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‘Rose come on open up’ my mum and dad said still knocking the door


‘what the heckam I gonna do’ I muttered while the stranger was still staring at me like he was brain dead or something④

‘rose come on open this door or I will be forced to break the lock’ my dad said 勇

Shit they are never gonna go away 内


‘I don’t know who you or where you from so do me a little favour, please hide in the closet ‘ I said pointing at the closet while he was still staring at me 内

What to do ⑧


He is not even answering me


I walked towards the door and slowly opened it for my parents and went out to meet them before they can come in


‘ I heard you scream now, hope nothing is wrong ‘ my mum said


‘nothing is wrong mum was watching an horror movie, it was really scary I just screamed’ I said laughing nervously with my back placed on the door


‘that your nervous laugh which means you are lying, out of the way let mein’ my mum said as she pushed me aside and barged into my room


Am so dead


So so so so dead


I closed my eyes waiting for the Thunder when my mum said

‘nothing seem to be wrong here’




Nothing is wrong.


I slowly opened my eyes and the naked man was gone.

He was nothere


Jeez is he a ghost or was that one of my imagination


I mean why willlone of the most handsome man in the world be in my room naked


I really need to get myself a boyfriend to stop all this crazy imaginations


‘good night honey’ my mum and dad said as they kissed me on the forehead and walked out of my room


I breathe asigh of relief as I close the door

What a stupid imagination



I mean a guy that hot in my room naked

Too good to be true


I let go of my door knob as I turned my back and saw the same man again standing in front of me 勇

I flinched and closed my mouth to stop myself from screaming again 口

I don’t want my parent to come here again


‘where were you’i asked

‘hide in the closet’ he said


Men he has the s£xiest deep man voice


‘first of all wrap this towel around yourself and stop showing me that’ I said as I gave him a white towel he collected from me and stares at it ④


‘cover that’ I said and he keeps staring at me and back at the towel ‘see you wrap it around your waist to cover that’ I said making an example with another towel ④

He got the message and wrapped the towel around his waist 同


Thank God that problem is solved, for a minute or two I thought I was gonna go blind

‘who are you’i asked


‘shinwoo statue’


‘say whatttt’ I said stressing the what ‘oh you shin woo statue nice to Meet you am Cinderella’ I said obviously mocking him but he didn’t get that ‘if you sent by one of those people on social media to prank me that a wrong option, get out of my house before I call the police’

③ ③


I can’t actually call the police


If i call them then my parents will definitely get involved



‘who are you’i asked again clearly angry this Time


‘that’ he said pointing at the painting of the Shin woo statue I painted earlier on the wall


‘will you quit making me upset by calling yourself the Shinwoo statue, okay of you the Shinwoo statue why don’t you prove it’ I said as I folded my arms angrily


‘what a prove’ he asked


He doesn’t know what a prove is


What kind of human doesn’t know what prove means


‘well why don’t you show me, you know something that will make me believe you, that you are the Shinwoo statue ‘ i said with an air quote (:

a gesture made by raising and flexing the indexand middle fingers of both hands that is used to call attention to a spoken word or expression)


‘ you want me to show you ‘he said

‘ yeah I do ‘I said


This guy is ridiculous


Shimwo statue my foot

What a joke


He keeps staring at meand I said angrily again ‘ am waiting ‘

He just kept quiet and keeps staring


‘ that it am calling the police, i don’t care what mum and dad says ‘I said as I picked up my phone


Immediately he turned into the Same shinwoo statue at the museum for a second before turning back into the guy


My phone that was placed on myear earlier fell from my hand 口口口口口



‘ O. M. G’i said as I passed out immediately


The morning sun hit my eyes through my bedroom window the next morning


‘I had the craziest dream, how can a man turn to a statue’ i muttered as I slowly opened my eyes and sat down on my bed scratching my head


I looked up and saw the stone man sitted on the sofa looking at me

‘good morning’ he said in a really cute way


I rolled my eyes in frustration and placed my hand on my forehead


‘Why can’t you be a dream and disappear overnight’ I said and he frowns ‘now how am I gonna explain you to my parent and you the shin woo statue they are never gonna believe me if I tell them the shin woo statue is in our house… What if I get arrested for stealing you… No that not right you jot meant to be a human… Am so confused ‘


I should have known he isn’t a human


The blonde long hair reaching his waist

How come his hair is that long


His eyes

His skin


His lips


They are all just too beautiful


‘ how do I get you out of here, I don’t want my parents to see you here’ i said

I wish my hair was like his hair


So long


Mine is short


Wait that gives mean idea


I sneaked into my mums room and stole one of her dress and shoes


My mom is a little chubby with big feets so her cloths and shoes should size him

‘ Take put this on ‘i said as I gave him my mum clothes’ put that on’


I can’t give him my clothes


They are just too small for him

He wanted to remove the towel


‘no, no, no don’t do that here, do it in the bathroom’ I said

He slowly nods before walking into the bathroom


He walked out of the bathroom dressed in my mum clothes and wearing her shoes


‘what are this things and why are they so high’ he said trying to figure out how to walk in the heels


‘They are ladies shoes and they are meant to be high’ i said

‘but why am I wearing them and what is a lady’ he said


I breathe and said ‘Do I have to explain Everything to you uhn.. Am a lady you a men, am suppose to wear this not you’ I said


‘them wear it’ he said


‘Just…… Arghhhhhhj’ breathe rose do not loose it, do not loose it ‘i said trying to calm myself down’just wear the shoes and let me apply some girly make upon your face ‘I said as I made him sit on the chair and applied some make upon his face


I also had my bath and got dressed and when the statue who was dressed like a girl and I both walked out of the room everyone focused their eyes on me including my ten year old brother


‘hi mum hidad,good morning’ I said laughing nervously again



‘who is she’ Mum asked


‘well mum meet my friend her name is…. Ummmmm… What her name again… Yeah lalisa’ I said


‘lalisa’ they all said at the sametime

‘yes lalisa’ I replied


My mum looks atlalisa and said ‘waw your friend sure is very tall and muscular’ my dad said

‘not to mention her legs , why is it so hairy and manly ‘ my dad said


‘and those mums dress’ jimin my ten year old brother said

Oh Damn you jimin


‘yes that is my dress she is wearing and shoes, have any idea how expensive those are’ I said

Oh my mom wears expensive clothes


She is definitely gonna make a fuss about all this


‘well I have answers to all your questions, number one my friend has a very rare disease called Manotisim’ 内

Holy shit I just made that up ③

勇 ‘Manotisim have never heard of it’ my mum said


‘yea that why I said very rare disease.. It causes ladies to behave like a man and they often have wierd man figure and attribute… Examples are big muscles, hairy legs and so on, you know kids this days have it ‘ 玲

Am a terrible liar ②



How ridiculous is that



‘ okay that explains the muscles and hairy feet but what about my dress ‘my mum said


‘ well the manotism ruined her former dress so we had to borrow yours ‘I said


‘ the what did what ‘my mum said’and why is your friend so quiet, doesn’t she talk ‘


‘ hello ma’m’he said with his very deep manly voice and I hit my forehead with my palm


He shouldn’t have talked


How am I gonna explain this


‘waw you have a very deep voice’ my dad said


‘see itold you dad, the disease is getting worst… Now she has a deep voice’ I said

‘well shouldn’t she be quarantined or something’ my mum said


‘no it not contagious and Mum are you gonna ask me more questions or will you let me goto school now ‘I said


‘ fine go, bye ‘she said


I have definitely confused them all



‘ where are we going to’he asked


‘ to school but first you need to look like a man which means you need a makeover ‘i said as I got into my car with him







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