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_Episode 4_

Gianna’s P. O. V


“Drunkgirls in bathrooms are the most epowering and suųpportive PEOPLE. We should all be more like druk girls in bathrooms.”


“You’re going.”


“Nope. I’m staying right here.” I told her, attempting to shut my door in Celine’s face but she caught it just in time, following me into my room.


“You’re going.” It was more of a demand than anything else and I instinctively rolled my eyes at how annoying her persistence could be.


“Celine. If I’m ‘going’ to do anything-its slap you.” I said, flopping down onto my bed with a loud sigh. She’d never drop this and a nagging feeling in my chest told me I’d end up giving in just to shut her up.


“Oh come on.” She dragged. “It’s JJ’s birthday- you have to go.” Almost like clockwork—she brought out the puppy dog eyes and pouted bottom lip, shaking it slightly for dramatic effect but I shut my eyes tightly and looked away.


“you know how I feel about Jackson, Celine.” Which was true, due to his many attempts to seduce both Celine and I in front of each other and his suggestion of a threesome, which by the way—I had declined many times. I had grown a certain distaste to the boy I had known through-out high school.


“It’s one night Gianna. One night, and we’ll only be there for four hours; five tops.”


“I hate being around him. I don’t want to have to pepper spray him again because he tried to kiss me.” I said. Cringing at the tenth grade memory. “Do you know how violating that was?”


“He said he was sorry!” she defended, throwing her hands up into the air with an exasperated sigh as if she had given up on me altogether.


“How about the time he tried to hit on my dad. In front of me.” I gave her a pointed look and knew she wouldn’t be able to defend him this time.


“I mean- your dad is kinda hot. I’d do the same thing.” I fake gagged at her, causing laughter to erupt from her lips. “Plus he was drunk. Your mom gave us wine for the first time remember.”


“That was grape juice.”


“Okay, this is my last resort. I promise if you come with me tonight, I’ll wash the dishes for the whole week.”


“The whole week?” I asked, intrigued. I hated doing the dishes.


“Yes. Everyday.” She promised.


“Why are you so interested in going anyway? I thought you hated him.” I asked, twirling a loose piece of fabric between my fingers. She pulled up her hair into a tight ponytail and flopped down next to me with an excited grin on her face.


“Gives me an opportunity to get laid after months.” She stated as if it was the most obvious thing on the planet. “And besides, we haven’t done anything fun in ages. Think of it as a way of celebrating your job today.”


She had a point. And I was somewhat tired of being cooped up in here all the time. I took five minutes to contemplate taking the deal. I hated dish duty. Just the thought of slimy, wet food all over my hands made me want to throw up all over my comforter.


“Fine.” I mumbled, crossing my arms over my chest.

She jumped from her place at my side and tackled me, squealing “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


I playfully pushed her off me and got up to rummage through the dozens of clothes in my closet while she typed away on her phone, probably letting him know that we would both be there.


“You have to help me get ready though.”


“Done.” She clasped her hand together and scrutinized all my clothes with a concentrated gaze.


This would be a long night.




“I can feel my blood slowly clotting. This is so tight.” I groaned, meaning the satin green corset I had put on.


I was standing in front of the mirror next to Celine’s bed. Tightening the straps of my high heels. We spent hours raiding my closet to find something s£xy yet not too revealing to wear and now we were in her room. Clothes were strewn all over her bed and somehow-her underwear hung from the bed post.


“What is the point of you having nice tits if you aren’t going to show them off?” she questioned, applying a shiny pink gloss to her plumped lips.


I rolled my eyes and ignored her question, focusing on my face instead. “Hey can you pass me that?” I asked, referring to the eye lash curler next to her.


She paused and threw it to me before continuing her make-up application.


“Maybe I’ll find a hot sugar daddy in the club tonight.” She said, smiling slightly. I rolled my eyes at her. “I’m sure you will too Gi, get your mind off that hot boss of yours.” She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively and I groaned.


“First of all, my mind isn’t on him. And secondly, no. I need money not men. If anything, I’d like to have a sugar buddy. Where he just sends me a grand for being a good friend.” I told her, layering thick coats of mascara onto my naturally long eyelashes.


I stepped into the fabric of my denim shorts and stared in the mirror, then across at Celine in her silver low-cut dress.


We looked hot.


After we had both finished getting ready, we walked downstairs and into the kitchen.


I went into the highest cabinet and grabbed a bottle of our strongest vodka, waving it around. “Pre-shots?” I asked, also picking up some small shot glasses from the cabinet next to me.


“Fuck yes.” She yanked the bottle out of my hand and filled up the two small glasses, lifting one up to the air, me following suit.


“To not killing JJ.” I said.


“Ditto.” I lifted up the glass and drank the burning liquid, feeling the sting settle in my throat. I slammed it back onto the table and smiled at my best friend.


“Come on let’s go, don’t want to be late.” I grabbed my purse and slipped my phone inside, grabbing her hand and walking out the door. The uber she had called for arrived and we hopped in the back, asking the driver to take a photo of us before we left which he too happily complied to.


“Which club are we going to anyway?” I asked, settling into my seat. “Some new place that opened up a year ago. ‘Moritello’s’ I think.”


The name sounded familiar but I couldn’t place where from and decided to put the thought aside for later.


“This is going to be fun, I promise.” Celine swore, grinning from her seat next to me.




She lied.


We had only been here for about eight seconds and I wanted to go home.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge party person. Just not when it came to the birthday boy.


Speaking of, “Hey s£xy Lexi.” He said, slurring in my direction.


I looked at Celine and rolled my eyes.


“It’s Gianna.” He was already so drunk, which was highly expected. I don’t think I ever had a sober conversation with Jack. Which was intriguing in high-school, but as he grew up it became sadder more than anything.


“Gianna? As in hot dad Gianna? Shit, I barely recognized you, sweetness.” He laughed at some unspoken joke and almost fell over, slinging and arm on my shoulder for support. I shared a look with Celine and she shrugged, winking at me.


I’m pretty sure Jackson was gay, he never confirmed it but he always slipped up when he got this drunk. I never brought it up whenever I would see him—he’d talk about it when he was ready and I definitely wasn’t one to push.


“Celine’s here too!” he exclaims rather loudly. Before he got the chance to open up his mouth again, she interrupted him. “Yes Jackson, you invited us remember?”


“Oh right, right. Did you get a boob job? ‘Cause damn I could-“I cut him off mid-sentence and stabilized him on his own two feet.


“Want to go get a drink?” I asked him, my words slow so he could understand me better. His eyes lit up and he turned around, expecting us to be trailing behind him.


“Of course! Follow me.” He screamed over the booming music. We stayed put, finally rid of him.


I turned to Celine and gave her my biggest smile.


“You know what, maybe you’re right. This just might be a fun night.” The sarcasm rolled off my tongue in waves and I’m sure she could tell.


By ten p.m. I was already drunk out of my mind. Shots after shots slid down my throat and I felt the heavy buzz of alcohol running through my system. I was having way too much fun to regret how much I had to drink.


I swung my hips in circles and danced around to some upbeat song in the middle of the dance, as I had been for the past five minutes.




I swung my hips in circles and danced around to some upbeat song in the middle of the dance, as I had been for the past five minutes.


‘I feel so close to you right now, it’s a force field.’


The familiar song blasted through the many speakers in the loud club and I sang out the lyrics, probably out of tune but I was too focused on my movements to care.


I felt unfamiliar hands grasp my hips, but I was far too gone to car and instead leaned back, linking my arms around the stranger’s neck.


‘I wear my heart upon my sleeve, like a big deal.’


The blue strobe lights were a blur as I swung my hips side to side, my hair sticking to the sides of my face and my neck slightly sweaty.


‘Your love falls down on me, surrounds me like a waterfall.’


The man’s hands travelled down my sides and gripped my hips, turning me around and guiding my movements. They felt calloused and rough but I didn’t care.


‘And there’s no stopping us right now.’


I turned around to stare at the stranger for the first time, I took in his facial features with a lazy smile. He looked to be my age which disappointed me a little but I shrugged it off. He leaned down and lightly nibbled on my ear. By now Celine was no-where to be found as I searched for her over the crowd.


‘I feel so close to you right now.’


The beat dropped and I found myself dancing on him more, feeling his growing bulge press into my lower back, which ignited something in me. I was hungry for the attention that I hadn’t received in too long.


I grinded myself into him more, sweat forming on my body in tiny droplets. This was the most fun I’d had in a while and I embraced it. I completely let loose, allowing his hands to travel to my lower back, caressing the bare area, sending tingles up my spine and increasing my heartbeat.


I sang along with the music for a bit, the lights flashing all over the place created a glorious ambiance, setting the mood for all the gyrating, horny teenagers over the floor.


Goosebumps erupted over me when he leaned in and whispered into my ear. “Wanna get outta’ here?” he asked rapidly. I nodded my head hazily and he led the way.


He wasn’t old enough or nearly attractive enough to be my type, but he would be okay for tonight, I needed to release all the growing s£xual tension inside of me and this was the perfect way to do it.


The lyrics of the song repeated themselves and the music got quieter as we headed to the exit and outside the door.


Before I had the chance to catch my breath, I felt my back hit the hard, cold wall behind me. His lips scattered sloppy kisses all over my neck and the valley of my br**sts, till he reached my mouth and planted a wet kiss on them, moaning into me. I kissed him back for a few seconds, slightly cringing at the feeling of his saliva on my body. I could taste strong liquor on his tongue and that was enough to kick me out of my trance.


He was sleazy and slightly repulsive. My taste in men was bad sober, but highly questionable when drunk.




I tried pushing off me lightly and laughed, “Hey, I want to stop now, I think we

should go inside.” He ignored me and continued messily leaving marks on my skin

with his teeth, the feeling stung more than it was supposed to and I shuddered,

the alcohol suddenly leaving my system. “Stop.” I tried pushing off me but still he

wouldn’t budge. Tears threatened to spill out of my eyes when he pushed himself

into me more. “I said stop!” I screamed, thrashing in his arms.

But before I could try to push him off me once more I felt his body being pulled

away from mine and I heard him groan as he was harshly forced onto the hard

concrete, the sound of his head crashing against it made my heart beat faster than

it already was.

I heard rapid cursing from somewhere just to the side of where we were standing.

“She said stop!”

My eyes widened at the manly voice andI looked up. Only to come face to face with

an extremely angry, yet s£xy, Alexander Moritello.









Alex Moritello? I only know daddy.

Ifyou know where the dancing scene is from ily.

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