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Body….what? I was confused


“Miss Gem….sorry am late…did anyone bully you?” he asked.


Everyone was shock….how can a handsome man who is fit to be a model or an idol be standing here as a




“uhmm….uhmm….I…uh” I didn’t know what to say….I mean a bodyguard came out of nowhere……


“Let’s go Miss” he said and drag me with him.









He push me in a flashy car and drove a few distance before he stopped and handed me a file.


“Sign it….and I’d officially be your bodyguard” he said “Sign it before I change my mind”


Without thinking I signed the file. He collected it.


“So my salary is 40 thousand *******”


“What!!!!” I yelled “That’s too expensive Mr., that’s like almost my salary…..”


“Well you’ve already signed the file….so it’s too late to complain. My stuffs are in my car so……”


“Your car… mean this baby is your?” I asked and he nodded proudly


“Wow… bodyguard is quite richer than me……” I said in jealousy.


“So I was saying…..I’d be moving in with you” he said


“That okay….I live in my family house….” I said


“Let’s go first I have to freshen up….after that we’ll discuss” he said and I nodded.









When we got home. I gave him the room beside mine.


It was once my room until I was driven to live in the basement. Now am using mom’s room so I’d lend him mine.


Leon got inside the room and it was like a princess room he frown.


“I got lots to do up here” he murmured. While he was busy cleaning and arranging the room his phone rang. “Kelvin….yes am in…..”


“You have to be careful dude… she most not know she’s out bait” Kelvin said


“Don’t worry….don’t you trust me?, now am in I’d find a way to use her well” Leon said


“It’s be much easier if she fall in love with you….how’s that?” Kelvin asked


“Sounds good” Leon replied


“But how can you make her fall?” he asked


“Ha piece of cake…..” Leon replied.


Just then a knock was heard from the door. Leon quickly put away his phone and said.


“Come in” he said and I walked in with a wide smile which disappeared when I entered the once called princess room, it now look plain and like a knight room. There was so many package boxes on the floor.


“Wow……!!” I said.


“Sorry kitten….I just did some cleaning….do you like it?” he asked


“It’s fine it’s fine” I saw and he smiled….I loved that smile….’what…what’s wrong with me?’


“So kitten…let’s talk” he said


“Huh?, kitten….are you referring to me?” I asked and he nodded


“The file you signed says I can call you any pet name if my choice” he said look innocent


“What???!!!!!!!!!, let me read that file of yours….I don’t believe you” I said and he handed me the file. I flip it


open and bang……


1. Your body is mine


My nose almost bleed. etc.


I coughed and coughed, my face was red and flushed…..I look at Leon only to see him smiling innocently.


“W ..what’s this?” I asked.

“A contract…. let’s talk” he said. “Tell me exactly what you need protection from?”.

“My family….. oh I forgot to warn you….you most not need or look or talk or do anything concerning my

sister…..she’s the famous goddess Jolene…” I said and he smiled again melting my bones.

“Don’t worry…. am all yours….” he said seductively and I cough even harder.

‘this is much easier than I thought, she’s falling for me already’ Leon thought.

“I…. I didn’t mean it like that!!” I said

“like what?, I didn’t say anything, did I?” he said, I almost cough out blood.

“I…. I have to go” I stood up and ran out.


‘Shes cute’ he thought and smiled even more.



Jolene, Marie and father came home talking. Leon was outside viewing the environment.


“Huh?, did you get a new worker honey?” asked Marie


“No….I didn’t” he answered


“Then who is that handsome young fella?” she asked. See them looking at him Leon walk up to them and greet them. Jolene was drawn to his beauty. You can hi Nath on 08067268368 to be added to unlimited story room to read more of such stories.


“Leon!!!, Leon!!!” I called and saw him standing with my family, why was he standing with them????.


“Who are you young man?” he asked, before Leon could answer he felt a little hand drag him back and a tiny body stood in front of him, it was like she was trying to protect him from her family.


“He is my bodyguard” she said.


“What!!!, he’s the guy that beat up my men mom” Jolene protested.


“Nice to meet you all am Leon” he bowed.


“Don’t be nice to them” I said facing him.


“Miss Gem….I….” before Leon could say anything again Gem grab his hands and drag him along with





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