, I was still scared of you”. I expounded.


He smiled and kissed my hair.




“Sorry for making you scared back then” he said in a serene tone.




“So,” he continued.


“is that the only thing you gate about me?” He asked.




“Yes. And as for the things I’d want the baby to inherit from you are your charms, cuteness, voice and dance skills” I replied and he chuckled.




“Wow! Really? You love all that about me?” He asked and I nodded.




Then, he lauded and pecked me on the hair again.



“Don’t worry, Jeanne; very soon, all our worries will be over and I promise to give you and my kids the best life on earth”. He said in that sweet tone of his and my cheeks turned red immediately.




He brought his face close and kissed me on the lips – a tempestuous snogging kiss.




“I love you” he said in a soft breath.




“I love you too” I replied and laid my head back on his chest.






The Loverboys


(A call from Theo)

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