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Episode 26








Jeanne’s Pov:


I sat on the hospital bed with Alex and the doctor standing in front of me.


The doctor was writing down some prescriptions in his notebook, while Alex stood facing him.




The doctor had attended to my leg and it had been bandaged and I felt better now.




“Just get her these medicines and she’ll be up and doing within the twinkle of an eye. The injury wasn’t too serious” the doctor said assuringly as he gave the list to Alex.




“Okay” Alex replied simply and looked at me.




“Let’s go” he said and started towards the door.


I climbed down from the bed and hoped I’d be able to walk.




I took a step and felt a little pain.


But it was just a little and wasn’t as severe as it was before.


With this, I’ll think I’ll be perfectly fine pretty soon.


“Thank you doctor” I said to the doctor and he smiled and supported me to the door.


Alex had already left the room.




“Take care of yourself, okay?” The doctor said and I nodded and left the room.




I walked slowly and met Alex at the car.




“Uhm…Sir” I called as we sat together in the car.


He didn’t look at me and just focused on his phone.


“Thanks a lot” I said, but he still didn’t show any reaction.




He connected his headphones and plugging them into his ears, he rested his head on the seat head and closed his eyes.




“You’re welcome” he finally said with his eyes still closed and that sounded divine to me at that moment.




I smiled lightly and leaned my head on the window as the driver took off.




We entered into the sitting room and met everyone there – the loverboys, Molly and the house servants.


But Mrs Tristan was yet to return.









They called with relief as we walked in.


Molly ran to me immediately.




“Nanny what happened to you? Were you hurt?” She asked as she looked at my bandaged knee.




“Don’t worry about me baby. I’m fine” I replied with a smile.




“We’ve been worried sick about you, Alex” Daniel said.


“We thought something bad mightve happened. It’s a good thing you’re safe”.




“And you Jeanne. What happened to your leg? Is it a result of the riot?” Carl asked.




“Yes sir. But it’s getting healed up now. Sir Alex took me to a doctor already” I replied as he stared at the leg.




“Sorry about that, Jeanne” Malcolm said and I nodded with a light smile.




“And you, Alex; were you hurt?” Carl asked and Alex touched his forehead.




“As you can see, I’m fine” he replied in a cheerless tone.




“I’m glad you’re okay, nanny” Molly said.


“I was so worried about you. Here; I kept your phone safe for you”.


she brought out the phone from her pocket and gave it to me and I brushed her hair with my palm.




Just then, Ambrose came running down the stairs.


Surprisingly to everyone, he ran pass Alex and came to me.






He barked at my feet and licked my legs.


Oh, Ambrose!


You promised to keep our secret safe.


but you’re putting me in trouble.




Everyone was stunned as he played around me.




“What’s the secret nanny?” Molly asked.


“How did you get Ambrose to like you?”




I gulped nervously and looked at Alex and he was staring back at me.


I’m pretty sure he was suspicious already.




Then he came up to where I was and took Ambrose from the floor.


A call came into his phone immediately.




“Hello?” he said on the phone as he started climbing the stairs with Ambrose in his hands. “We’re fine now, mum. There’s nothing to worry about”



I watched him as he climbed the stairs and finally got out of sight. .


I took in a deep breath and stared at the floor.




“I think you should take some rest, Jeanne. Come on; I’ll accompany you to your room” Carl said and tried coming close to me, but Molly got in the way.




“Don’t worry, Carl. I’ll do it” she said and wrapped her tiny hands around my waist.


I and the loverboys laughed.



“Let’s go nanny” she said and we climbed the stairs together and went into my room.




“Do you need me to get something for you?” She asked as I laid on the bed and I smiled and touched her cheeks.




“Don’t worry, baby. I’m fine” I replied and she nodded and took my phone.




“Can I play games with your phone, please?” She asked in an endearing tone.




“Sure” I replied and unlocked it for her and she started playing a fashion game.




I laid on the bed and tired getting some sleep. I was so exhausted.




Not long after, I heard someone knocking on the door and Molly went to check it out.




“It’s the chef, nanny.” She turned back to me and said and I opened my eyes.




“Evans?” I muttered and she nodded.


Then, I sat up.




“Uhm…let him in” I said and she opened the door wide and he walked in.


He had an apron on.




“Jeanne” he called as he drew near and stood in front of me.




“Hi Evans” I said.




“How’re you feeling now?” He asked and I nodded.


“I’m good.”




I was still curious to know why he was in my room.




“Uhm…Jeanne; there’s a little problem” he said and I flinched.




“A problem?” I asked and he nodded.




“You see, I know you need some rest, but…”


He paused and looked at Molly who was standing at the door, staring at us.


Then, he sat on the bed and leaned forward.




“Sir Alex’s asked me to make his coffee” he said in a whisper and I was startled.


Gosh! I thought it was something extra ordinarily serious.




“Oh!” I remarked.


“Is that so?”






I hesitated for a while.




“Okay then. Let’s go to the kitchen” I told him and he helped me stand from the bed.




“I’ll be right back, baby. I need to get something from the kitchen” I told her as we walked out of the room.




I followed him to the kitchen and helped him make the coffee.


I really hope we don’t get found out soon.




“Thanks sweetie” he said excitedly as I rounded up the coffee.




“You’re welcome, Evans. Now don’t forget you have someone to share your salary with” I told him as I headed for the door and he laughed.




On my way to my room, I ran into one of the loverboys – Daniel.




“Hey” he called with a surprised stare, holding a glass of wine.


“What the hell are you doing all here alone? You should be in your room, resting. You don’t need to stress your leg” he said and I cleared my throat and itched my head.


Is loverboy Daniel really being concerned?




“I Uhm. ..I just went to get something from the kitchen, sir. I’ll be on my way now” I replied.




“Sure. Be careful” he said and walked away and I turned to look at him as he did. Incredible!



Maybe Evans was right after all. Maybe he was right when he said Daniel would change when he gets to know me.




I smiled and continued to my room and when I got in, I found Molly already sleeping on the bed.




I won’t be able to carry her to her room now.


Maybe she’d have to sleep in my room for today.




I adjusted her to lie properly on the bed and I laid close to her and covered our bodies with the duvet.




I smiled as I recalled everything that had happened between Alex and I today.


Oh, God!



I wish I can make it happen again.


It’s a night I’ll never forget.






The Loverboys


(I have a sister?)

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