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Happen 60

As Produced By SheriffSquinty

Theme: Cunning Devil, Brilliant Angel



~~~~~~~~Gabriel’s POV~~~~~~~~~

Antonio smirked, his eyes glimmering with malevolence.

Fury rose from deep within me, burning through my veins and causing my last

tendril of self-control to snap. I Shifted instantly, my clothes ripping away from my body and fur sprouting from my pores. I leapt at Antonio in the same movement,

anger coursing through me as I realized that Cain was leaving the vampire behind to distract me while Cain ran away with my Mate. Killing Antonio would waste precious time that could help me save Skylar.






It was pathetic, my Wolf thought, that Antonio was willing to give his life to buy Cain a few seconds.

Then again they probably thought I would be losing my strength by now. Antonio was likely not counting on me leaping at him full force, claws outstretched. The

shaggy-haired vampire tried to dodge my snarling jaws, a startled look flashing

through his black eyes, but he was too slow. I was livid, seeing red, and my Wolf was intent on snaring our prey. Antonio did not stand a chance, no matter how old he was.

He may have been one of the strongest vampires, but he was nothing compared to an enraged werewolf with the blood of an Angel and the strength of an Alpha.

It took mere seconds for my fangs to sink into his shoulder, bone crunching

beneath my mighty jaws. Antonio might have been strong enough to throw any

other werewolf offbuthe was a flimsy sapling bending to the gales of my fury. My Wolf roared as I trapped the vampire below me and began to tear at him, rending

him in pieces. Antonio hissed in pain and attempted to fight off my attack but my heavyweight pinned him to the ground. I buried my teeth into every exposed inch of skin I could find. His hisses turned into desperate squeals as I tore into him with roaring bloodlust. When my teeth pierced the jugular he stilled, blood staining the green grass. I took this opportunity to be-head him with one strong wrench, my

Wolf simmering with satisfaction. Strength and adrenaline burned through my veins, and tearing Antonio apart had been no challenge in this enhanced state. I dropped the severed head to the ground and took off in the direction Cain had vanished.

Rage was driving me, I was a completely feral animal that would kill anything that tried to stop me from getting to my Mate. There was no telling what Cain had in

store for her. The vampire had to be weakening by now, whereas my paws were thundering across the ground and I was catching up. Antonio had bought him a

minute but it wouldn’t be enough. I leapt through the trees, which soon opened up to a fairly steep, grassy slope. Skylar’s scent led me down the mountain and I

dimly wondered where the Hell the vampire was taking her.

Eli! Status! I mentally barked at the Beta, hoping he was in good enough shape to respond and follow me.

Alpha. Almost every Wolf is accounted for. I detected worry in histone. Is Skylar with you? He continued.

Cain has her. I’m following him. Send wolves after me. Where is Raziel? I

remembered Rebekah had said he was distracting Cain, but the Angel was nowhere to be found.







I don’t see him. I’ll send a group to look for him; he can’t be far, Eli replied.

I grunted affirmation and picked up the pace. Despite his weakening state, Cain

was still moving incredibly fast. I should’ve nearly caught up with him by now.

My train of thought was suddenly de-railed as three dark shadows darted from the shelter of the forest ahead on my left and barreled my way. I snapped my jaws in frustration; Cain was continuing to throw his minions at me, just to buy time. And they were throwing their lives away for the master of their coven.

The vampires rapidly approached and I briefly considered making a sharp turn and avoiding them altogether. Unfortunately, if I took a different route I could waste

even more time trying to pickup the trail again. I couldn’tlose Skylar’s scent.

It seemed my best alternative was to rip the head off of every vampire that tried to distract me. I met the trio of vampires head on, moving faster than their beady

demon-eyes could hope to comprehend. My Wolf howled savagely as we spun left and right, jaws clamping down on every vampire limb within reach as I dodged

their counterattacks. I felt claws rake through my fur, scraping through the skin and drawing blood. I spun and leapt on top of the offending vampire, breaking his neck with a single jerk. Another scrambled onto my back, trying to find purchase to sink her repulsive fangs into my skin but I bucked her off and made short work of her

once she tumbled to the ground.

I turned, prepared to finish off the third vampire, but to my surprise he was already unconscious on the ground. A large, silky brown wolf stood over him, her eyes

glinting. It was Rebekah. Even though I knew she was back, my heart still skipped a beat as I took in the appearance of the person I’d thought was gone for over

fifteen years.

Shouldn’t you be weakening? I asked incredulously, wasting no time as I took off after Skylar again and my mother fell into step beside me. I took a cursory glance at Rebekah’s form, noticing something glinting around her neck. A pendant of

some sort. She must’ve noticed my look for she replied,

Raziel gave it tome. It protects those of holy blood, especially from unholy forces. Since Cain used a dark Ritual, and that’s what is seeping my energy, this helps

keep it at bay.

How long will it last?

Not very long. I’m only half-Angel, so it doesn’t offer me as much protection as it would Raziel. My Wolf side is still feeling the Ritual’s effects.

It occurred tome that Rebekah and Raziel really had formulated a plan that accounted for every possibility…well, save for Skylar’s capture.






A breeze wafted Skylar’s scent in our direction and I took a sharp turn. We were still heading down the mountain, but the trail was steadily strengthening. Cain’s vampires were not buying him enough time.

Are you strong enough to fight? Cain will keep throwing vampires our way. Some part of me realized just how strange it was to behaving a mental conversation with my mother, after all of this time.

I don’t care. I’m going to help you kill Cain, no matter the cost. You must go through with it.

There was a strange undercurrent in her voice and I tossed her a sharp glance. She remained focused ahead, ears pricked forward as she sought out any sign of


Of course I’ll go through with it. Why wouldn’t I?

My Wolf huffed in indignation at the thought that we wouldn’t tear that disgusting vampire to pieces, especially after he’d laid his filthy claws on our Mate.

You will, of course, Rebekah replied vaguely, and I felt a stab of frustration that she was avoiding the subject. He has Skylar, right?



Hall Of Supernatural Stories


The thought of my Mate’s unconscious form sent another wave of fury crashing over me and I was quickly distracted. Yes, I grit out, voice simmering with anger. Then we’d better hurry.

We had to contend with two more separate vampire ambushes, both of which cost us precious minutes and allowed Cain to stay ahead of us, before my sensitive

hearing caught Cain’s voice on the breeze, just a bit further down the mountain and through another copse of trees. Seemed he had finally slowed enough for us to

catchup. He should be weak enough forme to tear him apart.

I was running at top-speed, Rebekah lagging behind slightly, before I made out the tail end of his last command,

“ ….guard the entrance, all of you. Don’t be afraid to use them…they’ll definitely slow him down. If he even makes it this far.”

Some sort of instinct triggered by Cain’swords fought through my red haze of anger and made me slow my pace as I entered the trees. I wanted to leap into the






fray after Cain, but a warning signal was going off in my head and I trusted this sixth sense. It had never led me astray before.

Hold on, I commanded Rebekah, who slowed down as she caught up tome.

Following my instinct, I crouched down until my belly fur brushed against the

ground. My more reckless side urged me on, worried that being cautious could cost Skylar her life, but my logical brain wanted to see what we were up against. The

way Cain had phrased his order indicated multiple vampires ahead, and his last words made it seem like he had some sort of weapon. I could only assume silver was related. Even if I could form a tenuous plan, it was better than rushing in

headlong and getting myself killed or held up for too long to help Skylar.

I racked my brains, trying to remember Cain mentioning any sort of hiding place within the past few days, but came up empty. I shouldn’t have been surprised. The vampire always had a back-up plan.

When I reached the edge of the trees my suspicions were confirmed: there were

over a half-dozen vampires ahead. They were fairly spaced apart in a grassy area

devoid of cover. They were definitely not trying to hide. We were practically at the base of the mountain now, so the ground was more level in some spots.

I crouched lower, remaining concealed in the forest’s fringe as I assessed the situation.

So Raziel was right the first time, Rebekah said quietly, tone subdued. He’d initially thought Cain had close to fifty vampires, but then after doing some calculations, he lowered that number.

Cain had more than fifty to begin with, I responded almost absently, scanning the surroundings. What you saw in the clearing was the bulk, but he would never have them all in one place.

I noticed that Rebekah was breathing more heavily than normal, tongue lolling out of her mouth as she panted. I tried to ignore her weakening state as I focused on

the bloodsuckers ahead. They were walking about in a coordinated fashion, more like patrolling than anything. But what exactly where they guarding? The patterns, the way they moved, should give away what they were protecting…where Cain

was. I narrowed my eyes and strained to see in the darkness, past the shadowy

vampire figures into the mountain beyond, which was slightly steeper than the area in which Rebekah and I were hiding.

Behind the vampires was a rocky formation,a jumble of smaller rocks and large boulders that initially looked unassuming, but I grew suspicious upon closer

inspection. There was one particularly large rock lying across the others at an odd angle, standing mostly upright almost as if it were …











As Produced By SheriffSquinty


Blocking an entrance.

There must be some sort of cave or cavern in the side of the mountain, whether

natural or created for Cain’s purposes, I wasn’t sure,though I suspected Cain dug it specifically for this. He’d had a long time to plan, after all.

I had to get inside. It made sense, that Cain would lurk in the mountain’s murky depths through the night and these vampires would guard him while he was in his incapacitated state.

I quickly shot out a mental image of the location to Eli and everyone else in the pack, urging them to gethere as quickly as possible.

Are you going now? You heard what Cain said, I think they have weapons … Rebekah began hesitantly.

I’m circling around the back. When the others arrive they can attack from the front. Stay here and attack from the side. If you feel up to it, I wanted to add, but didn’t

want to get into it. Rebekah was perfectly capable of gauging her own weakness and I could only worry about Skylar right now. My Wolf refused to fixate on

anything else.

I was already moving as I spoke, crouching low as I began to move parallel to the edge of the trees. Vampires could not see, hear, or smell as well asus, and I would try not to alert them to my presence until it was too late. I could surprise them from the back until my pack could close in. If Eli had sent others after me like I’d asked, they could not be too far away.

Gabriel, Rebekah called after me, forcing me to hesitate. I glanced over my shoulder, knowing the impatience must have been evident in my Wolf’s


I want you to know that I’m sorry. For leaving you, for what happened to David….everything.

She spoke with atone of forced calm, but I detected hesitancy underneath.

So Raziel had told her what had happened to my father, then. Rebekah would’ve been in a coma when it occurred. I wasn’t sure how to feel about my mother’s

knowledge of the situation, or her apology in general. I wasn’t good with the whole






heart-to-heart thing and I still bore some resentment built up over the years. Unsure how to approach the topic, and itching to chase after Skylar, I flicked my ears in

acknowledgment before continuing to creep towards the vampires. This conversation with Rebekah could happen later.

Hurry up,my Wolf snarled in frustration. She’s in there. That filthy vampire could be drinking from her now.

My stomach plummeted as the thought that I’d been trying to avoid was attacked

dead-on by my Wolf. I wasn’t completely in the dark; I knew that Cain didn’t want Skylar just to bait me. Her blood could possibly be his perfect elixir. The thought of his fangs sinking into her pale flesh almost drove me into a frenzy, and I dug my claws into the ground to prevent my Wolf from forcing me down into the midst of the vampires.

You are wasting precious time, my Wolf seethed.

If they have silver weapons, they can take us out. We have to use the element of surprise.

They won’t stop me from getting to her, I don’t care how many silver bullets they have, he snapped, but thankfully stopped pressing.

My heart thudded relentlessly in my chest as I tried to maneuver myself so I was

downwind of the vampires, creeping through the undergrowth at a painfully slow

pace lest I risk being heard. The seconds were ticking by and it took an incredible amount of strength not to leap in front of the patrolling vampires. Normally I didn’t have such a sense of self-preservation, but I knew I was the only one that could

save her. I couldn’t risk being pierced by a silver bullet. The vampires would have plenty of room to shoot me if I emerged from cover; they were out in the open.


And if Cain drank from Skylar and regained his strength, he would be able to escape before the effects of silver left my system.

It was one of the hardest things I’d ever had to do, when almost every fiber of my being wanted to plunge into the vampires’ midst without worrying about whatever weapons they held.

What felt like an eternity later, I was in position. I was almost even with the rocky formation, near the opposite side of the large clearing from where Rebekah was

hiding. My heartbeat had sped up further, and I felt a strange sense of paranoia that the vampires could hear it. The creatures were being oddly quiet, not bothering to exchange words as they held position, glancing around for any sign of movement. Thankfully their eyesight was not good enough to spot me at this distance.






Then I felt it: a sudden, piercing pain in the side of my neck. I inhaled sharply as a burst of agony shot through me, but it was an echo, not my pain, but hers. Cain had bitten my Mate. It radiated from the point of entry to every end of me. And in that moment, I lost all remaining vestiges of self-control.

He f**king touched her. He’s drinking from her!

My Wolf roared, and if I wasn’t already in the same mindset as he was, he would’ve taken over my mind entirely.

We took off, blowing our cover completely. I didn’t care. I had precious minutes to stop Cain from feeding on her. Hell, I didn’t even know what exactly it would do

to her. I’d never heard of a werewolf dying of blood loss but I couldn’t risk it. If

Skylar died, I would go back to the way I was before. Maybe worse. I would return to that feral, savage, love-less creature.

But the worst thing of all would be that Skylar would never open those blue eyes of hers, never see the light of day again.

With a savage howl, I dashed towards the vampires, who spun towards the sound. The heavy noise from my paws beating the ground resounded in the odd stillness. I leapt, high in the air, bracing myself for the impact of a silver bullet in my side. I

was far enough away that if even one of the vampires was a good shot, they could

hit meat this speed. They were spread out, and it would only take an instant for one of them to get a good angle on me. I didn’t care. I was prepared for the

worst …

…but apparently, luck was on my side tonight.

I heard an outbreak of furious growls from the opposite side of the grassy area and wolves began to burst from the trees. I saw Eli, Will, Skylar’s parents, and a couple others. I only glanced at them for half a second, enough to realize that several of

the vampires had spun to face the oncoming werewolves, leaving me with only a couple to face. I snarled heatedly as I heard the crack of a gunshot and something glinting whizzed by my body, just skimming my fur. That was too close; I had to focus.

I collided with the nearest vampire just as another gunshot resounded and the bullet flew over my head. My assumption had been correct that when the vampires were caught off guard, the element of surprise would prevent them from remaining calm and focusing on the target. Cain had clearly not prepared them for the appearance of so many werewolves at once.

I saw shock flicker through the depths of the bloodsucker’s eyes as I took him to the ground, claws digging into his paper-thin flesh. I bared my teeth ferociously as






I heard other gunshots nearby, these focused on the other werewolves joining the fray.

“You…but you’re….” He began, kicking and struggling weakly, but my sheer force pinned him down and my teeth quickly connected with his throat. The

sentence trailed off with a gurgle.

I didn’t have time to break his neck, because instinct urged me to leap off his prone

form. I followed the gut feeling, a bullet shooting through the area I had just

vacated. My eyes fixated on the vampire holding the gun, her face twisted in a

furious grimace of hatred. She prepared to shoot again but I twisted to the side and then leapt, toofast even for her enhanced speed. The vampire shot at me again, and then again, but her panicked movements prevented accuracy and an instant later I had her arm in my teeth, shaking it rigorously. The bones snapped beneath my

jaws and she dropped the gun with a howl of pain. Her freehand clawed at me,

drawing blood and yanking out tufts of fur, but I held on firmly to the arm clasped in my jaws. With a jerk I used my leverage to toss her away like a rag doll, directly at the rocky formation that concealed Cain’s presence. She smacked into the rocks and then lay still.


A third vampire spun around, aiming his gun at me, but Will leapt out of nowhere and the two collided heavily.

They began tussling on the ground and the gun was quickly ripped from the bloodsucker’s grasp. He was too busy with Will to focus on me.

These pathetic creatures don’t have our resilience or prowess, my Wolf sneered. They don’t deserve to even grovel at our feet.

Seeing a clear path to the entrance, I shot out a message to the others telling them to finish the vampires off and then make sure none of the bloodsuckers followed

me into the cavern. I took offat top speed towards the rocky formation a short

distance away. In Wolf form, it would be more difficult to move the rock since I

couldn’t just use my hands, but I needed to stay this way for the enhanced strength and senses.

The vampire still lay crumpled next tome, at the base of the rocks, as I pressed my large shoulder against the biggest boulder and

shoved as hard as I could. With a satisfying rumble, it rubbed against the others with a grinding noise before toppling over. I quickly sidestepped to avoid getting my paws crushed.

Behind the boulder was a narrow tunnel entrance, just as suspected. Tendrils of plant roots hung down through the soil roof of the tunnel, and I saw multi-legged






critters scurrying away from my presence. The tunnel was small, only enough

room for one vampire, but winding. This close, it was nearly pitch-black, but I saw some sort of dim light around the corner and figured it opened up to a larger


Cain must have worked on this for months…or even years, once he’dfound the site where he wanted to hold the Ritual.




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