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Happen 48

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Theme: A New Arrival





Gabriel and I continued walking with our hands intertwined even after we entered the main area of the pack village.

I was sure that I had a dopey smile on my face but I couldn’t help it. I felt

pleasant tingles running up and down my arm caused by the skin-on-skin contact. My Wolf’s lust was sated for now, and she hummed contentedly in the back of my consciousness.

There were few werewolves about, oddly enough, but the scattered

members of my pack stared intently at our clasped hands as we passed. We

must have seemed like such an oddity to all of them; a pair of destined

Mates yet to complete the Marking, even so long after we first met. I

glanced up at Gabriel out of the corner of my eye as we approached my

house. For once, he had a relaxed expression, and I couldn’t help the burst of warmth I felt as I realized I had caused his good mood.

He released my hand as we neared my front door and I tried to ignore the sense of longing I felt as soon as we lost contact.

“I have some business to take care of before the ceremony. If we’re leaving tomorrow, I need to ready everything.”

I felt a burst of excitement and nodded in response. “I guess I should pack, too. When’s the ceremony?”

“I see no point in waiting. I’ll conduct it right after dark.”

He looked at me for a moment, dark eyes flicking across my features. I

thought I saw desire hovering just behind his expression. In one smooth

move that surprised me, Gabriel leaned forward and placed a feather-light kiss on my lips that lasted less than a second. I felt a rush of heat and my cheeks darkened as I blinked up at him. Immediately, my body craved for more, but Gabriel took a few steps back before I could give into my lustful impulses.

“I’ll see you later, Skylar,” he muttered, voice a bit contorted and I thought he was having a similar reaction.

“Okay,” was my breathless reply, and I scolded myself for not coming up with anything better than that. I couldn’t help it, though. Gabriel’s touch


had a profound effect on me and left my thoughts muddled and laced with desire.

Practically in a daze, I slowly made my way inside my house and up to my room.

The next time we see everyone, we will be Luna!

My Wolf yipped. I swallowed hard, unable to evade the nervousness caused by that concept. It was a lot of responsibility. I was willing to take it on, but that didn’t mean it would come easily.Our Mate will help us every step of

the way, she said confidently. I agreed with her on that one.

I wasn’t really looking forward to telling my parents about leaving again, but surely they wouldn’t be all that surprised. It was customary for the

female to join the male’s pack and/or live with him, and there weren’t any other viable options since Gabriel was Alpha. I shoved my bag of toiletries in with my other things as I contemplated. It would be hard leaving Maria and Will again, but now Will had Eva, and hopefully Gabriel and I would

return before too long.

Almost as soon as I finished packing I heard a loud rapping on the front

door. Furrowing my brow, I took the stairs down two at a time. Who was coming to visit me in the middle of the day? Swinging the door open, I

came face-to-face with Will. The last time he’d been on my doorstep, Will had been battered and exhausted, but right now he looked like he was on top of the world.

“Skylar! Did you hear?” He asked, blue eyes alight with excitement. I

couldn’t help the small smile that made its way on my face.

“About you and Eva? Yeah, Gabriel told me! Congratulations!”

Will paused momentarily, seeming as if he was sniffing the air. His eyes narrowed slightly. “His scent is all over you, Skylar.”

I blushed and looked down. “Um…yeah. I’m not Marked yet but he wanted everyone to know I am his.”

Will had a strange look on his face but didn’t pursue the subject. “Can we go for a walk? I wanted to talk and wasn’t sure who else to go to. Plus . . . I remember what happened last time I was alone in your house with you.”


I sighed, remembering Gabriel’s blatant display of jealousy, and quickly

walked outside to join Will. He was practically bouncing on the balls of his feet. I could honestly never remember him being this overjoyed; he seemed radiant.

I wondered if that was how I would’ve looked under different circumstances

after meeting Gabriel for the first time, after he accepted me and we planned on joining together in front of the whole pack.

“Sorry to drag you into this, I’m just getting used to . . . well, you know,”

Will confessed as we meandered along one of the central pathways in the village.

“You know I don’t mind. You seem really happy, so you’re adjusting just fine!”

“Honestly, I never expected to have to chase her so much.”

“What happened?” I couldn’t prevent the curious question that emerged. “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to,” I added hastily.

Will shrugged. “I followed her in the woods, we had a long talk. She wasn’t set on the whole ‘Mate’ concept at first but when we made eye contact . . . well, a lot of her resistance faded. She said she had been in love with

someone else before me, but decided she wanted to move on.”

I tried to keep my expression neutral. I didn’t want Will knowing my dislike for Eva or how she had loved Gabriel first; I detected a hint of jealousy in Will’s voice and didn’t want to worsen any problems.

“We talked all night, and she let me kiss her this morning. It was the most perfect thing to ever happen to me.” He eyed me keenly, a spark of

mischief in his baby blues. “I think you already know about that, though.” I blushed and didn’t reply. Gabriel’s scent was heavy enough that it left no room for guessing what had happened.

“At least your Mate finally came around, too,” he added. I was pleased to

hear no bitterness in his tone. Meeting Eva must’ve drained the last vestiges of Will’s feelings for me. That was, admittedly, a relief.





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“Yeah. I’m going back to the Black Mountains Pack village with him.” “Are you having a ceremony, too?”

I blinked, not having really considered it.

“I mean, you’re going to be Luna once you’re Marked. The pack will want to recognize you in a ceremony.” I caught a glint of admiration in his eyes and it made me slightly uncomfortable. I wasn’t used to that sort of attention.

“I guess you’re right. Maybe after all of this vampire crap is over with.”

“I said the sooner, the better,” he chuckled, and I elbowed him teasingly.

“You just want to Mark her!”

“I won’t deny that!”

We laughed for a moment more, but then Will’sface grew

uncharacteristically serious. “That wasn’tall I wanted to talk to you about. I found out something today and I wasn’t sure who to tell. Eva doesn’t know

him, so it made more sense to talk to you.”

“Know who?” I responded, puzzled.

Will’s mouth tightened into a grim line. “Kale.”

I stared at him blankly, before the name registered. I was sure my eyes had grown as wide as saucers. “Your brother? What about him?”

Will had one older brother, Kale, who had graduated high school while we were still in middle school. He was one of the few wolves that had left our

pack to mingle in the human world, choosing to attend a faraway

university. We hadn’t seen him in five or six years. Will’s parents had wanted Kale to stay with our pack but the boy had refused, and it had caused

somewhat of a rift within their family. Will never talked about it, and I had

almost forgotten all about the older boy until now. There was enough of an age gap between us that I’d never really associated with him. I remembered that Maria had a crush on him when we were in elementary school, though.

“He’s coming back.”

“What? Why now?”


Will sighed and ran a hand through his tousled, sandy-blonde hair. If I

remembered correctly, Kale had even lighter hair than Will and the same bright blue eyes.

“Well, there’s Anne’s death. My parents have a hard time mind-linking him from so far away but they called his apartment and left a message. Of

course he wouldn’t have picked up his phone.” I could hear bitterness

prevalent in Will’s voice and I didn’t pry. It was his family business. “And then they told him about Cain and the vampires, and about me finally

finding my Mate. He called back this morning and said he’ll be here later tonight.”

“Maybe he’s tired of the human world,” I mused, trying to take all of this in. “Or he just misses you guys. And finding your Mate is a big deal. He should be here!”

Will sighed yet again. “. . . I guess. I’m just nervous and I don’t know how to act. I mean, he’s only talked to my parents maybe twice a year since he left.

He doesn’t want to associate with us. I’mworried he’ll make things awkward.”

I rubbed his shoulder comfortingly. “Or it could go the other way. If he’s making the effort to return, that should prove something.”

His lips twisted in a grimace but he didn’t reply for a moment. “I wonder if he’s even the same person. He’s still Mate-less and everything, but he’s

been around so many humans . . . ”

I really wasn’t sure what to say to that. “He can’t have changed that much, not as long as his Wolf is still around.”

“I’m just hoping my parents don’t go off on him again. I don’twant Eva thinking my family is psycho.”


“I’m sure they won’t. This is a time for everyone to work together, not argue.”

“You’re sounding more noble every day, Skylar.” A slight smile appeared on Will’sface. “Either way, I have to talk to the Alpha later, get permission for

my brother to re-enter our territory. Kale is still technically a part of this

pack, but the Alpha may not want him here since he’s been gone so long.” I frowned slightly. “I’ll talk to Gabriel about it.”

Will smirked as he looked past me toward the forest we had just treaded. “I expected him to have caught up to us by now, threatening totear my head

off if I continued spending time with you.”

I began to blush. “He’s not that bad-”

“Yes he is, but I can’t blame him. He has the Alpha instincts.”

I bit my lip, not going to admit aloud how I actually kind-of liked Gabriel’s possessiveness.

“You’re his Mate, and he’s bound to overprotective of you. I can understand that now. He’s your knight in shining armor, riding in on his white horse to save the damsel in distress.”

Will’s grin was teasing and I snorted. “Gabriel’s way too dark and broody for that sort of thing.”

“Either way. He’s the knight, you’re his maiden.”

“You’ve been watching too many fantasy movies. Why do I have to be the weak little female? I can take care of myself!” I replied, but my tone was

light and I wasn’t really offended. I actually liked the idea of Gabriel being a protector and it was true, he was all

mine. He had saved or been there for me several times now, such as when the vampires had kidnapped me and the night of the Purge when he’d

caught me in his arms. I guess I did look at him as my hero, my knight in shining armor, in away.

The rest of the day passed by quickly, but I ached to be in Gabriel’s

presence again. I broke the news to my parents that I was returning to the other pack village the following day. As expected, they were not overjoyed, but judging by the look on my father’s face he recognized Gabriel’s scent

all over me. My dad wasn’t stupid, and he wasn’t going to prolong the

inevitable. I was going to accept Gabriel and it was my responsibility as his Mate to follow him wherever he went, helping him when I could. Thankfully,


my parents may not have been pleased, but they weren’t heartbroken like last time. We were all one pack now and they knew I’d be home before too long.

I nearly jumped for joy when Gabriel mind-linked with me just as the

darkness of night was taking over the sky.

Meet me at the south end of the pack village.

Is that where the Mating ceremony is being held? I queried, confused. Normally it was in the same clearing as pack meetings.

No, we have a visitor coming in from the outside world. A former pack

member. We’re meeting him an hour outside of the village. The ceremony will have to occur later than intended.

My confusion lasted only seconds longer before I realized it must be Kale,

Will’s brother. I wasn’t surprised that Gabriel was letting him enter our

territory; Kale was still technically a member of the pack, as his connection had never truly been severed. It was frowned upon for werewolves to join

the outside world but not illegal. Brett had not excommunicated Kale just in case the latter decided to return one day. Six years later, the estranged wolf

was finally coming back. Gabriel, of course, was being overly cautious by insisting on meeting Kale outside of the village but I wasn’t going to








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In fact, I was overjoyed that he was bringing me along for once. I’ll be there shortly.

About an hour later, Gabriel and I stood side by side in a clearing as we

heard Kale fast approaching. Gabriel had asked Jack to accompany us, and


he stood silently nearby. Despite not remembering much about Will’s

brother, I was glad he’d made it okay. The Stone of Jacob had repelled the vampires after dark so that he arrived unscathed. I discreetly took a whiff of the air to catch his scent. It was woodsy, faintly resembling Will’s, but there was some blandness about the smell that indicated Kale had lived among

humans recently. A werewolf’s scent was stronger when we were in our natural element.Seconds later, the trampling of paws halted and was

quickly followed by the sound of bones snapping and the rustling of

clothes. So Kale had run to us in Wolf form, then. According to Gabriel, Will had said that Kale flew into the nearest human city before setting off on

foot. If he could still shift so easily, he hadn’t lost touch with his Wolfish side. That was a good sign for someone who’d been with the humans for the past six years.

Kale emerged shortly, and I blinked in surprise. He’d really changed a lot.

He was taller than Will (although not as tall as Gabriel) and lean, though

nicely toned. He had the same blonde hair that I remembered but it was cut slightly shorter, and his bright blue eyes stood out against his lightly tanned skin. He was very handsome, I thought. Maria would freak when she saw


He’s not as handsome as our Mate, my Wolf said a bit snootily, and I chuckled inwardly.

Of course. Nobody can compare to Gabriel.

Kale’s face registered surprise as he looked at me, then Jack, his gaze soon sliding to Gabriel. From there, I saw recognition flare in his expression and his jaw clenched.

“You . . . you’re the Alpha?” His voice was colored with shock and distaste. Gabriel’s eyes narrowed slightly. “I was told you’d been informed of the

changes within this pack.”

“Well . . . yeah, but they didn’t tell me WHO was the Alpha! When I was here, your father was in charge of the Black Mountains Pack. You-”

“The packs have been merged as one, Kale,” Jack said calmly, clearly trying to diffuse the tension. “Brett was no longer fit to be leader.”


“You guys just let them take over like that?” I could understand where Kale was coming from, but it was not helping the situation.

“It was in our best interest, with everything going on.” Jack tossed a nervous glance at Gabriel, who was still ominously silent.

“I honestly don’t-“

“Kale, everything will be explained in due time. If we wait around here any longer, you’ll miss the ceremony.”

Jack’swords weren’t exactly true, as Gabriel HAD to be there for the ceremony to start, but I knew he was trying to help.

Kale’s vibrant eyes narrowed as he stared at Gabriel appraisingly. Gabriel

had stiffened considerably, not appreciating the disrespect. I was surprised that Kale was acting so gutsy. Gabriel was extremely intimidating to most werewolves. Kale must’ve been a bit out of touch after living amongst

humans instead of under the command of an Alpha.


“Now I see why my parents didn’t mention who was Alpha now.”

A growl escaped Gabriel’s throat and in an instant, he stood directly in front of Kale, eyes burning with anger. “I consider myself very hospitable for

allowing you to return. Do not make me regret my decision. I have very

little tolerance for disrespect.” With the menacing set of his shoulders, there was no doubt of the underlying threat.

Kale tried to act calm and collected, but I noticed a flash of fear in his blue eyes. Slowly, he nodded.

“Let’s go,” Gabriel snapped brusquely, turning away from Kale and completely ignoring him as he headed off towards the trees.

I sighed and made to follow. Gabriel had actually held his temper in check but I could sense his aggravation that a newcomer was talking to him like that. I couldn’t blame Kale, though, as I’d used to feel the exact same way about the Black Mountains Pack. It was a lot for him to take in.

Dimly, I realized Kale had fallen into step beside me while Jack caught up to Gabriel.

“I barely recognized you, Skylar!”


I glanced at him to see his eyes bright and curious. “Well, it’s been a while,” I replied nonchalantly. It felt strange, conversing with him casually. He

hadn’t been part of the pack for so long; even if he was Will’s brother, it was hard for me to view him as such.

“I guess so.” He was lost in silent thought for a moment before lowering his voice. “How is it,with him as Alpha? It’s just . . . after everything with their

pack . . . ”

“I understand. It’s different, but it’s important that everyone has banded together. Your parents told you about the vampires, right?”

He nodded, expression solemn. “It was so hard to believe. I always thought they were a myth.”

I laughed humorlessly. “Unfortunately not.”

“I heard about Anne.” There was visible sadness on his handsome face, and I realized he must’ve cared about Anne for it to still affect him so many

years after he’d left.

“They’re relentless and cruel. That’s why we needed a strong Alpha. Brett couldn’t handle it after she . . . you know.”

Kale sighed, seeming to accept my answer. We continued towards camp for a few more silent moments. “What about you?” He spoke suddenly, and

sniffed for a moment before his eyes widened. “I thought that’swhat I smelled! The Alpha’s scent is all over you!”

For the seemingly millionth time, I blushed. “Gabriel is my Mate.”

Kale whistled. “Little Skylar, with an Alpha as a Mate. Wow.” His eyes perused my neck. “You’re not Marked yet, though.”

“Not yet.” What else was I supposed to say to that?

“You’ll be Luna. That’s crazy.” he shook his head, running a large hand

through his tousled blonde locks. “You have your work cut out with that one, though.” The last words were spoken in a whisper.

I couldn’t help but smile slightly. I had indeed worked hard to get where I was with Gabriel now. Almost as if he knew what I was thinking, my Mate tossed me a penetrating look over his shoulder. Flashes of earlier today

assaulted my mind and the red on my cheeks intensified. “He’s worth it,” I


muttered to Kale before I really realized what I was saying. I didn’t miss the look of disbelief on Kale’s face but I ignored it. My words had escaped

unintentionally but they were true.

Gabriel was worth it.





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