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Ryan got back to his senses, why was he so angry that Gem refused to follow me and who was those girls guiding her?, is it true was Jolene told him that Gem sells her body to old men?.


He look at his men and said


“Find out who she’s with….” he said


“Yes sir”.


The five girls watch as Gem cry in the car. She was crying so bad. Her face was red and her wrist was hurt.


“Madam?” one them called.


“Am fine…Am fine” I said knowing they were worried.


“Do you want to go to the hospital?” she asked again.


“Am fine ….d…don’t worry” I said.

We got home and I rush out of the car to Susan.

“Call Leon for me …he’s not taking my calls” I said.

“Madam are you alright, you look hurt?” she said.

“Am fine ….Leon…. h…he’s not picking my calls nor replying my messages, am sure you can contact him” I said

“Am sorry madam but I can’t do that” she said

“Why???, am his wife….he’s married to me…. you’ll listen to me….I said call my husband!!!!” I yelled

“I can’t do that!” she yelled back.

“Ok…ok… am sorry I yelled … please…. please just call him am worried… I miss him…. please” I said holding her


“You don’t even know anything about your husband, am sorry I can’t contact him” she said.

“But it’s been three weeks… he..he said… he’ll be back in two weeks….. please….just tell me he’s fine!!” I said

“Yes he’s fine” she said.


“Thank you” I said and went upstairs.


Susan watch Gem, she’s just a naive and innocent girl, she knows nothing…she’s just too pure for all these.


And what’s with this Leon. She’s been trying to contact him but she can’t. She was worried too.


Lying on my bed I took my phone and texted him.


‘You jerk, once you come back I’ll divorce you. Why would you abandon me. I hate you…..I hate you so


much…..don’t come back…just die there. Get Rosemary to come and help you feel better. I don’t ever want to


you again….Liar….I hate you’


I cried so much that night. I couldn’t sleep that night. I was up till day break. My wrist was swollen and it hurts.


Susan was shocked when she saw me. She quickly called doctor Chen.


When I saw him I jumb off the bed.


“Doctor…. have you seen or heard from my husband… please….tell me you have…he’s not…..” I burst into




“Madam…..I can’t contact him too…. neither can Susan here” he said


“What?, I thought you said he was fine!!!” I yelled


“Madam… please let me Chen look at your wrist.” she said.


“Get out….all of you….just go!!!!” I yelled.


“Let me treat you….if Leon should come he won’t be happy to see you like this” he said


“You don’t understand….he said two weeks….I waited patiently but now…it’s almost four weeks and he’s not


here… scared” I said.


“It’s okay…… please madam” he said.


Mr Chen injected me and I sleep off. He treat my wrist.


“How is she?” Susan asked.


“Not good….. thankfully you called her wrist would have been damage” he said.


“Have you heard from Leon?” she asked.


“Let’s talk outside”.


“Leon was shot by a gun” he said


“What?” Susan yelled.


“He has been in a critical condition for a week now, but he’s getting better now……”


“You have to let him know that Gem is worried sick, and what about his phone?, why isn’t him replying her message?” she asked.


“The enemies got his phone” he said.


“When is he coming back”


“Till he’s better, he doesn’t want Gem to get worried and cry”


“Well she’s already worried and she’s crying…can’t you see?” Susan yelled.


“I’ll tell him…..he’ll surely be here tomorrow”


The next morning I woke up because of my phone. It kept on ringing. It was Leon.




“Gem….it’s me”


“Leon….I missed you, you crazy bastard we’re are you?”.


“Gem….I don’t have much time. I want you to come to ******** factory, don’t tell anyone…don’t even bring your bodyguard…..Gem come alone and make sure you switch off your phone”


“Huh?, why?….. hello?, hello..?”


“Madam is that sir Leonel” she asked and I nodded.


“It’s strange…. don’t tell anyone…I have to go…uhmm what’s your name?” I asked her, she’s one of my new bodyguard.


“Sasha” she said


“Good Sasha….I want you to help me snick out of this mansion….” I said and she nodded. I switched my phone


off and followed her.


Leon and doctor Chen came back to the mansion. Leon look worried, when Chen told him what happened to Gem he immediately took a night flight home so he could see her. He rushed into the house. Susan saw him and was surprised.


“Sir!!!!” she yelled


“Were is Gem?” he asked.

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“She still sleeping inside” she said and Leon rushed upstairs only to open the door and met an empty bed. He frown, check everywhere in the room but couldn’t find her.


“Susan…..she…. she’s not here” he said.


“What she’s in her…..” she swallow her words when she didn’t see Gem.


“What’s happening…. Susan where is my wife!!!!!” he yelled and Susan shiver.


“Sir…..sir……why….why are you here?” Sasha asked.


“What do you mean?” Leon asked.


“Didn’t you call Gem a while ago to meet up.with you somewhere….she’s on her way to meet you” she said


“Meet me?, I never called her my phone……my phone is with……no……..where is she?” he asked


“She left minutes ago….I found it suspicious too so I put a tracker on her body…..she’s heading to *******


factory” Sasha said.


Leon took out his new phone and made a call.


“The enemies are after my wife now father……what the f**k is going on???, I want her back in one hours….not


a single hair should be missing in her body….orelse!!!!!!!!!!!” he yelled…………………



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