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I woke up the next morning feeling sour all over. I hold my head because it look like it will soon fall off.


“Awwwww” I cried rubbing my temple.


“Having hangover? here take this” Ruth said handing me some drugs.


“Get it out of my face .. I don’t eat drugs….I’ll be fine. Where am I?” I asked lying down again


“My house….you where too drug last night you even put an innocent guy in trouble”


“What!?…..did I…..” just then I heard a voice in my head “princey don’t leave me…. princey you’re meany”.


‘Wait wait wait whose voice is that?, it sounds like mine and…. ‘ I finally remembered as I jump off the bed


and landed on the floor holding my head.


“Am dead….oh no Gem you’ve done another thing” I cried rubbing my legs on the floor like a little child.


“It’s okay thanks God he was a gentleman” Ruth said


“We have to find him….let me personally apologize” I said


“He doesn’t seem like he want to meet you again….I told him we’ll like to apologise properly in the future but


he said he doesn’t want to see us again”.


“awk…good good” I said and climb the bed again “And schedule for me today?”


“No…no you’ll just be rehearsing your script with me….will wait until the agencies what to meet the role


takers” she said. “Uhmm….Gem about Jolene why don’t you want people to know she’s your adoptive sister?”


asked Ruth


“How did you know?” I asked


“You kind of told me everything last night when you were drunk” she said




“Keep this a secret…and now that you know about my deepest secret…. please don’t betray me” I said “I swear with my life….and I want us to be close too trust me Gem. I’ll be of much help to you” Ruth said


I look at her and I could see the sincerity in her I nodded. “Then can I call you sister Ruth?” I asked. Ruth was a little older than me.
















Leon was in his office. One thing about IM Industry the artist are strictly warn to keep matters in the company a secret.


Everyone fear and respect Leon.


Leon’s fiancee left him two years ago, she just left him a note which says ‘am going abroad to study’, nothing more. Leon waited for her to call but she didn’t. These two years Leon focus on work to forget her.But deep down he still care and love her.


Leon was not only the mighty king of entertainment he owns his family bodyguard hiring company. His eldest brother Leonard was the President of the country and his second brother was controlling the family company.


“Boss….” a man came in and Leon stood up and follow him.


He sat down and rested his back. Putting his full attention on the big screen.


“RMH is the movie new name. How I see it, lots of viewers are addicted to the movie. And it’s all about the actress Jolene” he paused


“Investing on this movie might bring much future to use and Arial is the male lead” said another man Arial is the famous male actor in IM Industry.


“Ok let’s see how it goes….it think about it….but mean while don’t bother me” he said.


Leon left the office. Today he wasn’t driving. He sat at the back of the car resting his head when his phone rang.




“Princey….busy today?” Kelvin his best friend tease him


“Go to hell am tired” Leon said.


“Let’s go have a drink today” Kelvin said


“Ok….am not just in a good mood” Leon end the call.






Jolene walking into her mother’s room.


“Mom….this is bad….now things are going well for me that witch is here again” she groan.


“What??, princess calm down” she asked and Jolene handed her some paper.


Marie read through and saw Gem’s name on the list.


“This witch” she cursed.


“Mom she’ll ruin everything” she cried


“No….just don’t interfere.. people don’t know she’s your half sister and am sure she will keep a low profile


but….I have a plan….I’ll call black…let them disfigure her….that will drew her back from acting”.


“Hello black….”


“Madam any problem?” the thick voice asked


“I told you to handle that girl before but you failed. Don’t fail me this time….”


“What do you want me to do this time?” he asked


“Beat her up to the point of death…. ” she said


“Done and dusted madam”








“Sister Ruth let’s go grab a soft drink…. we’ve been home since morning am bored….” I groan


“No you’ll drink again” she said “as your manager it’s my responsibility to take care of you” “I promise not to drink” I said and she sigh in defeat.






We go to the bar…..it was not so noisy. We grab some fruit drink and started drinking and talking about my




“Are you sure you’ll be able to handle your sister….I mean act with her?” Ruth asked.


“Don’t worry she’s a price of cake” I smiled




At the other side of the table.


“Leon come on what’s with the sour face?” Kelvin asked “Am just not happy Kelv” he said


“Why? was it because of yesterday?” he asked


“No….am not just in a good mood end of discussion”




I was drink happily with Ruth when a man grab my hands and force me to himself. “Bae come have fun with me” he said. I got so irritated and yelled as I push in away “Get your filthy hands off me”


“You bitch…..” he roar and push me. I landed on Leon’s table and groan in pains.


“If you’re a slut act like one” he said and grab me. I look up at Leon and cried “Help me”.



“Kelv. don’t stop me” Leon said and Kelvin nodded.


Leon grab the man and punch him. He started fighting them. He was out number but he defeated them all.


He ran up to me and said “Let’s go”……………………….



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