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Episode 41








Jeanne’s Pov:


We finally arrived in Korea and a car drove us to the suite where we’d be staying in Seoul city.



Wow! This place is just too breathtaking.




I kept staring through the window as we drove pass big buildings and skyscrapers and lots of Korean people.


Alex just kept making and receiving different kinds of calls.




Finally, we drove through a gate and I guess that was our destination because the driver pulled over in front of a tall magnificent building.


Wow! What is this place? Is this where we’ll be staying?




The doors were opened for us and Alex and I came down from the car.


The guards that had followed us behind opened the boots and started bringing out our luggages.




“Wow” I breathed out, taking my eyes around.




It was a magnificent building and lots of cars filled the whole place with few people moving about.




I saw three Korean men in suits walking towards us and tried pulling myself together.




“Alexander” one of the men called with a wild smile.


his eyes were so tiny and they almost became invisible when he smiled.




“Good day, Mr Byung Woo.” Alex greeted with a light smile.




“Oh, dear. Longest time, no see. I’m so glad you’re here. Chun-man-eyo” the Korean man replied and I wonderedwondered what the last statement meant.




“Good day, sir” I decided to greet when he was done with Alex.



“Oh, dear. How was your flight?” He asked with a warm smile.




“it was fine, sir. Thanks”.




“Please, come with me” he further said and we started walking with him, approaching the tall building.




“Everything you’ll be needing in here has already been prepared for you.” He continued speaking as we walked along.


“There’s already a keyboard and you can have enough time to get ready for the concert.”.




We entered into the building and my eyes glittered at the sight of the ineffable sight in front of me.


Wow! The whole place was too beautiful!




Although, it looked more like an office with men and women in suits moving about with files in their hands.




The floors were tied, of course, and the walls were made of glass that I could see my own reflection in them.












Some of the people around called out to Alex when they saw him and he just waved back at them.


Wow! I can’t believe I’m walking in the midst of Koreans.




“They’ve all been waiting for your arrival” the Mr Buy whatever said as we walked to a door and after pressing a button, it opened.



Oh! It was an elevator.




We got in and after some time, it opened again and when we stepped out, I found myself in a place that really looked like a house.


Wow! Who would believe there was an office downstairs?




Well, the building was very big and I guess it should be up to 5 floors or more.




“And welcome to your little comfort” the Korean man said as he opened the door of the room in front of us.




A ‘wow’ escaped my lips as we stepped into the sitting room.




The room had a brown color and everything one needed to be comfy was in it – sofas, refrigerators, a flat screen, an air conditioner and all that.




The dining was just behind the room and I noticed covered plates were arranged on it.




“In case you need anything, anything at all, just call give us a call. Okay?” The Korean. Man said as we stood in the room.




“Okay, sure” Alex replied and touched his forehead.




“Oppa!!” I suddenly heard a female voice shriek and I flinched and turned to see who it was.


It was a young lady who came out from a . room and before I’d realise what was going on, she jumped on Alex, embracing him.






Alex smiled and reciprocated.



“Oh, God! I’ve missed you. It’s been years now” the lady said excitedly as they pulled from the hug.




“Hi, Da-hye” Alex said and she giggled and embraced him again.




Wait; I know this lady.


Of course! She’s a popular Korean actress.


Oh! So she knows Alex?




“How was your flight?” She asked happily.




“Urgh! Manageable, I guess.” Alex replied and she giggled and turned to me.




“Oh! And you must be Jeanne, right?” She asked, pointing her index finger at me.




“Yes, ma’am. Good evening” I replied politely.


‘Oh, dear. I heard you’re on the verge of becoming a lover girl. Well, don’t worry, with Alex singing with you, you’re sure to win because he’s a god” she said and smiled at Alex.






“Okay. So, I figured you guys might be exhausted and I decided to take care of you myself. I made dinner” she said ecstatically and signalled us to follow her to the dining.




“Hm. I had a feeling my presence would be useless with Da-hye around.” The Korean man that came with us said and Da-hye laughed.




“Enjoy your stay, both of you” he added and left the room.





“So” Da-hye continued as we all sat at the dining.



“I hope you enjoy my meal. Of course, you know I’m a good cook” she said and laughed again and Alex just smiled.


Hm. It seems she’s fond of laughing and smiling.




She opened the plates and started dishing out our meals.


Gosh! This looks totally strange to me.


What kind of a meal is this?




When she was through dishing it out, we started eating and I noticed Alex was eating faster than I was. It seems he liked the food.


How does he get to know Korean foods?


Well, he’s a celebrity and travels round the world.




Da-hye kept talking and laughing with just Alex and it kind of got me puzzled.


Alex that barley touches a lady. How come he’s so free around her? it seems they’ve been friends for a long time.






They kept chatting and chatting and the only time Da-hye paid attention to me was when I was about standing up.




“do you like my meal?” She asked and I paused to look at her.


But before I could reply, she spoke again.


“It’s called sundubu jjigae” she said and I almost laughed.


It’s that an incantation or what?




“It’s nice” I replied perfunctorily with a faux smile and she clapped her hands like a baby, feeling excited.





Then, I took in some water and stood up.




“Uhm…thanks for the meal. But I need to take a shower” I said.




“Okay, dear” she replied and I smiled and left.




I entered into the bedroom which I was able to spot because I had seen the guards taking our luggages there.




I stood and admired it for sometime and changed into a towel.


I suddenly remembered what Carl told me that morning before leaving – although I didn’t know why I let it have an impact on me.




I jam – locked the door before going into the bathroom which I still made doubly sure I locked as well.


Then, I took off my towel and had a long sweet bath under the cool shower.




I wonder what my three days with Alex would be like.




When I was done, I went out and changed into a trouser and a long sleeve top.


Well, I didn’t want to leave any part of my body exposed to avoid any form of the devil’s work.




Making sure I was properly covered, I went out to the sitting room and there I met Alex, sitting all alone in the sitting room, holding a drink.


Oh! It seems Da-hye left already.


Well, better.




“Hey” he called when he noticed me and I cleared my throat and entered fully into the room.




“H-hi” I replied nervously and sat on the couch beside his.



“Care for a drink?” He asked as he poured in drink from the bottle of wine into a glass and handed it to me even before I’d reply.




“Thanks” I replied bashfully and sipped from it.




“Uhm…sir” I called and he looked at me.


“Uhm…what song are we presenting?”




He paused and drank from his glass.




“Don’t worry, we’ll talk about that tomorrow” he replied and I nodded.




“Okay sir…”




“Alex” he cut me off.


“Just call me Alex” he said and my eyes beamed.






I could feel my cheeks turning red and I quickly drank from my glass to cover it up.




“So, do you like Carl?” He asked after a pause and I almost spilled out drink from my mouth.




“S…Sir?” I stuttered, forgetting the fact he asked me to call him by his name.




“Yes? Do you like him?” He asked, rolling his eyes.




“Of…of course, not. We’re just friends” I replied, cringing a little.




“So, why do you always blush when he’s talking to you?” He asked and I scoffed.



What in the name of God!




“I…I…I don’t…”




“You like him, right?” He asked.




“No, I don’t. I can’t like him to that extent” I replied and he suddenly smiled.




“Why? Is there someone else you like?” He asked and I gasped.








“Alex” he cut in and I sighed.






Gosh! It feels so strange calling him by his name.




He smiled to himself and gulped down the rest of the content in his glass.




“Aren’t you feeling sleepy already?” He asked and I didn’t even think twice before saying:






“Oh! Same here. Let’s go to bed, then.” He said as he stood up and I felt a loud bang in my head.




What bed?




“Uhm…” I paused and looked around.



“Actually, sir…sorry, Alex. I uh…” I paused and took the TV remote.


“I actually want to watch some movies. I’ll just join you later” I said, hoping I was convincing enough.




He stared at me for a short time and shrugged.


“Okay, then. Good night” he said.




“Good night, sir” I replied with a bow but gasped when I noticed I made a mistake again.


He chuckled and walked away.




I took in a deep breath when he left and turned on a movie. Well, to be sincere, I really was tired and needed some rest. But, gosh! I can’t think of sleeping on the same bed with Alex. What the hell is that? How do we share the bed?



What if I sleepily turn and put my hands on his waist? Or he does same? Or something bigger happens?




I sighed tiredly and fixed my eyes on the tele, but didn’t even understand what was going on.




After some time, I laid down on the couch and slept off.




Alex’s Pov:


I walked into the sitting room and found her fast asleep on the couch. I shook my head and laughed.


I knew she was dizzy but was scared sharing the bed with me.


She’s such a naughty girl.





I went to her and carried her up in my arms, taking her to the bedroom.



I laid her on one side of the bed and all she did was stretch a little and adjusted. She was really deep asleep and looked so pretty in it.




I laid beside her and covered ourselves up with the duvet.


I can’t believe she’s actually putting on a trouser and long sleeve to go to sleep. I just hope she doesn’t scream when she wakes up and finds herself lying next to me on the bed.


Funny girl.






The Loverboys


(Burnt the food)

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