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Happen 14 & 15 (VL)

As Produced By SheriffSquinty

Theme: Decision



Although some part of me dimly registered the various aches and pains assaulting my body, for some reason I felt secure. Safe. Warm. It was as if in the darkness of sleep I was holding onto something that was protecting and healing me. I didn’t

want to let go of this source of protection and warmth so I drew closer, holding it






to me dearly. In this moment I thought that everything was right in the world.

Tethered to my source of security and holding onto it tightly, I quickly fell deeper into the confines of a dreamless sleep.

Sometime passed before I felt the coldness begin to seep into my bones. I was no longer clinging to the heat source and I felt oddly empty and alone without it,

although I did not know what had been the source of my security in the first place. Without it my body felt isolated and weak and the dull ache from my injuries

began to return. As my mind awakened, I began to pull away from the

impenetrable blackness in which I had slept. Part of my brain wanted to stay asleep and not have to face the world yet but I fought against this notion. I could now hear my Wolf in the back of my mind and she was urging me to wake up.

My eyes snapped open and I blinked, disoriented. As I adjusted to the lighting in the room I glanced around, determining my location. I felt a small trickle of shock as I realized I was back in my bedroom. The blinds were open and I could see that the sun had just gone down and the moon was beginning to rise. My room was

quite warm but oddly enough I still felt cold. Everything in my room was as I left it, but how had I gotten here?

I frowned in puzzlement, the seconds passing by as I tried to work out the mystery of how I had gotten back to my house when the last thing I remembered was… .

Vampires! It all rushed back tome in an instant and I tried to sit up, wincing as my body protested. Everything came back in a flood of images as I arranged myself in a sitting position. Although I was sore, it did not hurt nearly as bad as it should’ve

and I realized my father must have worked on me. Werewolves healed fast

naturally but there was noway it should be this painless. I assumed I hadn’t been asleep more than a day, fervently hoping my assumption was correct.

My mind quickly wandered to the last thing I had seen before I dozed off. My

father, Will, Maria, and Gabriel had come to my rescue and I remembered hearing violent fighting behind me as my father crouched before me. The thought of

Gabriel fighting the vampires that had hurt me made my Wolf growl in

satisfaction. I felt a rush of emotion at the thought of my Mate and I had to force it down; I was still supposed to dislike him, and I was beginning to fail miserably,

especially since he’d just shown an entirely different side by coming to rescue me. I needed to thank him for that, despite my misgivings about everything.

Just then I realized that I could detect a faint sound coming from downstairs.

Utilizing my werewolf hearing, I honed in on the noises. Voices emanated upstairs towards my bedroom, and as I listened they began to grow louder until I did not






have to strain to hear them. Clearly there was an argument breaking out

downstairs. I detected my father’s voice first, then Alpha Brett’s, then Gabriel’s. My Mate’s husky baritone set me on edge and made my stomach clench in away that was not at all unpleasant.

“You don’t have a choice,” Gabriel was saying, an undertone of anger in his voice. “She’s our daughter, we damn well have a choice!” My father snapped back. I

gasped quietly in surprise that he would have the gall to talk to Gabriel like that. Then again, they were clearly talking about me, and my father was extremely






I slowly swung my legs towards the edge of the bed, only wincing slightly this time. I knew the soreness would abate soon. Right now I had more pressing

matters to worry about.

“Lower your voice!” My mom said, her voice quieter than the others. “You’ll wake her up!”

“Shouldn’t she be waking up soon? She’s been out for hours.” That was Alpha Brett speaking.

The conversation resumed but their voices were lower and I decided I should just go downstairs. My skin prickled at the thought of seeing my Mate again and I

didn’t try to rationalize it this time. I was attracted to him and drawn to him and I couldn’t do anything about it. My Wolf agreed smugly.

That doesn’t mean I like him, I said wryly. She ignored me.

I stood up, unsteadily at first, but regaining my balance after a few seconds. I

glanced down somewhat warily at my attire; I was in a loose T-shirt and pajama shorts that might be a bit small for present company.

“You will do NO such thing!” My father suddenly yelled and my sleepwear was forgotten as I hurried stiffly towards the door.

“Are you saying you can stop me?” Replied Gabriel coldly. The threat behind his words made me uneasy.

“Are you threatening us while in our territory?” Alpha Brett bit out. Chat Nath up on zero eight zero sixty-seven, twenty-six, eighty-three, sixty-eight, to be added to his group to enjoy more interesting stories from there.I had opened the door and started down the stairs. My eyes fell upon the scene occurring in our living room and my agitation only increased. Gabriel had his back towards me but judging by the stiff way he stood and the tautness of his muscles, he was ready for a fight.






Alpha Brett was glaring at him furiously and I was nervous, but for some reason I was more nervous for Alpha Brett than I was for Gabriel. While my Alpha was a strong wolf, I instinctively knew somehow that Gabriel would win in a fight.

Surely Alpha Brett would not be foolish enough to take him on one on one. That

was the lawful setting for an Alpha fight to occur, but I hoped he wasn’t considering it.

Absentmindedly I wondered, as I had before I’d passed out, how Gabriel had found out I was in trouble. I resolved to ask later; we had not completed the Mating

process so I wasn’t sure how he could’ve known. Was my pain so intense when the vampire bit me that Gabriel felt an echo of it from that far away? I suspected that was the case. For now though, I had to figure out how to diffuse the situation.

My parents were off to the side, my mom nervously biting one of her nails as she sat on the couch, my father standing behind her as he gripped the back of the

couch. His knuckles were turning white. My father’s eyes snapped to my face as Gabriel spoke.

“You do know I can just Command you to make her go with me, right?” I froze

with dismay as I remembered Gabriel’s uncanny ability to Command other Alphas, an ability that had yet to be explained. Judging by the dark look on Alpha Brett’s

face he remembered quite well.

And what did he mean, go with him?

“What is going on?” I cut in before I could stop myself, horrified at the thought that he would Command my family or Alpha like that.

Gabriel spun around in an instant and all eyes focused on me. I blushed, not liking the sudden attention. Gabriel’s dark eyes became unfathomable before slowly

roving up and down my exposed legs. My blush deepened and I felt my heart rate skyrocket because of his close scrutiny.

“You’re awake!” My mother’s voice broke the tension and she bounded over tome before pulling me into a tender hug, minding my injuries. Still feeling embarrassed I tried to smile at her as she pulled back, blue eyes meeting mine. “Oh Skylar I was so worried….we never should have let you go…” She began, features contorting

with sadness.

“Rene, we have more important things to worry about right now,” My father said tiredly, indicating Gabriel with a jerk of his head. “Although we will talk about her decision to go…later.” His look became stern but I detected relief as he gazed at







“What’s going on?” I asked cautiously. I could still feel Gabriel’s penetrating gaze trained on me. I shifted uncomfortably.

Alpha Brett began to speak but Gabriel cut him off. “You’re coming to live with me,” he said tonelessly.

I couldn’t resist looking at him then, and I was sure my surprise and uncertainty

were evident on my face as my mouth fell open slightly with shock. His eyes

caught and held mine and my Wolf began to pace restlessly as my body heated up yet again. How could he look so sΒ£xy just standing there? His dark hair was

tousled and his shirt did nothing to hide his physique. I definitely wanted to…. Damn it Skylar, stop! I scolded my body’s reactions. I had to get myself under control.

“No you aren’t,” My father bit out, distracting me from my traitorous lust.

Gabriel’s inscrutable expression became angry and he wrenched his gaze from

mine. “Yes she is. I don’t care if you’re her father I WILL Command you. Do not forget who you are talking to. I am being courteous by telling you instead of

Commanding you but I won’t hesitate to make this an order.”

My father shook with anger but did not move. I could tell he was weighing the

options in his head. As forme, I wasn’t quite sure what to think. Of course my

Wolf was howling at me to go and a large part of me did not want to leave his side, but the logical side of me was afraid. Live with him, with the Black Mountains

Pack that I hated. I would be away from my family when I barely knew him. How could I do that? Did I even have a choice? I knew realistically, if I wanted to get to know him better, I needed to live with him. That was how it traditionally worked when Mates were from different packs, anyways.

Getting to know him was both a terrifying and alluring concept.

Alpha Brett looked like he wanted to snarl but was very much trying to reign

himself in. I was worried that either he or my father would make a stupid move and I couldn’t let that happen. It was my Mate, so my problem to deal with. I gathered every ounce of courage that I had.

“Umm guys, could I talk to Gabriel?” The name felt so perfect coming out of my mouth and out of the corner of my eye I saw my Mate stiffen. “Alone please?” I was almost quaking with nervousness at the thought of being alone with him but the tension in here could be cut with a knife and I had to do something.

My father looked like he very much did not want to leave me alone with Gabriel but my mother saw the look in my eye and gently put a hand on his arm.

“Alexander, it’s what she wants,” she said hesitantly, looking between me and






Gabriel. Alpha Brett had shoved his hands in his pockets and was staring at Gabriel mistrustfully.

“Okay, Skylar. Let me know if you need anything.” He ground out after several seconds before tossing my parents a look and striding out of the room. My father opened his mouth to protest but I spoke before he could.

“Please, Dad. Let me handle this. Just for a minute.” I silently pled with my eyes, eventhough part of me was freaking out at being here alone with Gabriel.

Hopefully I could control my Wolf before she tried to make me jump him.

With an angry huff my father finally nodded. “But if you decide to go, it better be

your choice and only your choice. If not, we’ll have an entirely different

discussion,” he snarled. If he had been speaking in that manner to any other wolf, it would have been incredibly intimidating. In this situation, though, Gabriel merely

turned to face him, a threatening growl rumbling in his chest in response. I

shivered at the sound, trying to hold myself together while giving my father half- hearted smile.

Then my parents left and I was alone with my Mate.

Gabriel slowly turned back towards me. I couldn’t help but admire the way the dim lighting in the room created shadows that fell across his face, accentuating his

handsome features. I could now understand why everyone said that when you

found your Mate, it was as if they were made just for you, created just to be with you. Gabriel was the most physically perfect specimen I could ever imagine. I felt frail and underwhelming in comparison.

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