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Episode 5




By: Faith Lucky.



Jeanne’s Pov:


My cheeks turned red immediately and my eyes beamed.


The Loverboys are here!


They fulfilled my wish.




Wait, hold on; where’s Alex?


Yes, where’s Alex?




I mean, he’s not with them.


The only Loverboys I can see are Carl, Daniel and Malcolm.




Where’s Alex?


Oh God!


Don’t tell me he’s not coming.




I watched despondently as the three Loverboys took separate seats and oh, my; they’re so cute.


They were so charming and dreamy, just that my Alex was still unbeatable.


But where’s he?




“Uhm…miss Jeanne” Mr Leonard called and pointed to the board and I understood he wanted me to continue with the equation.




I became sad as the thought of not seeing Alex niggled at me.




I was about turning around when I saw a young dazzling masculine figure entering into the class.




I left my mouth open as a gasp escaped it.





Oh, my God; it was Alex!





The leader of the Loverboys; my crush!




Oh, my God!


He really did come!




I stood motionless as I watched him walk into the class, looking all broody.




He had so many jewelleries and was heavenly cute. Even a blind man would trip for him.




He was so stylish; even with the way he walked.




Can someone really be this perfect?


I mean, so rich, crazily handsome, stylish, famous and all that.




He was just too cute; too cute that I feel there’s no one else like him.




Oh, my Alex.




I watched him as he ran his fingers into his hair and looked around for a seat.


Then, Holy Mary, he took my seat!




I mean, yes!


He picked up my bag from the locker and kept it on the next seat which was vacant and then, he took my seat.




Oh, my God!


Alex just touched my bag.


Am I day dreaming or what?




I’m definitely going to take that bag to the museum.




“Haven’t I warned you all to switch off your phones?” Mr Leonard asked, referring to the students that were already taking pictures of the Loverboys with their phones.


They giggled and switched it off.




“Miss Jeanne” he called and I shrugged out of my thoughts and turned back to the board.


I tried focusing on the equation and prayed I don’t end up writing Alex’s name on the board.




In less than two minutes, I saw done and handed the marker to Mr loenard.


He went through the equation for a short time and released a light smile.




“Wow! That’s correct. Quite impressive” he said and I felt my head becoming two.




Oh, Alex did you see that?


I was able to solve the equation.




“Thank you sir” I said to Mr Leonard and tired going back to my seat.






My seat; Alex was already there.




Oh, God! What do I do now?




But the next seat was vacant.


Hold on; doss this mean I’m going to have to sit next to Alex?



I noticed some of the students were now staring at me as they also wanted to know what would happen.


Oh, God!




And Alex wasn’t even staring at me or anyone. He just leaned on the chair and starred outside.


He probably had no idea what was going on.




I walked slowly to the row and stood in front of him. But he didn’t even turn to look at me.




Wait; what if he recognises me as the lady he had seen in that store the previous day?




I quietly took my books from the locker and moved on to the next sea where my bag had already been kept.


He still didn’t make an attempt to look at me; like I was just invisible or something.




I sat on my ‘new’ locker and sighed nervously.




I really can’t believe I’m sitting next to Alex.




The maths teacher continued teaching but I swear, my attention was so not there.


All I could think about was the lovervoy sitting next to me.




There was a particular fragrance that came from him and it was so sweet. I wonder what body spray be used. I’m sure one of it could buy a house.




I noticed the jewelries on him. They looked expensive and glittered like they were made of gold.




He had one on his ear, then three on his wrist and a long gold chain. And I also noticed he had a tattoo on his hand.





This boy’s really something else.




I looked down at his shoes and noticed they were designers. It was the latest fad in the country.


Everything about him was so classic and expensive.


Too bad I couldn’t really look at his face because he’d have caught me staring and might angrily move to another seat.


I don’t want that to happen.




He didn’t even come with a book or pen. The only things I saw him with were three big phones and car keys.




He kept staring through the window but after some time, he opened one of his phones and started operating it.




I tried to have a peep at what he was doing and noticed he was just viewing pictures of clothes, shoes, jewelries.


Like seriously?




He’s not even interested in the class. And he’s also not interested in me.




I wonder what really happened that changed him this way.




“Switch off your phones, Alex.” Mr Leonard said and all eyes turned to him – Alex.






I also turned and looked at him. I mean, everyone was staring at him. So, this was an opportunity.



I looked at him and…wow! Look at his spotless face. This was the first time I was viewing him from such a close range.


Where do you come from, Mr?




“Mr Leo, I listen with my ears, not my eyes” he replied churlishly and few of the students chuckled.




Oh, my God; is he this rude?




Mr Leonard looked angry, but just when he was about saying something, three people walked into the class – two men and one woman.




The students started mumbling as they all wondered why they were there.




They walked up to Mr Leonard and made a silent conversation with him and afterwards, they came up to my locker; no, not my locker; but Alex’s locker.




Who are they?




“Sorry for the disturbance, sir Alex; but we have a little question for you:” the woman among them said and Alex just glanced at her and took his eyes back to his phone.




“Uhm…Some very vital items have gone missing from the storage room you had made use of yesterday while practicing on your keyboard. So, we jus wanted to know if you might have any idea about it” the woman said and my heart gave a mighty leap.




what? Some vital items were stolen?




But how come she’s questioning Alex? I was in the room with him.





Alex scoffed and looked at her.




“Hold on; are you trying to accuse me of something?” He asked.




“No, no, no sir Alex. Please don’t misunderstand us. Of course you can never do such a thing. It’s unimaginable.


We just want to know if there was someone else with you at that moment. Or, if you had seen someone else entering or leaving the room” the woman said and my eyes dilated.




Oh, God!


This is not happening.




I…I was the only one with Alex in that room. And.. he had seen my face.


But I didn’t take anything. I didn’t.




My heart was beating so fast.




Alex suddenly turned and looked at me and I felt my breath becoming still.




Jesus, no. This is not happening.


Is he really going to call my name?




But I didn’t do it.






The Loverboys


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