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Episode 25




By: Faith Lucky.




Jeanne’s Pov:


He touched his forehead and finally bent over the hole.


I stretched out my hand and he held it and started bringing me out.




I groaned because of the pains and when I got to the surface, he supported me by the waist and finally brought me out.


Oh, Jesus!


At last.




I breathed heavily and looked at my knee.


The glass was still stuck in it and blood was oozing from it.




We were about running away when we noticed the direction we were supposed to take had become dangerous and people were running away from it.


I even saw a man who’s hand had been shut.


There was no way we could go further.




I looked at Alex and anxiety was clearly written on his face.




Then he looked at me and stated running the opposite direction and I followed.




We ran to an unknown place and surprisingly, we found a tiny creaky door and Alex opened it and we went in and he closed the door.


The room was very small and there was no window in it except for the square like opening which was covered with glass.


Hopefully, it’d be difficult for anyone to spot us in here.




The room was kind of dirty and untidy with scattered books and cartoons all over.


It looked like a storage room.




Alex remained standing and just looked at the window. He was clearly devastated.




Oh, God!


I hope Molly will be fine.


Probably, the guards will return to the car and take her away.


I hope the riot ends soon so we can all go home.




But right now, I have something more serious to be worried about.


My leg!




It was losing a lot of blood and the pains were driving me crazy.




I looked at Alex who was backing me and didn’t even seem to care. Yet, he’s the reason I ended up in this state.


I shouldve stayed in the car with Molly.




I watched him deep his hands into his pocket, looking for something.




“Damn it!” He groaned, not being able to find it.




It was his phone.


It seems he misplaced it.




And I left mine in the car.




He ruffled his hair and looked at me, then breathed out and looked back at the window.


I’m sure he wanted to talk to me, but his pride wouldn’t let him.




He placed one of his hands at akimbo and looked at me again.




“Do you have your phone with you?” He asked, sounding like it took him heaven and earth to say it.




“N…No sir” I replied and stared at the floor.




He groused and hit the wall.




Gosh! I have a feeling we’re really stuck in here.


and its getting dark already.


how do I treat my leg?




He turned and looked at me, probably attracted by the unpleasant sounds I was making as a result of my leg.


It was hurting so bad and I didn’t have the nerves to pull out the glass.




Alex sighed and faced the window again.



I guess he must be suffocating right now.


I kept whimpering in pains.




Then, surprisingly, like, really surprisingly, he started walking to my direction.




Hold on; is he really coming to me or what?




Oh, my God!


He came to where I was and squatted in front of me.




What is he doing?




I batted my eye lashes as I stared in amusement.


He touched my leg and I swear to God, I felt my whole systems vibrating.




Wait; is he going to pull out the glass?




No, no, no, no. Don’t tell me. I don’t think I’m ready for it.


Oh, God!




He didn’t even look into my face. He just focused on the leg.




Oh, my gee!


I can’t believe Alex is really touching my leg. Is this a dream or what?




His skin was so soft but the pains I was going through wouldn’t let me enjoy its touch.





He held the leg with one hand and used the other to hold the glass.



Oh, God!


This is really going to be so painful.




He turned the glass a little and the pains niggled at me.




“Sir!” I called fearfully and gripped his hand.




He looked at the hands joined together and looked back at the leg.




“Stay still” he said icily and I gulped nervously and let go of his hand.


His voice was so cold, yet sweet.




He held the glass again and shut my eyes as he started pulling it out.




I felt my leg going on fire as the glass pulled our of my skin.




“Aargh!” I screamed as it finally came out.




Oh, heavens! I hope labour pains won’t be as painful as this.




I looked at the glass which was covered with my blood.


I looked at my knee and the cut was pretty deep and still hurt so bad.






Alex threw the glass away and stood up and I thought he was going back to the window.


But he went to a place where a little piece of cotton laid.





He took it up and returned to where I was and tied it round my leg.






I can’t believe Alex is really taking care of me.


He’s so sweet- even if he puts on a grumpy look while doing it.




Then he stood up and returned to facing the window.




“T…Thank you sir” I said nervously, but he didn’t even turn to look at me or say anything.




But it’s still a miracle he touched me.


Isn’t this the same guy who told me he dislikes me and didn’t want to have anything to do with me?


I can’t believe he actually paid attention to me.




Oh, Alex. I wish I can take away your sadness and fears.




Although the glass was out, the leg still hurt a lot because no treatment had been applied to it yet.




But the cotton Alex had tied around it was able to stop the excess bleeding.


But I still needed some serious treatment because I felt my leg being cut into two.




The riot still seemed to be on and I badly wished it’d come to an end.




After standing for a long while, he finally found a place to sit – on the floor!


Oh, my God!


The loverboy sat on the floor – the dirty dusty floor!


Are you kidding me?



The bench I was sitting on was the only seat in the room. But his pride wouldn’t let him seat next to me.


Oh, Alex!




He closed his eyes and rested his head on the wall and I had an opportunity to stare into his pretty face all day.




I really love this guy.


Ouch! My leg!


This leg’s really ruining a lot of things.




Suddenly, it started raining and my anxiety increased.


Why does it have to rain now?


How do we leave this place?




I looked at Alex and he didn’t seem to be bothered as he didn’t even open his eyes. Could he be sleeping or what?



I looked into his face as he laid quietly.


He was so handsome.


I wonder why his love life has to be this pathetic.


What could be responsible for the deaths of his girlfriends?


Could it be Theo?


But why?


And where’s Theo?




After a long time, he opened his eyes and stood up and.


He stared through the window and went to open the door. He looked really tired.



He opened the door and looked outside and with how relaxed he looked, it seemed the riot had stopped.


But it was still raining.




Then, he turned to me.




“Let’s go” he said perfunctorily and faced the door.




What? In the rain?


Oh, God!




I struggled to stand on my feet as my legs still hurt a lot.


Oh, God!


Are you sure I can walk in this state?




I walked slowly to the door, dragging my feet along and Alex and I got outside.




Thank goodness!


It seems the riot has stopped as the whole place had become calm and quiet. But it was dark already.


How do we get home?


And for someone like Alex being a celebrity, it isn’t safe for him to be exposed in the open.


But it seems he really wanted to get out of here. He was probably worried about Molly.




We got outside and started walking in the rain, but I couldn’t walk fast – not at all.


My legs were still hurting and I had to walk with great difficulty. I think a snail would be faster than me at this moment.




We were getting wet by the rain and Alex was already ahead and I was obviously the one slowing him down.



He’d walk and stop to look at me and seeing I was still struggling behind, he’d grumble and await me to get closer a bit.




Well, I wouldn’t blame myself. I was passing through unbearable pains here and being under the rain was already making me shiver. I felt like falling on the floor and passing out.




The whole place was tranquil and really dirty as lots of things littered all over – broken glasses, bags, chairs and all that. It was a result of the riot and its a good thing it was all over. I just hope it didn’t take any ones life.




Soon, I stopped walking as I couldn’t move the leg anymore. Hot tears formed up in my eyes.




Alex stopped and looked at me and a frown crept into his face.


I tired moving again but couldn’t and feared I might fall at any moment.




He brushed his fingers into his hair and huffed.




“This is so annoying” he muttered, but I was still able to hear him.




Then he came up and stood in front of me.


Okay, is he going to hit me or what?




He placed his both hands at akimbo and bent his head, as if contemplating on something.




Then, what-the-fu*ck!


He carried me up in his arms!









Holy Mary!




What the hell?




Have I passed out already and probably dreaming?


Holy Christ!


Alex is carrying me in his arms!


Loverboy Alex!


The grumpy introvert leader of the Loverboys! .








I left my mouth open in shock as my eyes also dilated.


I stared into his face with disbelieve, but he didn’t even look at me.


He just started walking and tried avoiding my gaze.




I was shocked beyond doubt. His hands were touching the back of my thighs as he carried me in a bridal style.




My hands were wrapped around his neck for balance and it was so unbelievable. How did this even happen?



I kept staring into his face as he carried me in the rain and walked quickly.


At that moment, I felt my breath becoming still as I stared into his sparkling eyes which were trying not to look at me.


I saw something different in those eyes, but couldn’t really figure it out.


His touch around me sent shivers down my spine.




We got to the facade of the building and there we met a few people, hanging around, talking about the incidence that had taken place.




Alex took me to a shade and kept me down on a place to sit.




He finally looked into my eyes as helped me sit, but I was out of words and didn’t even know what to say at that moment.


The whole thing was coming as a shock to me.




We were both drenched in the rain and summed up with everything that’s happened, I started shivering.




Alex left and walked over to two women who were not far from us.


The women exclaimed immediately they saw him.




“Oh, my God! It’s loverboy!”




“hah! Alex!”.




They all started dreaming and I just managed to watch blearily.




“Can I lend your phone, miss?” He asked one of them.


He didn’t even say ‘please’.


But she smiled happily and gave the phone to him.




Well, I’m sure having the leader of the loverboys touch what’s hers was something she could die for.


And that same loverboy just carried me in his arms!




He made a call and with what he said, I think he was talking to one of his drivers.


Thank goodness! I really can’t wait to get out of here.




When he was done with the call, he returned the phone to the woman.




“Uhm…Sir…” she called enthusiastically just when he was about turning around.


“I’m Priscillia, sir. But my friends call me Cillia” she said in a funny smile that revealed all her teeth.




Gosh! If not that I’m in so much pains, I’d have laughed out my lungs.




“And so?” Alex said derogatorily and left her, returning to where I was.




I looked at the woman and noticed she was now looking like someone who had maggots all over her face.


The other woman with her held her by the shoulders and consoled her.






I folded my hands and huddled my legs together as II shivered from the cold.


Alex was still standing beside me and before I knew it, he took off his jacket and shockingly, he wrapped it around me, making it cover my back to my chest.




Grrr! Another bombshell.




If a soothsayer had alerted me that something like this would ever happen between Alex and I, I never would’ve believed it.


Are you sure I’m not dreaming?




Then, he stood backing me and looked out to the road, hopefully waiting for his car to arrive.




I really wanted to talk to him, thank him so much for all he’s doing, but the whole shock wouldn’t let me.




I stared at him from behind for a short while and bent my head.


my strength was leaving me. The jacket he had given me could only do little to my condition.


My eye lids were heavy and forcefully trying to close. And it took me a lot to keep them open.




After a while, I saw flashlights and I slowly lifted my head and discovered Alex’s cars had arrived.


But two police cars were behind them.




The cars pulled over and policemen and armed guards came out from them immediately.


Two men dressed in suits also followed.




“Alexander” one of the men in suits called him in his full name as they hurried to where he was – with me.


“Thank goodness! You scared the hell out of us. We’ve been looking all over for you”.




“Were you hurt? What really happened?” The other man in suit also said, running his eyes round his body.




“We’re sorry for leaving, sir Alex. We had no idea you were still in the building. We searched for you and thought you found your way out” one of the guards said.




“Where’s my sister?” Alex asked after a pause.




‘She’s safe now, sir. She’s at home” replied the guard.




The police were already going round the place.




“Come on Alex. We need to go home. I’ll call one of your doctors immediately to have a check up on you” one of the men in suit said.



I have a feeling he’s Alex’s manager.




“No. I need to take her to a hospital first” Alex said and looked at me and that was when they could spare a second to look at me as well.




“Who’s she?” One of the men asked but Alex didn’t say anything immediately as he just came up to me and helped me stand.




“She’s my sister’s nanny” he told them as he supported me to walk to one of the cars.


He wrapped his hands around my back and helped me leap.




“Alex?” One of the men called as we were about going into the car.




They looked surprised and it seems Alex knew what was on their minds.


“You…You can drive with me” one of them said and Alex turned slightly to look at him.




“Like I said, I need to get her to a hospital” he replied and entered into the car with me.




I shivered in the car, but this time around, I’m not so sure it was from the cold weather.


I think it’s a result of everything that’s happened.


Could this be an illusion?




The driver and a guard sat at the front seat and took off and two other cars followed us behind.




Alex and I were sitting next to each other and I still couldn’t believe it.


But, this was the same guy that had taken a different car on our way here because he didn’t want to be close to me.


How did this even happen?


I can’t believe it.




I turned and stared into his face, trying to comprehend the whole thing.




He was staring through the window, but knowing I had been staring at him for a long time, he turned and also looked at me and my heart skipped.




“is there something wrong?” He asked and I shook my head and stared away, gulping nervously.






The Loverboys


(A night to remember…)

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