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I look at Leon in surprise and he winks at me.


“Leon….I don’t need clothes” I said


“Well then you can just stay naked at home, I don’t mind” he said and I almost cough out blood as I look at the workers who were just smiling.


“Ok….fine….why don’t you do the shopping for me, am so exhausted hubby” I said, knowing that there is no


way he will go around picking girls clothes, I mean he is Mavis Leonel the great. I was smiling inside of me.


“You want me to pick all your outfit?” he asked smirking.


“Yes of course. Why not? or are you ashame that it will ruin your reputation. The almighty Leonel Mavis” I said laughing.


“As a matter of fact no….you’re my wife ain’t you, there is nothing wrong in buying clothes for you, and oh did


I tell you that am good in selecting female underwear very well?” he asked and my eyes wide open as my jaw drop.


“W….what did you say?” I asked.


“Miss please take me to were the most expensive and rare clothes is” he said.


“Yes sir….this way please” she said leading Leon


“L…. Leon, Leon….. Honey… I…. I was just joking ….” I said running after him. “Leon…. hubby

wait….. wait…. Leon…… ” I grab his hands.

“Miss, give me this…. this…. oh…. and this too….. hmm….this this……, oh is this the latest emperor

clothes?” he asked

“No sir this is cloth can only be worn by royals …..there is only one in this world” she said. My eyes caught the

price tag, it had lots of zeros……. I couldn’t even count them……

“L…l…. Leon….. it’s…… it’s so expensive….don’t…. don’t buy it” I said dragging his hands.


“Kitten…you were the one who gave me permission to shop your clothes” he said raising his brown.


“Hehehe….hubby I was just kidding” I said


“Hmm….” he smirk “Kitten that’s not in my dictionary” he said.


“If you buy the gown I won’t talk to you again, Leon you don’t have to waste money for no reason” I said looking straight in his eyes.


“Okay….I won’t buy it…..let’s go buy some shoes” he said


“Shoes….I don’t need them” I said.


“Do you want me to buy the gown?” he asked pointing at the dress.


“No….no….we….we will buy the shoes…..let’s go…let’s go” I drag him along. Leon gave the girl a slight nod


and she understood immediately.


The shoes were so beautiful. my mouth even admit it with a “wow……”


“Sit down kitten” Leon pulled me to a chair. He look around and his eyes cut a shoe. He took it and knelt down in front of me as he grab my feet and took off my shoes.


“Leon what are you doing?” I asked as I drag my legs back.


“Be still my Cinderella” he said and smile. He cleaned my feet with his hands.


“Leon stop, that is dirty” I said but he hold my feet still and slide the heels on my feet.


“It fits” he said and grin widely. His smile was so beautiful I found myself falling deeper and deeper for him.




Leon kept on walking and I followed behind only to end up in an female underwear section.


“Kitten…I like sΒ£xy lingeries….I’ll choose for you…….”


“Oh no……Leon you’re such a pervert!!!!” I yelled and ran out of the hall in embarrassment.




After we left the hall we were in his car


“Are we going home today?” I asked and he nodded.


“Aww….I didn’t even take enough pictures, I took few in the fashion hall, I’ve posted them in my Instagram


already. Hubby can we stay two more days???” I asked blinking my eyes continual so I can look cute.


“I have work, you can stay if you……”


“You’re such a rootless husband!!!” I cut him shut.


“Why?” he asked


“How can you leave you helpless wife in a foreign country?, hubby, hubby Stay with me please…….” I said and


kissed him on his cheeks.


“It’s not working….how about a kiss on my lip….then I’ll stay with you” he said and I chuckled


“Perverted husband….just one kiss” I said and he only smiled, I drew close to him and peck his lip. “There….so


can you stay?”


“Kitten… call that a kiss?, let me show you how a real kiss look like” he said and press me in the car his as


his lips captured mine……………….





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