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Happen 4

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Theme: After Her




I stood rooted to the ground, staring at the being in front of me that I had now

identified as my other half. It was as if the world had stopped and Gabriel and I

were the only two in existence. I could feel my Wolf’s triumphant howling and

leaps of joy but I remained riveted by my Mate’s stare. His eyes were so incredibly dark that they were nearly black, matching the color of his hair and contributing to his intimidating appearance. Yet, in this moment, I could read every expression on his face.

I saw shock and disbelief that were so strong that they completely overshadowed any other emotions in his gaze. His mouth was slightly open as if he had been






about to say something when he realized who I was. The recognition was definitely there as I knew it would be, but the strength of his disbelief was astounding tome. He was beautiful, perfect, a god-like creature that was unrivaled. I knew my Wolf was encouraging these thoughts but I had to agree. I had never seen anything so

wonderful. Every nerve in my body was on fire and my heart was beating rapidly. And yet, amidst these happy thoughts that surfaced whenever a wolf found their

mate, the discordant notes of my distrust and hatred for Gabriel remained, marring the experience.

This was my mate? The most horrible tyrant on the continent was my other half?

What did that say about me? Why was it him? I could sense my own disbelief

present on my face. My Wolf snarled at my deprecating thoughts of her Mate. I

could feel her powerful emotions for him threatening to overwhelm my own.

All of these things registered in a few short seconds, and then the magic of the

mating bond made itself known as a silver sheen began to appear in Gabriel’s black eyes. I felt the magic of werewolves coursing through my veins as my expression mirrored his. Any doubt that remained for either of us was now erased. This silver tinge always appeared in a werewolf’s eyes shortly after they recognized their Mate for the first time, although the discoloration was brief and temporary. It was the

physical manifestation of the recognition of the bond.

Dimly, I registered the shocked intakes of breath from the wolves around us that

just now realized what was going on. Surely they were as surprised as we were that Gabriel had found his mate in the enemy pack.

‘Skylar? SKYLAR?’ I heard my father shouting in my mind but for once I pushed it aside, focusing on Gabriel as my whirlwind of emotions continued. I immediately

setup a mental barrier so I wouldn’t hear the distracting voices of my pack members; it was too much right now.

Half of me wanted to leap at him right then and there, shifting into my wolf form. Many pairs consummated the mating process as soon as they met, and there was no denying that my body was burning as I registered that the god-like creature in front of me belonged tome.

But the other half of me was contrasting sharply with this as my fear and dislike of Gabriel remained. I was still trying to accept the fact that this powerful and terrible werewolf was my Mate.



As Produced By SheriffSquinty








“No….it can’t be…” Gabriel finally spoke, quietly, but I knew those around me

would be able to hear. The werewolves in the clearing still hadn’t moved, and I

wondered if he had Commanded them to remain still. Disbelief colored his husky tone deeply and he remained rooted to the spot. A strange expression lingered in the depths of his eyes now. It was something almost akin to….awe?

I noticed that he was trembling slightly and I wondered if he was restraining his Wolf. The Alpha mating pull was stronger than a normal one, and I had to admire his self-restraint.

No self-restraint! Shift! My Wolf articulated in my mind as she pushed lustful impulses into me. I shook as I resisted my urges.

No, I couldn’t do it now. I still felt my intense dislike for him despite my

simultaneous desire to let him Claim me. My natural mating instincts warred with my better judgment as I continued to stare at him, not saying a word. It was as if I was completely divided in half and I felt a slight ache in my chest as I continued to resist my natural urge to approach him.

I was about to lose control. My Wolf was snarling at me. I had to get out now. I

knew it was cowardly and pathetic, but I needed to think, and I couldn’t with my

Mate so close. If I joined with Gabriel now, I would be turning against my family and my pack, and I couldn’t do that. But I couldn’t trust my own judgment so close to him. I knew that running away might insult him, but either rejecting him on the spot or Claiming him would be so much worse in this moment.

I had to get out of here.

With every ounce of mental force in my mind, I roughly shoved my Wolf’s

impulses to the back of my conscious and wrenched my gaze from Gabriel’s. His scent still imposed upon my senses but I was free of his black eyes now.

It had to be now. Before I did something I may regret later. I had to think clearly

and remember what a horrible creature he was. My human side wanted to reject

him, which would probably make him snap and take it out on my pack. My Wolf

wanted him as hers, and she wanted to Claim him, which would effectively result in my betrayal of my own pack. How could I make that decision in an instant?

With that thought powering me on, I knew I had to get some distance away from

Gabri-the Alpha. I couldn’t shift to wolf form or my Wolf would take over. Instead,

I forced my feet to move and utilized my werewolf speed to dash away from Gabriel and the rest of the pack, heading towards the woods.

The branches and leaves whizzed by as I entered the fringe, part of me hoping he

would follow and the other half praying he wouldn’t. I felt a strangled sound escape






my throat as I defied nature and ran away from my Mate. Despite my hatred, I felt a sharp pang in my chest and I clutched it as I sped through the trees. It felt like

part of me was pulling out of my chest as I left him behind. My Wolf was howling her fury and grief in the back of my mind;

You’re a coward! You left our Mate! OUR MATE!

She was roaring, and I whimpered softly. I was a coward. But how could I stay

there? How could I stand there and want to be with such a cruel person? Why had nature given me Gabriel as a Mate? Was there something wrong with me? I was completely ordinary, yet my ‘other half’ was anything but.

Maybe we are supposed to balance him out, my Wolf snapped.

You hated him two minutes ago! I retorted sharply. She growled in aggravation.

I panted as my frantic run continued, thorns ripping at my skin as I paid no heed to obstacles around me, bursting through in a crazed fashion. Inside I cowered and

winced at the pain. The bond wasn’t being broken but putting distance between you and your Mate after your first meeting wasn’t supposed to happen.

I was denying nature her greatest gift. I was a horrible werewolf. But I couldn’t do that to my pack. I couldn’t be their worst enemy’s Mate. What would my family



Did Gabriel even want me? He had been resisting the urge to Shift and Claim, also. He may have been disgusted by nature’s choice of a Mate, since I was from the

pack he considered as weak. Surprisingly enough, I felt a sharp pain in my chest at that thought, and then knew I was being a hypocrite. I was the one that ran.

I finally slowed down when I realized I had no idea where I was going. Panting, I lowered my pace as I heard a trickling stream nearby. I knew I would be easy to track, and was unsure if I should cross here.

I could now think more clearly despite the pain in my chest and my Wolf’s growls in my mind. She was angry but she’d adjust. She would have to.

Why did you leave him? His Wolf wanted us!

She whined, her sadness clouding her tone and almost completely masking the anger that simmered underneath.

What did you want me to do? Before we saw him, you HATED him! I snapped in reply.

But he’s ours. His Wolf too….we can’t abandon our Mate.

We can’t abandon our pack or our family, either!






I replied angrily. My Wolf huffed in frustration, knowing how stubborn I could be once I made a decision. She knew that I wouldn’t be returning to the Meeting


I entered the cool waters of the stream, grateful that I was barefoot as my toes sank into the mud. It was crisp but refreshing, and I hoped it would throw anyone off of the trail. I couldn’t have anyone coming to retrieve me until I was ready, especially not HIM. I wouldn’t knowhow to handle myself if I saw Gabriel again.

I began to walk downstream, attempting to avoid the rocks that jutted out from the bottom. I knew I couldn’t stay out here. Technically, it was near the border of the two packs’ territory, but it wouldn’t exactly be safe sleeping this close to the Black Mountains Pack’s land. They were known to attack without provocation.

Then again, I was their Alpha’s Mate now. I shuddered thinking about it. What would Gabriel do if his Mate was attacked? Will had said that the Alpha had no

soul, partially because he didn’t have a mate.

Now that he found me, would he act differently?

I brushed the question aside. I hadn’t even decided what to do about that yet. If I accepted him as my Mate I would go live with him and become the Luna. The thought of that made me snort. Me? A Luna? I was a pretty decent fighter, but I didn’t have the authoritative nature for that sort of thing.

Nature deemed us worthy of being his Mate. You don’t know what you’re capable of, my Wolf replied. I ignored her.

I glanced around the moonlit forest and sniffed the air a few times. I had never been to this part of the woods before. I knew now that I needed to get back to familiar territory, but I wasn’t quite sure which direction I was heading.

My pack’s territory and home was set in an ideal location, a circular valley almost completely surrounded by some of the largest and most formidable of the Rocky

Mountains. At the south end of the valley was a break between mountains, the

main exit in and out of the valley. Our territory had once stretched beyond the

valley but now was constrained. The Meeting was held in the dense forest between the mountains at the valley’s entrance.

If one continued on out of the valley, the forested terrain became rockier and much harder to traverse. Further on were high cliffs with rolling hills interspersed. This area was partly inset with some of the highest mountains in the range, which we

werewolves had deemed the Black Mountains. This gigantic area was the territory of our worst enemies. Past the rock crags, the ground gently sloped down into

rolling plains as one approached human territory. The Black Mountains Pack had captured this area, too.








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There was supposedly a smaller werewolfpack as one continued south past the

ridge of Black Mountains, but from what we understood, the pack was also under the dominion of the Black Mountains pack. Like us, they were forced to give up their land, and did not fight back because it was home. Werewolf packs clustered together, but the clusters themselves were far apart. I didn’t know of any other

werewolf packs within hundreds of miles.

And of course, our valley was our perfect home. We had mountains at our back to defend us from invasion, and there was only one way in. That’s why the Black

Mountain Pack wanted our land so badly.

I scowled, kicking a pebble as I continued down the stream. My Mate was the

same wolf trying to take away our home. Just my luck. I attempted to focus on the task at hand instead of moping; getting home was more important.

My Wolf senses had told me that I was currently heading west, and I knew I would need to exit the stream and head north soon to get back to the valley. If the terrain grew too rough, I knew I was dangerously close to leaving the valley.

As I continued my trek I couldn’t help but notice a growing pressure on my mental barrier. I knew it was my other pack members attempting to speak tome. If I were in Wolf form, the Alpha would have no trouble breaking down my mental barriers, but in human form at this great of a distance, Alpha Brett would have to use a

considerably powerful Alpha command to do so. I assumed that because it was still silent in my head they were atleast making some attempt to respect my space.

Still, my father must be worried sick. I could at least inform him where I was.

Sighing, I tentatively lowered by mental barrier. Instantly, I felt the Alpha’s and my father’s mental presence slam into my brain and I winced.

SKYLAR WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU? My father spoke first, surprisingly. I could sense Alpha Brett, too, although his presence wasn’t simmering with anger like my father’s.

I had to get out of there, Dad. I had to think.

YOU DIDN’T THINK TO AT LEAST WARN US FIRST? He was still shouting. Alexander, calm down, we were all surprised at the events. That was Alpha Brett, attempting to soothe my father.






That’s putting it lightly, my father snapped. It wasn’t your daughter that found out that Alpha is her Mate! What the hell do we do now?

It isn’t completely up to us. That’s Skylar’s decision. I’m assuming youran off to clear your mind?

I ran into the woods. I’m in a stream now. I didn’t want to be…followed. I quickly added before my father could retort.

Skylar… Alpha Brett began, and there was something in histone I didn’t like. What? I replied tentatively.

There’s a reason we’ve been trying to get your attention, my father replied,

speaking over Alpha Brett. If it were any other situation, it would be considered especially rude to treat an Alpha like that, but I figured these were extenuating circumstances.

If you hadn’t ignored us for so long we could have warned you sooner.

Warned me about what? I replied with a tinge of irritation, growing impatient.

He’s coming after you. Gabriel. He told his Beta to take over the meeting and left a few minutes after you. I’m assuming he hasn’t found you yet because you’re hiding your scent, but….

I didn’t hear anything he said after that. My blood had gone cold, and my stomach was churching ina mixture of dread and anticipation. My Wolf was making her

presence known again through triumphant yips, but I could only freeze mid-step as the water of the stream rushed around me.

I….what do I do? I replied weakly, my voice thick with conflicting emotions.

That’s up to you. We can’t help you, Skylar. Gabriel Commanded us to stay here. Not even I can ignore his Alpha Command. Brett’s voice was thick with worry and shame. I was abruptly confused; how could an Alpha use a Command on another Alpha? It shouldn’t be possible. I had never heard of such a thing. I thought all

along that Brett was being polite by obeying Gabriel…but it appeared he had no choice.

I couldn’t dwell on it. Shit! I swore, not caring that my father was listening. I left

because I don’t know what to do! My Wolf already wants him! I practically wailed, panic rising in my chest.

Skylar, calm down. I know the situation isn’t ideal but you can’t panic. He knows where to find you so it wouldn’t matter if you got away. Alpha Brett said, and he still sounded tense.

He’s your Mate… my father’s voice seemed very strained when he said that, and Mates don’t hurt each other. You must talk with him sometime. You can’t ignore your Mate, no matter how horrible he is.






I felt my Wolf snarl in anger at the insult to her Mate, but I was too distracted to notice. I tilted my head into the air and took a deep whiff, digging through all of the scents. Sure enough, I caught a faint trace of Gabriel’s intriguing aroma. He was hot on my trail.

I knew I couldn’t run. Not again. I wasn’t ready to deal with this now, but better here than in front of the pack. I couldn’t let Gabriel know just how terrified I was of this whole situation eventhough my heart was threatening to burst out of my chest.

Okay. I can do this…but I have to talk with him alone. It’s too confusing with other voices in my head, I finally said after a minute of silence.

Are you sure?

I swallowed, feeling my father’s reluctance but Alpha Brett’s reassurance. I have to be sure of it. I can’t make him angry, or others could be hurt. Before they could

reply, I blocked them out with my mental barriers once again. Then I stepped out of the stream; there was no point in hiding. I took another deep inhale. The scent was much stronger now and it made me weak at the knees. Hopefully I could look at Gabriel without wanting to jump him or run away. My Wolf’s excited noises

were definitely not helping the situation. I mentally shushed her, although it did little good.

A minute trickled by, and then another. The scent was nearly overpowering now

but I stood my ground. After a few more seconds, I heard rustling to my left and I sensed Gabriel’s emergence from the undergrowth as my nerves caught on fire and my heartbeat increased tenfold.

Slowly, I turned to face him as he spoke one word.






Yea, stay cool ehn?

We still in the reminisce part of the story,

I promise action packed and more intriguing scenes are on its way.


I’ll seeya in the next happen next.

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