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I woke up a very expensive statue in an art museum with a kiss

At first I found him very annoying and clinging


But then I fell in love with him

He made me happy


He was the perfect gentleman

The love was very strong



We share each others pains

We understand each other


I thought the love was strong

But what is love without trust


My inability to trust him made me lose him

I waited for so long


Longer than you can think


And am willing to wait till eternity

That just how much I love Cheng


Many years later


Wait let me be specific, 7 years later ama twenty seven years old famous and extremely rich artist popularly known as lady R


I paint the world best


Want to know what the painting all about

It all about Cheng


Cheng is all I think of noone else


I even changed my hair to long and blonde

Because his hair was blonde


I feel like when I do stuffs like that it brings me closer to him

Even in his absent he still brings me good luck


I just really miss you Cheng



I walked into my mansion and little kris came running towards me

Yes that kris and haize son


His name is Logan


He looks exactly like his dad


And eventhough haize wanted to abort back then she really regrets ever thinking of that

This little boy is the only thing that gives haize happiness now


He is the only thing that makes her happy

‘Hello aunt Rose’


‘Hey handsome ‘I said as i dropped to a squat and kissed the little boy on his forehead

‘Jeez you so darn handsome ‘I said as I roughened his black thick hair with my hand


He is like the younger version of kris


Extremely handsome

And also very playful


‘And you area beauty queen ….. Hey you wanna play Zombie hunter 3 with me ‘he asked showing me his game pad


‘Ummmmmm….sure I definetly will,but let me say hello to your mum first ‘I said as I kissed his head and walked into haizeroom


‘I see someone is daydreaming again’I said to haize


She smiled at me and hugged me ‘take a look at you rose ,you are even prettier than me now’haize said with a smile


‘Wait a second, you know nobody can beat you in beauty ‘I said and she smiled

‘Well you have finally beaten me dear’she said and I laughed




Seven years since my heart was broken by the man I love more than myself

I am now the owner of my dad company that worth billions


Yeah my dad died years ago in a car accident

It was terrible


Why the hell am I so unlucky


The only thing that keeps me happy is my son


Although I hate the fact that he looks alot like that man

I despise him so much


But I still cannot bring myself to hate my son


He is all I have


I love him so much


And also my only sister, my companion, my rose


She is more hurt than I am but she hides her painto make me happy

She is the best


I even changed my name and my look


People now know me by the name Hannah Wu

Haize is dead


I am the daughter of the late billionaire John Wu

CEO of Wu Empire


‘So when is the art exhibition?’ i asked


‘Tomorrow ‘she said

‘Tomorrow..seriously ‘




‘Well am sure your art gonna be the best’I said

‘It will be’ I said with a smile


Art is her life now


And even after seven years she still has strong faith that Cheng will come back to her

To be sincere I do not think Cheng is ever coming back


I mean it been seven years


But rose still have strong faith that he will

I just hope he does




….. KRIS POV….

‘the deal is done Mr kang,the money will be transferred to your account ‘Mr Davies said as he shook my hand and walked out of my big office


I stood up and looked at the city through the transparent glass wall


All this wealth

All this money


It feels like they all for nothing if haize is not with me

Seven years


I spent seven years of my life looking for haize


I went to Australia, Canada, Madagascar, Hongkong, Busan,Vietnam etc I still can’t find her

I searched the whole of America too and she is still nowhere t0 be found


Where the hell is haize


It feels like I am nobody without her

Yea am still as handsome as ever


Am even more handsome than I was before and every lady wants me but they are still not haize



Absolutely nobody can replace haize in my heart


I just want to know where she is

I really miss you haize


When exactly will you come back to me

But I wont stop


I have been looking for you for seven years now

What makes you think I will stop


Wherever you are I will surely find you haize


…. ROSE POV…..

The next day I got ready for my exhibition


I have a new killer painting that gonna worth millions

I walked into the museum with my bodyguards


My fans are gonna be here I do not want them to attack me asking for autographs and pictures



‘We are so happy to have you here Lady R …please come with me ‘a man said and I smiled at him and walked with him.


Everybody gathered in front of my lovely painting admiring it


I smiled to myself knowing fully well that have painted another masterpiece


This thing is going to be sold very soon

How I wish Cheng was herewith me


Then we will both be great artist by now


I really love you Cheng I wonder when you going to come back


‘Hey guys come check this new painting out it from D.X and it marvelous ‘somebody said and they

all left my painting and rushed towards the new painting

Who is D.X and why did they leave my painting for his


That strange


My painting is the best currently

‘Who is D.X ?’I asked my assistant


‘He is this new online artist and he is really good asin very good’she said

‘Really…. better than me?’I asked and she kept quiet immediately


Her silence means he is definitely better than me


I walked towards D.X painting and only jeez


How can a common internet painter paint something much better than mine

I mean have been painting ever since I was born


I checked the painting label andyea D.X was written on it


I must know this D.X


I must know who D.X is



So guys are you happy now

Kiss is back


So drop your comment if you happy

And who do you think D.X is?


And yeah a story is going on my second page LICIA’S LIBRARY 2

Title is 7 kings featuring bts and blackpink


Am a huge fan of this kpop so I decided to write a story about them

You will surely love it


and forgive me for not posting kiss earlier

❀KISS 2❀

(Do I know her )





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