Tue. May 28th, 2024

Episode 11

Jill Malik P.O.V


“Ethan…” I sobbed as I held my phone close to my ear. My hands were shaking and I felt a headache coming up. “I’m so confused, I yelled at him and he walked out on me. I still love him, but at the same time….I’m so lost.”


“Hush, Calm now. It’s already late at night over there. You should be in bed right now.” Ethan said in a soothing voice. “You were not harsh to him. Maybe a little. But you are broken Jill, don’t expect everything to go perfect and smooth.”


I wiped away my tears and sniffed. “But Ethan. I’m so confused, I don’t know what to do. I thought it would be easy , but it’s not.”


I could feel my heart crumble when Flynn angrily walked out of my apartment. I wanted him to hug me, soothe me, convince me that he changed. But I don’t feel like he’s doing enough. Or do I just have high expectations?


I heard Ethan sigh on the other side of the line. “He will come around, okay? Flynn will come around. He loves you, he’s not going to stay mad at you.”


“But I was so mean to him.” I sobbed again, more tears flowing on my cheeks. “I can’t stay like this. It’s too painful.”


“Go to sleep. Tomorrow is a new day, everything is going to be alright. Goodnight, Jill.”


“Goodnight, E.”


I put my phone down and looked at the sleeping Amari. She was sleeping so peacefully, her hair covering half of her face. I should have braided her hair before she fell asleep. I carried Amari inside the bedroom and layed down next to her. My eyes were puffy from crying and my heart was aching, but I managed to fall asleep.


Under the covers I cuddled with Amari to keep the nightmares away. Amari was my peace, when she was close to me I slept peacefully. No nightmares, but a very restful sleep.




I sneezed.


I sneezed again.


What the hell? I felt sunrays kissing my face. Did I left the curtains open last night?


I opened my eyes and blinked twice before I saw a pair of ocean blue eyes staring at me. My eyes grew wide and I woke up instantly. “AAAHHHH!!” I yelled as loud as I could before punching the person in front of me in the face. I was still not fully awake. My eyes were open, but my head was somewhere else.


“Ah f**k, Jill!” a familiar voice groaned in pain. “Jesus, why are you so violent?”


“Flynn?!” I yelled out half surprised, half in shock. Now that my vision cleared I saw that the person I just punched in the face was Flynn. “What the hell are you doing here?”


“I made breakfast for you.” he said, rubbing the side of his face where I’d punched. It turned red and damn I felt so sorry for him. Flynn was dressed in his suit, ready to go to work. He looked so freaking damn handsome.

“Wha–What?!” I was so confused right now. I thought he was mad at me. “You were mad at me yesterday.”


He chuckled lightly. “Pudding, you know I cannot stay mad at you. If you think I gave up on us, you’re wrong.” Flynn looked at me lovingly and then took a deep breath. “I had to walk out, because I needed time for myself. I didn’t want to take my frustration out on you.”


I opened my mouth to say something, but next to me Amari moved. “Daddy!” She instantly woke up and crawled towards Flynn. There she goes, stealing him from me again. The corners of my lips curled into a smile.


Flynn smiled at her and took her into his arms. He peppered her face with kisses and she giggled.


I do feel jealous of Amari sometimes. She’s so carefree, she has nothing to worry about. At least not at this age. She doesn’t know anything about what happened between her mommy and daddy. In her head we’re the perfect parents.


And I want to keep it like that. I want us to be the perfect parents for her.


“I made breakfast for you, princess.” Flynn handed her a bowl with sliced bananas and strawberries. “Sit next to mommy and don’t spill it on the sheets yeah…Oh look, I also have cake.” Flynn opened the white box on the tray and showed her the red velvet cake.


“She cannot have cake so early in the morning.” I said and closed the box again. “Later, after lunch.”


“Mommy!” Amari and Flynn yelled out in unison.


I shook my head and chuckled. Like father, like daughter. “You know the rules, babygirl.”


“I also made breakfast for you,” Flynn handed me a plate with a sandwich, scrambled eggs and bacon. “I made you coffee and tea, because I don’t know which one you prefer.”


My heart was so full. This was so sweet. Even though he sneaked into my apartment and I should be mad at him for that, he did make breakfast for us which basically makes up for it. “I’ll have coffee. Aren’t you going to have breakfast?”


“I already had breakfast, I’m just going to watch my girls eat.”


When Amari saw that her dad was not eating she insisted on sharing her fruit bowl with him. Flynn had to convince her that he already ate and if he would eat too much he would get a stomach ache.


After we were done eating, Flynn played with Amari on the bed. He chased her on the bed, making her jump on me and pulling my hair in the process.


I literally saw unicorns and stars passing by. That’s how hard her grip was on my hair.


“It’s enough now, you two!” I grabbed Amari and placed her on my lap while massaging my scalp. “It’s time to go take a shower. Aren’t you supposed to be somewhere Flynn?”


Flynn was dressed very formal. He wore his business suit so that means he needs to be somewhere. I don’t think he would make breakfast for us dressed in a business suit. And if he did… well then, that would be a whole new level of being extra.

“Yeah, I need to be at work at…,” He looked at his watch and frowned. “Right now.” He stood up, straightened his suit and placed all the empty and dirty bowls and cups on the tray. He then turned to us and placed a kiss on both, my and Amari’s forehead.


My body tensed when he did that. It felt so right yet wrong. I want to run towards him, yet stay away. I want to be strong and nonchalant but I cannot be.


I want him. I miss him so goddamn much. Despite what he had done, I still love him as much as I did in the beginning. And that was since the day in Milan. Since the one night stand.


“See you laters girls.”


I snapped out of my trance and saw that Flynn was almost at the door. “Flynn!” I called out. He turned around and looked at me with raising eyebrows. “Yes?”


I gulped and took a deep breath. I thought so long about this. It’s the right thing to do. For me, Amari, and our future. Sometimes I just have to take a chance. And right now, I’m going to do it.


“I…uhmm, I thought about it and…” I bit my bottom lip to stop it from quivering. “I want to give us another chance.”

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