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The Loverboys


(Going out with him)




Episode 23








Kimberly’s Pov:


I sat quietly on the bed as I awaited the girls to dress up so we could leave the mansion.




“I wish we could have a sleep over every weekend, girls. Oh, my gee! Malcolm was so sweet” Alina said dreamily.


She had slept with him in his room. Joyce had slept with Carl while Eva slept with Daniel.




“Carl’s such a flirt. I can’t believe he almost broke my pu*sy” Joyce said with a little chuckle.




“So you prefer him to Tony, huh?” Caroline asked.




“Of course. If Tony had any of Carl’s abilities, there wouldn’t be a problem between us” she replied and bit her lips.




“Seriously, girls. I wish Daniel was my boyfriend” Eva said.


“It was so long and sweet. I wish last night could be repeated”.




They went on talking but it didn’t really interest me as I had something else in mind.




“Are you alright, Kim?” Eva asked after a while.



“Oh-oh. Maybe she’s feeling bad because she didn’t have anyone to warm her up during the night” Joyce said and they giggled.




“Too bad Alex is an introvert. And Theo your second crush isn’t around” Caroline said and I shut her a glare.




“But hold on, Kim, between Theo and Alex, who do you love more?” Eva asked and I rolled my eyes.




“You guys are just wasting my time. We need to leave” I said churlishly and left the room, knowing they’d follow behind immediately.




Jeanne’s Pov:


We all had breakfast with the lovergirls. But they didn’t even stay long in the dining as they all left, saying they had an appointment.




Kimberly had shut me an angry stare before leaving, but I tried not to pay attention to her.




“By the way, mum” Molly said after a while.


“The function in my school is coming up today. Hope you’ll be ready? It’s starting by 3pm” she said and Mrs Tristan gasped and hit the table.




“Oh, my God, Molly! I…I don’t think I can make it. I’ll be leaving the country in two hours” she said with a perturbed look.




“What re you talking about mum?” Molly shrieked.


“I told you about this like decades ago and it simply can’t be missed out”




“I know sweetheart, but…”



“No buts mum. I told you I’ll be presenting a speech and also told you of the game we’ll be playing with our mums. Now, if you don’t come with me, who’s gonna act as my mum in the game? You really wanna make me a laughing stock?”




“Molly, I…Fine! Jeanne can go with you”






“Nanny?” Molly asked and touched her head.


“Fine! She can come with me, but I still need someone else to come along. I already told my friends you’d be coming with Alex.”




“What? Why?”




“Well, I wanna make a difference. I want a celebrity to go with me and it’s impossible for it not to happen because the entire school’s gonna laugh at me and Sophie’s gonna gain more grounds than me”.


Who’s Sophie?




Mrs Tristan sighed and covered her eyes.


I looked at Alex and he didn’t even make any reaction.




“Alex, could you go with her, Please?” Mrs Tristan asked and that was the moment he reacted.


He scoffed and dropped his cutleries.




“You mean with Jeanne?” He asked in a scoff.




“Yes. Jeanne and Molly” Mrs Tristan replied in an appealing tone.




“You’re joking, mum. You know that’s impossible. I’m not going” he said repugnantly.



“Why Alex?” Molly asked ruefully.


“Nanny’s going there to represent mum in the game. And you…you’re coming as my brother. It’s not like it’s a date or something”




She was clearly getting upset.




“I’m sorry, Molly, but I can’t go. Daniel or Carl or Malcolm can go with you…”




“Hey, hey, Alex. How can you involve me? You know I’m hooked up” Daniel said.




“Same here, buddy. You’re aware of the appointment I’m having, right?” Carl said and Malcolm also shrugged.




“Well, I seriously can’t be the scapegoat. I’m busy as well and won’t be able to make it” Alex said devastated.




Then, surprisingly, Molly stood on her feet.




“Scapegoat?” She asked in a huff.


“Did you seriously refer to your presence in my school function as being a scapegoat? I guess I have a brother who’s one of a kind.




“You guys don’t even care about me. You only focus on your life and what concerns you and don’t care if I’ve needed your attention or not.




“All my friends will be there with their families and I can’t believe I have to plead and plead for my mum or brother to go with me.”




And with that, she ran away in tears.



“Baby?” I called and stood up.




“Molly!’ Mrs Tristan also called but she didn’t turn to look at any of us.






Dear Molly. She’s really hurt.








“Baby, come on; giving me the cold treatment won’t do any good. You need to cheer up” I said to Molly who laid quietly on the bed, backing me.




She’s been moody since in the morning and wouldn’t talk to anyone. Even Mrs Tristan had tried petting her before taking her flight, but it all went down the drain as she just ignored her.


She was so upset.








“I want to be alone, nanny” she said icily and I sighed.


I really feel bad for her. She has such a popular and wealthy family, but can’t even get 3 hours of their time.


They can’t even attend an ordinary function in her school .




And Alex… I’m pretty sure the reason he doesn’t want to go is because I’ll be going along. He doesn’t want to be close to me.


Too bad it’s affecting Molly because now, she’s made up her mind not to go anymore.




“But, baby” I said calmly.


“I think you should try and understated your family. It isn’t like they don’t love you. Of course, they do. And that’s why they’re working pretty hard to make sure you have the best life. If they



can’t make it to today’s function, it doesn’t mean they won’t make it to the next. Just be patient with rhem”.




Everything is said probably fell on deaf ears as she didn’t even turn to look at me.




Gosh! This kid’s really like her brother – so arrogant.




“Uhm…how about…We play a game?” I asked excitedly.


“I know of pretty nice games that will interest you”.




I looked at her,hoping she’d respond, but she didn’t.


She just remained quiet.




Immediately, the door opened and I turned to see whom it was.


Oh, my!


It was Alex!




I quickly sprang on my feet as his entrance was unexpected.




“Uh…S…Sir” I stuttered and looked at him.




Wow! He was looking heavenly gorgeous.




He was putting on a white trouser and a white shirt with a jacket.


It seems white was his favourite color.




He had so many sparkling jewelries on – a gold ear ring on both ears, a long and short gold chain necklace, about five wrist bands on both hands and a diamond ring on his engagement finger.



Then, his dark curly hair flopped over his left eye.


His lips were so pink and soft looking and I felt like biting them.




Oh, God!


Are you sure this guy’s from this planet?




I looked at Molly, but she didn’t even turn to look at him as she just remained still on the bed.




“Uh…b…baby, your brother’s here” I said lowly to her, but she didn’t even move.


Alex was still standing at the door, behind her.


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“Do you plan on going late to the functio?” Alex asked.




“I’m not going” she replied, still not turning to look at him.




“Really? So, I shouldn’t bother coming along?” He asked and she scoffed.




“What are you talking about? You said you were not going” she replied angrily.




“Well, what does it look like to you? I’m dressed up already” he said and immediately, Molly jumped on the bed and quickly turned to look at him.


Her eyes and mouth opened in shock.




“You…you mean you’re coming along?” She asked in excitement and Alex sighed and touched his forehead.




“You have thirty minutes to dress up” he said and left the room and Molly screamed and jumped on me immediately.




“Oh, my God, nanny! Alex’s coming with us! He’s gonna show up in my school. My friends are going to see him. Can you believe it?




“Oh, my! What am I going to wear? I’ve been finding it difficult making a choice, nanny. Please come with me. Do you think I should go on suit? Or a ball gown? Or a meeting dress?”




She kept talking nonstop as she held my hand and dragged me into the dressing room.


I couldn’t stop laughing.




But, come to think of it; Alex’s really coming with us. That means, we’re going to be close.




Oh, my gee!


Is this really happening?






The Loverboys


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