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‘Haize , Logan is your son’ kris Asked looking shocked


‘Wow uncle do you know my mom ‘Logan asked kris who was looking stunned


‘Logan …go play with your friends….I will tell the driver to pick you up later on’ I said

‘Why mummy won’t you watch the show?’ He asked


‘No honey am not feeling too good for now ,I have to go home I will see you later ‘ I said and he nodded and walked away


I looked at kris and walked away without uttering a word to him


‘Haize’ he called my name as he followed me all the way to a private place

‘You Logan’s mum’ he said


‘He is not your son,if that what you thinking…I took contraceptive that day remember ‘ I said


‘You have always been a bad liar…I know you didn’t use contraceptive that day…I saw the pills in the toilet you emptied the whole container there ‘


He says and I was shocked



‘The least you could have done is tell me about our child ‘he said

‘And how you so sure ge is your child ‘


‘I am 100 % sure he is mine …there is absolutely nothing you can say to change my mind about that ‘ he held me by the armand I gasped


‘You had several opportunities to tell me this but still youthink I do not deserve to know about my son …why the hell did you do that can you be so mean haize’


‘Says the guy who had a goodtime with me only to dumb me for some other b**ch..’ I said


‘But have told you many times …..give me the chance to explain all this, I never ever dreamed of dumping you I was forced to ‘ he said


‘Yea you were forced to by your need of other girls in your life…you made me feel like I was a nobody,like I was never loved or something…you made me feel like a whore you just had a good time with ‘ I said as tears rolls down my eyes


‘But haize will you just listen to my side of the story ‘ he said


‘There’s nothing to listen to… far as Logan is concerned his father is dead,let it remain that way…please can you just leave my life like you did all those years back…I can’t have you ruin it again please just go kris …just go…I want you togo…leave for good this time…do not come back just go please…if not for my sake then for Logan please do not let me see you again please leave for good ‘ I said as I left him dumbfounded


I walked away instantly because I do not want him to see tears in my eyes that will make him know I still love him but finds it too hard to forgive him….but I know I just want him to live my life for good



Cheng walked out of the ward and he looked at me for awhile before he walked away I decided to follow him and then we both stood in a private place outside the hospital

‘You getting married to her ‘ I said and he stares at me


‘I have to ‘


‘But why ,you do not love her ‘ I said as I moved closer to him


‘This is not a matter of love you know…she is my friend the least I can do is be there for her in this critical situation ‘ I said and tears rolled down my eyes


‘Have you changed so much over the years that you do not even remember me ….Cheng you use to care about only me …but you have changed so much you care about others pain and you do not even see mine ….are you really going to get married to her .’


‘I am not Cheng my Name Is Xander and am fulfilling the role of a good friend….that the least I can try to be in this situation….i want you to remove all thoughts of me being your long lost lover… I

am not him ‘ he said as he walked away


Am I going through all this pain over again

Am I really feeling the pain over again


Seven years


I waited seven years of my life for this man

Only for me to lose him again


Am I really going to loose Cheng again



Xander helped me to my room and gently placed me on the bed


‘The helps will send you dinner now ,if you need anything just call me ‘ he said with a smile on his face and I nodded


He was about to walkout of the room when I held his wrist and said ‘hope you avoided lady R like I told you to ….I just feel like that woman is bad news and might try to come in between us ‘ I said and he nodded lightly as he turned his back to leave


He closed the door behind him and I smiled mischeviously


I looked at the wheelchair and stood on my feet and stretched



‘Am so tired of sitting on that stupid chair all day ‘ I saidaso stretched my back




Yea am bad


But what can I do


I just really want Xander to belong to someone else

Most especially that lady R


Now I will make sure I get married to Xander

He will be mine



What am I going to do


I should tell rose about this

Rose should know about this


Rose walked into the house looking lost


She looks like she has been crying for hours


‘Rose what wrong?’ I asked and she pulled me close for a tight hug

‘Haize he is going to marry her’ she said while crying


‘What do you mean …I dont understand ‘


‘Cheng, he is going to marry her …he Is going to marry Devika ‘

‘What …how …why’


She explained the whole event to meand I was shocked


She us Clearly hurt


I can’t start bothering her with my own problems

Ijust can’t


‘I have come to a decision haize ,I will be travelling out for a week …you know until the whole marriage charade is over ‘ she said and I nodded

Am pretty sure she will loose it if she sees the love of her life getting married to someone else

Most especially a girlshe does not like at all



The next day I got ready for my little trip


I decided to say goodbye to Cheng before he is finally married to that woman

The security guard allowed me into his mansion


There was nobody in the house so I climbed up the stairs to look for him


‘I know girlfriend I really tricked them all’ I heard Devika saying from her room



I peeped in through the small opening on the doorand I was shocked to see her standing on her two feet


‘I know ama bad girl’ she said as she sat down on the bed and crossed her leg ‘we will begetting married soon…..I actually killed two birds with one stone …i got rid of lady R and also got Xander to marry me ‘ she said


I got really angry and barged into the room


She was shocked to see me as she slowly lowered her cellphone


‘What the heck are you doing here ‘ she said as she stood on her feet


‘Waw…am actually very shocked to see a cripple on her own two feet ‘ I said and she rolled her eyes



‘Just mind your business and get the hell out of here’


‘This is my business ‘ I said ‘tell me what exactly is your aim by doing all of this ‘

‘Well that a very stupid question…you know just what my aim is ‘ she said


I rolled my eyes and glared at her ‘you must be the most foolish human being have ever seen…you said you love him, you do not love him…you only love yourself …because if you truly love him ,his happiness will be your number one priority ‘ I said and she calmed down


‘If you truly love him you wouldn’t blackmail him like that…you wouldn’t force him into agreeing to marry you…if you love him you will be happy when you see him happy …but no,you only love yourself…okay what if he gets married to you…one day your secret will surely be revealed so tell me what going to become of that marriage.

.it will end in nothing but pains for the both of you…do you think he can ever be happy with you..he can’t cause he was forced to marry you…just tell me what is marriage without love…I had every bit of opportunity to come between this wedding you planning but no…I don’t want to come between it,because I feel he is happy with the decision of marrying you and even though I am shattered and lost without him but I still did not take any drastic decision to change his mind…that what you call love not this obsession of yours ‘ she sat down on the chair and I dropped on a squat ‘if you truly love someone their feelings should come first and not your feelings ‘


I said as I walked out of her room

I just gave her a piece of my mind


I was about to get into my car when isaw kris


‘Rose i need to speak with you ‘ he said and I sighed



The next morning I woke up the next morning and sat on my bed


Rose hasn’t called yet ever since she went to Cheng and Devika House yesterday


‘Good morning Ma’m you have a letter ‘ one of my maid said as she gave me a letter

I collected it from her and she walked out of the room


I opened it and saw an invitation

What is this


I read the invitation and it immediately fell off my hand



R…r…rr….Rose Is getting married to kris


What the hell is going on

What the hell is all this


Why will rose get married to him

And how


I am so confused



I walked into the house and saw Devikasitted on her wheelchair


I really pity my friend that why I am willing to marry her and be there for her

Eventhough I do not have any romantic feelings for her


‘Xander ,I want to tell you something ‘

‘Which is?’


‘Xander I want to tell you the truth ‘ she said

‘What truth?’ I asked


She sighed and stood on her feet


My mouth fell wide opened as I fixed my eyes on her

‘This is the truth’she said





Wow Lady R and rose are getting married


And Devika just confessed her sins

❤KISS 2❤

(Do I know her )




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