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Episode 7


Jill Malik P.O.V


Flynn wore a white silk shirt with a navy blue coat and tie. However, he got better the more I look at him. His long fingers ran through his champagne blonde hair which shifted back into place once his hand had gone past. He had prominent cheekbones, a well-defined chin, nose, and his eyelashes were so thick, it should be illegal. His deep blue eyes and pale skin made him look devilishly handsome. Why haven’t I noticed this before?


“Can I please have all of you gather here in the middle with your drinks?” Kat voice boomed in the small golden room as people started to walk towards her.


“Are you coming?” Rodrigo asked.


I nodded. I stood up, straightened my dress, and grabbed my drink. I felt a hand on my shoulder and saw it was Rodrigo’s. He flashed me a dazzling smile as we walked to the middle of the room.


“Hey man!” I heard Flynn’s strong voice.


“Whatsup?” Rodrigo gave Flynn a fistbump. “I didn’t know you would be here, I thought you hated her.”


Flynn let out a heavy sigh. “It’s because of Zoe.”


“Ah Zoe, well, look who I’ve met here. The gorgeous Jill Malik.” Rodrigo said, and smiled at me.


Flynn looked at me intently, eyeing me from head to toe . “Ah, do I know you?” he asked.


I rolled my eyes, of course he will not remember me. I’m not his type after all. “Ximena’s copywriter slash friend.”


“Ah.” he said, “The feisty one huh?”


I looked confused at him. “Excuse you? I would not call myself feisty.”


“Feistiness confirmed, bytheway nice to meet you here, I need to go back to my date.”


“Flynn, what…Oh it’s you and—”


A beautiful woman in a pretty red gown was glaring angrily at me. “How could you take the spotlight from Kat’s own party and…ughh from me too?”


I batted my eyelashes and looked at Rodrigo and Flynn. Rodrigo just shrugged and continued to drink his Martini. Flynn on the other hand looked worried.


“Zoe, please don’t make a scene.” he hissed.


“Oh I’m not, It’s just…. You, what’s your name again? Janett? JΔ…cy?”


“Jill” I corrected.


“Whatever Jill, you look hideous. The dress is not even pretty on you.”


I could hear the venom in her voice. I knew that what she just said was out of jealousy and I wondered why?


“Honey, you’re just jealous.” I said confidently and turned my attention back to Kat who was now standing on the table.

“May I have your attention please!” Kat tapped with her long acrylic nails on her glass. The room went silent.


“Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, I am delighted to be here with all of you on the occasion of the official launching ceremony of the KVD Liquid lipstick line. I would first like to thank my copywriter for coming up with the name, my PR manager for the amazing promotions, my party planner for hosting such a magnificent launch party, and everyone who had contributed to make this launch possible. Together with my team we have been working hard on these liquid lipsticks and we can’t wait for our audience to see it. So—” Kat held her glass in the air. “With this being said I would like to toast on the official launch of KVD liquid lipsticks.”


“Toast!” Everyone said in unison.


“Oh and before I forget, before all the ladies leave tonight, come and grab your personalized lipstick kit at me.”


Kat got off the table and walk towards us. “I see you guys have met.” she said smiling, motioning at me and Zoe.


I looked at Zoe who was clinging on Flynn as if her life depends on it, looking furiously at me. That’s when I noticed the style of her dress. It looked really familiar. Then I remembered, Bella wore the same exact dress.


“This is a nightmare! First Bella wore the same dress as mine and then this…this thing is taking my spotlight!” Zoe sobbed dramatically.


Next to me, Rodrigo sighed heavily. “Can you stop being a drama queen?”


Zoe shot him a deadly glare. “What do you know about humiliation Macallister?”


“That it can get worse.”


“Ugh, this is the worse it can get! Ughh…Flynn let’s go.” she tucked on Flynn’s hand, dragging him away.


“I didn’t have my martini yet.” he protested.


“There’s plenty of Martini’s at the Peninsula.” she huffed.


Rodrigo shook his head in despair. “She’s such a…a…”


“Handful?” I ask, since he has trouble finding his words.


“Hell no, I was about to say bitch.”


I laughed. “That’s really not how a gentleman speaks.”


“Well, she’s not a lady either.”


“Is she one of Flynn’s uhmm…”


“Bedroom buddies?” Rodrigo asked, “Yep, she’s one of his regulars.”


I can’t believe that Flynn is so…reckless.


“I know what you’re thinking.” Rodrigo said, looking intently at me. “He was not always like this, someone obviously made him like that.”


“Who?” I asked curious. He laughed softly. “We all have secrets Jill, I bet you have too.”

That was true. Secrets. Secrets. Barcelona. Milan. Barcelona. Secrets. Aunt Lydia.


Oh stop it !


“Don’t think too much.” Rodrigo woke me up from my reverie. “You will get wrinkles before you’re fifty.”


I shook my head and laughed. “You’re really entertaining, Rodrigo.”


“I’m glad I could entertain you.” he looked at his watch and a bunch of curse words left his mouth.


“Fuck!” he cursed and then looked up at me. ” I need to go, my sister is waiting for me.”


“Well, it was nice to meet you.” I said, smiling.


He smiled back, “It was a pleasure to meet you too.”


He gave me a hug and left. After he had left I checked the time on my phone and decided it’s time for me to leave too. I made a quick call to Baxter as I walked to the main entrance.


“Jill! Wait up!” I heard someone yell behind me. I put my phone back in my clutch and turned around. Kat was running towards me with a little box in her hand.


“Hey, are you leaving?” she asked, a little bit out of breath.


“Yes, it’s getting late.” I replied, eyeing the beautiful box she had in her hand.


“Well.” she said, “This is for Ximena.” She handed me the beautiful gold box.


“Well, thank you, I will give it to her tomorrow.” I said.


She smiled. “Thanks for being here, I hope to see you again.”


“Likewise.” I gave her a hug and walked away.


I walked outside and waited for Baxter to come pick me up. “It will take a while.” he had said in the phone, “There’s so much traffic.”


“Dammit!” I cursed when there was still no sight of Baxter after ten minutes of waiting. I needed to go to the restroom so bad. I walked back inside and searched for the bathroom. When I found it, I heard heavy breathing coming out of one of the stalls. I just rolled my eyes and went into an empty stall. After I was done I washed my hands and fixed my hair.


Then, the door of the stall were the heavy breathing was coming from opened. The first thing I saw in the mirror was a girl in a black lacy underwear and red stilettos, makeup smudged all over her face, looking like the Joker.


But she wasn’t the one that catched my attention. It was the person who she was with. In his Calvin Klein underwear, white shirt on the floor, and a startled expression on his face that was covered in red lipstick stood the one and only Flynn Vasilios.


The first thing that came into my mind was, wasn’t he with Zoe Clayton earlier tonight, because this girl didn’t look anything like Zoe!

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