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I look at Leon and he smiled.


“Rose grandmother again?” I asked and he kissed my nose tip and smiled.


“No my kitten…it’s my grandmother”


“What???, why is she here??!!!” I yelled and push him away.


“It’s her grandson house, why shouldn’t she be here?” he asked.


“She can’t meet me here….not like this!!!” I said but he stood naked laughing “L.E.O.N!!!!!!” I yelled.


“Let’s go say hello”


“No way, if she see am here with you…she might misunderstand….what if she thinks am your….you know….”


“Me what???” he said.


“Leon you don’t understand….this is what I was trying to prevent….I don’t have an identity….the people I thought were my parents said they’re not….I don’t even know who I am…what if my parents are murders…..what if…..”


“Gem!, calm down…..” he said and put on his robe.


“I set up a date for you and Jolene because she said she would give me details of my parents were about. I was stupid and selfish for doing that I know. You have every right to be mad at me, I use you…..but I only did it because I want to know who I am”


“You’re my wife” he said


“That’s not it hubby, what if your family ask me about my background?”


“Don’t worry about my family and please stop crying…..but you don’t have to worry….. grandmother already


like you”


“She does?”


“Yes….now let’s go meet her, she’s not a patient woman”


“You’re not going out with a robe only, are you?” I asked “What’s wrong with it?” he asked.


“Bastard!!!!, do you want grandmother to think we were doing something when she arrive?” I asked.


“Something like what?” he asked and drag me to himself.


“You’re spoilt!!!” I said.


“Silly girl…..ok fine, I’ll put something on, but I don’t mind people thinking we did it…..I mean we are


married…sΒ£x should be something normal for us” he said walking close to me.


“Leonel go f**k yourself” I said and he burst into laughter. “What’s funny?” I asked.


“Kitten…you’re the only one who have insulted me after grandmother……well I’ll punish you later….. let’s go


see granny now” he said.


“Do…do I look okay?, am I okay or should I wear a light makeup and…..”


“Kitten it’s fine you’re perfect….let’s go grandmother doesn’t like waiting”. He drag me along with him


I saw am old lady she was so pretty. She was like a woman in her early 50s.


“Stubborn head!!!” he said


“Granny” Leon said.


“You kept me waiting….you know am not a woman of patience” she said.


“Sorry old miss…. but I was busy admiring my rare Gem” he said

“Gem???, oh….. my little girl ….come come give me a hug” she said straighting her hands at me. I look at Leon

and he nodded. I walk slowly towards her and hugged her.

“Poor thing….. she’s so cute” she said.

I just hugged the old mrs Mavis….the famous fashion designer.

“Ma’am…. am your bug fan…. can I get your autograph??” I said not daring to look at her eyes.

“Hahahaha… yes yes sure hand me a pen” she said and she signed my name in my notebook.

“Thanks ma’am” I said.

“Aishh….. call me grandmother” she said.

“Grandmother… ” I said. Leon stood watching both of us.

“Really??, I feel like am invisible right now” he said.

“Oh baby girl… why is your eyes red did you cry?, did Leon made you cry?, did this moron bully you?” she

asked and before I could answer she took her bag and started beating Leon with it.

“You damage rag… dare bully an innocent girl….you dirty bag….trash child”

“Ahh….. granny…. granny….stop it wasn’t me….I didn’t hurt or bully her” he yelled


“Liar… bully me earlier” I said


“Kitten!!!!!” Leon cried and the woman grab his neck around her hands and pin him down. I laughed alot until she finally let him go.


Leon and I were back in our room. He was massaging his shoulders in pains. I walk up to him and started massaging his shoulders for him.


“Does it hurts?” I asked and he nodded


“Her hands are like rode….ahh … hurts” he cried.


“Who would have thought the mighty Mavis Leonel got beaten by an old lady….gosh you’re wick and not skill


at all”


“Yes but am not wick in bed….in fact am very skillful, if you want I can show you” he said and I press his


shoulders hard and her groan in pains.


“Maintain…or you’ll get hurt” I said and her smiled.


“I will help you find your parents…but it won’t be easy” he said out of the blue


“I know” I answered “But Leon what if….they abandoned me on purpose and am not need?” I asked crying. He


drag my hands and made me sit on his laps.


“Silly….don’t say that….I’ll find you parents am such they love you and they are searching for you”


“Really?” I asked and he kissed my chest and nodded.


Leon wanted to tell her about Rose but seeing her terrible mood he decided to stay silence for the time been.



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